The Orbis School Day Care, a quality facility that adds to skills while it cares and provides a safe haven for young children. Children may be enrolled from one year six month onwards.

Facilities: Designated Day Care Zone: Well equipped, designed for work, play, dining and rest.

  1. Library: Age appropriate books are provided to browse and read during reading time.
  2. AV Boards: Movies, educational modules, rhymes and stories are shown through interactive digital boards. 
  3. TV Viewing: Television viewing is no more than an hour at a time and is limited to age appropriate channels. TV is not offered in place of free play or learning activities.
  4. Educational Toys: We have well organised, separate, age appropriate toys for toddlers and infants. 
  5. Other Amenities: Refrigerator, Microwave etc. 

Activities: The children under our care receive lots of both free-play and structured-play throughout each day. Activities that the children participate in include, but are not limited to:

  1. Indoor Activities: reading, playing, movie viewing, story-time, drawing, painting etc.
  2. Outdoor Activities: climbing, sliding, jumping, running, ball games, racing, catching, ride-on toys, safe water games, exploring nature/ weather etc. 


Day Care Timing: Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (excluding national/ gazetted holidays)

The Orbis School Mundhwa, 35, 2D/1, Keshvanagar-Manjari Road, Mundhwa, Pune - 36


Tel: 020-6560 0590/ 91



An initiative of Orbis Education Society, a Religious Minority Institution (by Government of Maharashtra vide Order No. 2014/PR.KR.469/KA-5 dated 29.09.2014)

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