Our Teaching Pedagogy revolves around three pillars – Students learn through Listening, through Doing and through Interacting. This structures their thinking in reaching the highest level i.e., Creating Original Work.  The students are exposed to the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence and coding.

The Orbis Schools have tied up with a UK-based organisation that empowers our children with business and life skills, through real youth-led businesses. All this helps them succeed at school, work and life. It teaches leadership, accounting and salesmanship, which makes them employable. Students in the age group of  12-18 years are taught to spread humanitarian service. The Orbis Schools' interact clubs assist in blood donation camps, plastic and E-waste collection drives and many more. The students participate in the various CCA clubs ranging from music, dance, needlework, scouts &  guides, archery, etc. This non-academic curriculum helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the students.

Life-skills sessions are conducted regularly for the healthy social-emotional development of the students. Our students interact with the experts from various fields to help them in understanding the key skills and features that are required for an individual to become a responsible and holistic individual.

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