Tuesday, 08 December 2020 09:11

Nature and Lifestyle

The world is changing so much and so fast. I surely know that some 30-40 years back, I had not heard about the very unhealthy air quality (today that’s the first thing the phone depresses me with every morning), there was no alarm on the depleting ozone layer or melting glaciers or indiscriminate cutting of rainforests, nor was the traffic congestion a worry for anyone, riding bicycles on main roads was not hazardous, tiger numbers were not a global concern, food was all organic, precooked food in plastic bags was almost nonexistent, outdoor play was the only form of play and safe too, smartphones and social media were absent...it was a world that you and I now dream of, as our holiday destination.

Only the quinquagenarian and above have seen the lost world that gladly surrendered to the glamour of the Maruti car opening the floodgates or the television replacing the bedtime stories, the first smartphone increasing distances, genetically modified foods stuffing the shelves, a concrete jungle rising around us, the world wide web managing us...but in all this we also lost the abundant sunshine, open spaces, clean water and air and the free gifts of nature now come at a premium.

Now my worry, like yours, is about the life we are leaving behind for our children and children to come. It is sad that there is a school of thought that doesn't want to be parents and bring new life to a world plagued with ills of all kinds. There are fears in the minds of the young when global conferences and researches predict the future of our planet, as bleak. We sure have messed up matters. But the good thing is that small lifestyle modifications can bring about big changes. If we are mindful of our actions that are not leading to making this world a little better than how we found it; we need to change. Just like today  is shaped by yesterday, tomorrow is shaped by today. Please redesign today for our children. We owe it to them.

- Ms Mala Jetly

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