Swine Flu Vaccination Camp

As an extension of our School Wellness Drive, a Swine Flu Vaccination Camp was held in the school premise on 25th September 10. The school doctor, Dr. Sushilkumar Shinde, a consultant Pediatrician and Neonatalogist, administered intra nasal H1N1 vaccine to a good number of students, their siblings and parents.
The entire help staff of the school was also vaccinated to complete the ring of safety in the school. Creating of awareness about hygiene and wellness, weekly fumigation, use of hand sanitizers, clean environment and medical check-ups are a regular part of our integrated school health programme.
We thank the parents and bestauscasinos.com for extending their support in making The Orbis School a health conscious school.

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  • Event Date: Saturday, 25 September 2010
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