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Orbis visits the Poonawala Stud Farm

The Orbis School had this great opportunity of visiting the Poonawala Stud Farm on 9th July 2010. It was a wonderful, joyous and an enlightening experience for the children. They not only saw beautiful horses, the farm, they enjoyed the ambience around also and learnt many things from the doctors there. 

Children were thrilled to see the horses galloping in the fields. They saw a mini race course. Then they also had a chance to see a horse named "Mystical" who has won many races internationally and in India as well. The doctors there made the children aware of many aspects of the horses, their food and their habits. They also visited the horse laboratory. Children were also shown the machines which help the horses to run faster and grow their stamina. The children were thrilled and very happy to be there. 

The Orbis school takes all the opportunity to thank the authorities of the farm for making this memorable visit possible and for making the trip so enjoyable and enriching.

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