The Orbis Schools continuously work towards contributing to upliftment of the society and its people. Here is a list of all the outreach programmes organised and managed by The Orbis Schools, Pune.



Management, HM, COs, CTs, Class 9 Students

Students collect old newspapers from homes and neighbourhoods. The collected newspapers are donated to CPAA for the treatment of needy cancer patients. In association with CPAA, the school organises cancer screening camps for teachers and help staff.


HM, UP coordinator, CTs, Class 4-6 Students

The school in association with the Indian Association for the Blind ( IAB), a Non-Profit Organisation, collects Rs 5 per flag from students and staff. The money collected is donated to IAB to support education and rehabilitation of visually challenged children and youth.

Visit to Orphanage

School Management, Principal, HM, COs, Teachers and Students of Class 2, Orbis

Bhatikya Vimukta Jati Shikshan Sanstha (B.V.J.S.S): An institute for the Deaf and Dumb Orphan Children. Grocery items are donated. Teachers organise a special lunch for them.

Rudra Environmental Solutions

HM, COs, CTs, Class PP-10 Students

The school in association with Rudra foundation, Pune donates plastic waste in the form of bags, PET bottles, food and milk wrappers to the organisation to convert plastic waste into poly fuel.

Orbis Run

Management, HM, COs, CTs, Class 6-10 Students

Free Runners Charitable Trust in association with The Orbis Schools organise the Orbis Run to promote healthy lifestyle and to raise funds for infrastructural and IT requirements of an underprivileged school.

Collection of E Waste

Management, Principal, VP, HM, COs, Teachers and Students of Class 12

Students of Class 12 created an awareness about the hazardous effects of improper disposal of E-Waste. Collected E-waste from all students and teachers, and sent it for recycling and responsible disposal.

Childline India Foundation

HM, Sec Coordinator, CT and Students of Class 8

The school in association with Childline Indian Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation, collects money and donates to this outreach service for children in need of care and protection.

Donation to Flood Relief Camp

Management Principal, VP, HM, COs and the entire team

Items discarded/left in the school's “Lost and Found’’ section were cleaned and sent to the needy people affected by severe floods in the year 2019-20.

Visit to Blind School

Management, Principal, HM, CO, Teachers and Students of Class

Children of Class 3 collect the items for the special children after understanding their specific needs such as soaps, hand towels, toiletries, stationery items etc.

Orbis Founders’ Day

Management, Staff, Help Staff and Students

Collection of old newspapers which is further sold and the money drawn from the same is used to support the medical care of cancer survivors specially children.

Mitti Ke Rang

Management, Principal, VP, CO, Teachers and Students of Class 11

The students of Class 11 joined hands with an organisation, Mitti ke Rang and made 1500 paper bags this year. These bags were sold by the organisation to generate income.

Joy of Giving : Charitable Institution

Management Principal, VP, HM , COs and the entire team of Orbis

A Charitable institute is identified every year and the students of The Orbis Schools collect items related to the institute's needs and donate during Christmas time and bring a smile.

Nayi Rah Foundation

Management, HM, Cos, CTs and Students of Class PP-10

The school collected grains, pulses of different varieties as a donation to the organisation and the same was sent to all the flood affected areas of Maharashtra.

Apang Sansthan for Specially-abled

Management, HM, Co, CT and Students of Class 10

The money collected by students was donated to the organisation for the benefit of the specially abled people.

Cancer Patients Aid Association

Management, Staff and Help Staff

CPAA organises early cancer detection camps free of cost for help staff and at a nominal fees for others.

Monetary Support

Management, Principal, VP, HM ,COs and the entire team of Orbis

Monetary support is extended for Education and Medical care for the Orbis Help staff.

Drought Relief Camp and Grain Donation

Management, Principal, VP, HM , COs and the entire team of Orbis

Drought relief camp for the state of Maharashtra in association with Karishma Care where grains and hygiene products were donated.

Saree Donation Drive

Management, Principal, VP, HM , COs and the entire team of Orbis

Pre-owned sarees were handed over to cancer survivors.

CM Relief Fund

Management and Staff Club

Contributed to the Chief Minister Relief fund.


HM, Sec Coordinator, CT, Students of Orbis

Foundation is an NGO in India working to mitigate child labour, child trafficking, child abuse, child marriage, homeless child, conflict with the law. The Orbis Schools' help the NGO by making a yearly contribution to their cause.

White Cane

White Cane works for the blind and visually impaired people. They organise several events to promote and empower them.

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