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From the Principal’s Desk

Mental Health Day is celebrated the world over on 10th October. For many years, one’s emotional state was not given any importance. In fact, to have an emotional or mental issue was considered to be a sign of weakness and a social stigma, hence was often brushed under the carpet. But now we have realised that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing and needs to be treated accordingly.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common, when we are more connected over social media than physically, and specially in times like this when we are separated from our friends and extended family. Dealing with these kinds of feelings can be a challenge, but most of the time these feelings pass, and we are able to bounce back effectively. When we are emotionally strong, we can make the most of our potential, cope with life’s many challenges and play a full part in our family and social lives.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy then is of utmost importance. Good mental health helps us to achieve a sense of contentment, have the ability to laugh and enjoy light moments, deal with stress in a positive manner, be flexible to change and adapt accordingly, find a healthy work-life balance, have self-confidence and self-esteem, be resilient enough to be able to recover from trauma and setbacks quickly, maintain a positive outlook and find a sense of purpose in life.

To quote Laura Edwards, “If the day ahead feels heavy, and your plans feel like a curse; there is no shame in rearranging, don’t make yourself feel worse. A day is not a lifetime, a rest is not defeat; Don’t think of it as failure, just a quiet, kind retreat. It’s okay to take a moment, from an anxious, fractured mind; The world will not stop turning, while you get realigned. The mountain will still be there, when you want to try again; You can climb it in your own time, just love yourself till then.”

Value and treat yourself with love and acceptance, everything else will fall into place.

- Ms Nalini Samuel
The Orbis School, Keshavnagar


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