Our Ideas Our Ideas on Education

Education is a continuous and never-ending process, just like an orb.

Education should be a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting experience, which will inculcate a burning passion in the students to express themselves, participate in discussions and develop an ethical and emphatic outlook of society - qualities which are not only noble but are also the seeds of change.

Education has a responsibility to society - to provide ingenious citizens who can make the right choices.

Our Ways Our Ways of Imparting Education

The Orbis School aims to provide a stimulating environment and enriched curriculum which promotes curiosity, free-thinking, articulating, discussing, debating and executing ideas in an environment of respect for pluralism.

The evaluation will aim at providing comprehensive and credible feedback not only on academics and scholastic development but, will also encompass qualitative judgment of attitudes, interests and ability to work independently.

Parental and community participation shall be encouraged to give the larger world outside a role in influencing the learning process.

The school forbids corporal punishment and believes in a system of correction through counselling and other corrective measures.

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