Core Values  Peer Teaching
Children are the best teachers. Orbians research a given topic and introduce it to their class before the teacher does.

Core Values  Buddy System
Students buddy up to crack the code to understand concepts that may be difficult to comprehend in larger groups.

Core Values  Self Invigilation
The concept of invigilator free examinations or as we call it as Self Invigilation is our way of saying ‘we trust you’.

Core Values  Open Book Assessment
To encourage deeper understanding and application of information and knowledge the Orbians are permitted the access of text and reference books during certain assessments.

Core Values  Theme Based Assemblies
Students prepare theme-based activities such as a dance, a song, an elomime or even a one act play to share with the others at assembly time.

Core Values  Where the Mind is Without Fear
The belief that I am safe, and my concerns shall be addressed ensures that every person at Orbis is without fear.

Core Values  Leadership @ Orbis
The Orbis Schools make great efforts to ensure that opportunities at leadership are frequent, numerous and available to all students. Be it our training in democracy, the coveted Student Council where students campaign enthusiastically and respectfully accept the verdict of their student peers or the opportunity to be a monitor helping resolve day to day issues in a disciplined and structured manner or as group leaders ensuring the flawless conceptualisation and execution of various activities.

Core Values  Each One Teach One
Orbians teach their extended family members, that is, the help staff, under the Each One Teach One programme.

Core Values  Student Social Responsibility
Compassion and empathy are at the core of our value system at The Orbis Schools. Helping those not as fortunate as us in the form of monetary aid, raised entirely through self-efforts, helps our Orbians become socially responsible, caring young people.

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