The Orbis School upwards of class 1 has a House System which aims to give students an environment of diversity within one community; it fosters rapport building, a sense of identity and pride. It is an integral part of the school providing exciting competition and vibrancy and also reflects the ethos of the Orbis School.

The houses compete at various academic, sports, performing arts and literary activities for the coveted “Orb of Fame” trophy.

The Houses are:


Guiding and leading these houses are the House Teachers in charge, House Captains, House Vice Captains and House Sports Captains.

The Orbis School Keshavnagar

The Orbis School Mundhwa

An initiative of Orbis Education Society, a Religious Minority Institution (by Government of Maharashtra vide Order No. 2014/PR.KR.469/KA-5 dated 29.09.2014)

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