The Orbis School prepares children well for life. Here Orbians start off early at honing the skills of grammatical exactitude and proper pronunciation through Elocution skills.



It teaches rhetoric and the ability to stand up and speak in front of an audience. It demands confidence in one’s position. Young Orbians analyse complex issues of ethics, law, politics, science and so on and so forth.

Debating is an art, it develops one's analytical/logical power and essential critical thinking on a subject. It increases a person's knowledge on subjects, cutting across varied disciplines and gives an impetus to self confidence. Debating is also an art to synthesize one's power to read, think and speak simultaneously. In the contemporary era, a well read debater can embark on journalism and make it a profession for himself.


Language Clubs

These clubs are aimed at being less formal than the classroom. Most benefits of being a member of one may not be realised immediately but later in life, for sure. Keeping the young Orbians engaged, connecting with peers in a creative way and relaxed atmosphere are just the tip of this iceberg.


Public Speaking

Be it personal development or career, channelising one’s thoughts or analysing a situation, young Orbians experience it all through the portals of their institution. Public speaking is an important facet of one's life. It improves your communication skills, ingrains leadership qualities, demonstrates knowledge. History is replete with examples where great changes in nations and communities have been brought about by public speakers, both positive or negative. All great leaders, past or present, have been great public speakers.



In this world of education there are ways and means to teach and to consolidate what has been learnt. Quizzes redefine the education system in significant ways. Here at Orbis it gives young ones an opportunity to hone their teamwork skills at an early age.


Creative Writing

In the literacy development of young minds Creative Writing plays an emphatic role. It broadens young Orbians’ thought processes which in turn leads to success in many areas, including problem solving and analysing over and above bettering the reading habits.


School Magazine (conceived + compiled by student editors)

A monthly magazine is published based on the calendar events, achievements, artwork, poems and compositions based on the creative bent of mind of the students. This magazine is the output of the Editorial Club which is conducted during the Club periods. Here at Orbis, we believe that the students must be given an opportunity and the freedom to express themselves without any inhibitions. They are also the budding editors, scriptwriters and novelists of tomorrow.

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