The Orbis School hosted its 14th Annual Sports Meet

The Orbis School hosted its 14th Annual Sports Meet, Orbisports 2023-2024, on Saturday, the 25th of November, transforming the campus into a vibrant arena pulsating with enthusiasm and team spirit. The event drew together parents, teachers, students, and support staff to celebrate the values of sportsmanship and healthy competition. Dr. Tejashree Bhame, a physiotherapist and National Level Boxing Champion, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The synchronized March Past, expertly led by School Captain Rishabh Mahajan, Vice-Captain Ashwin Poddar, and Sports Captain Tanish Bagane, showcased precision and unity. The NCC contingent, led by Cadet Sergeant Pinki Pal, and the four houses, led by their captains, marched with impressive coordination, captivating the spectators.

The track and field events, featuring flat races, obstacle races, and relay races for Classes I to XII, were a thrilling display of athleticism, determination, and competitive spirit. Participants across various age groups competed with enthusiasm, infusing each race with excitement and anticipation. Athletes, supported by their peers and fans, gave their all, dashing across the tracks to reach the finish line.

Drill displays, including Zumba, Karate, and Dupatta drills, added pageantry and spectacle to the Sports Day, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and elevating the festive atmosphere. The magnificent displays conveyed a sense of teamwork and discipline. Parents, teachers, and support staff also actively participated in the spirit of competition, with a Tug of War for parents showcasing strength and strategic prowess. Staff engagement in races like the Lemon and Spoon Race and flat races further heightened the event's energy.

The resounding success of the Sports Day bolstered a sense of unity, sportsmanship, and pride within the entire Orbis community.

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  • Event Date: Tuesday, 12 December 2023
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