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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 05:27

Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Ah, Summer! It brings with it the promise of fun, adventure and endless possibilities! As the daily humdrum of the school days temporarily dissipates, it offers a prime opportunity for our students to explore and engage. We at The Orbis School, the best preschool in Pune believe that learning should never stop. Though the scorching heat may demand that we stay indoors most part of the day, movement is quintessential for our children. As they move their body their brain gets stimulated. It is rightly said the more a child moves the more he learns. This summer let us not miss out on the opportunity to ignite the love for nature in our young learners. Here are a few ideas:

Outdoor activities

Box Crusade:
We can turn an early morning walk into a fun expedition such as a treasure hunt. It is a classic activity for children where we can add our own version such as a multi-sensory treasure hunt.

How to play: Let us choose themes like colour, texture etc. The more variety we add, the more the child will be interested in the game.

Set up: An empty box can be turned into a crusade box. Once the box is full we can spill all our findings and further investigate and do more sensory exploration.

Number walk:

Let us go on a number walk. As we venture out in the early mornings or later in the evening, we can make our own game of number walk. Let us pick 1 pebble, 2 leaves, 3 twigs and so on. At the end of our walk, we would have gathered quite a treasure from our time outdoors.

Shape dance

This sorting game not only improves the focus, of our students but also engages their whole body.

Set up: We can create different shapes on the balcony, veranda or indoors.
Draw different shapes on the floor using chalk or colourful tape.

There are multiple ways to play the game:

  1. Call out the shapes and the child has to step on that shape.
  2. They can walk on the line around each shape.
  3. Call them to trace the shape using different body parts like fingers, toes, and elbows.

We can level up the challenge by intersecting the shapes and creating more rules.
Engaging in play that uses coordination and control prepares the brain for the highest level of thinking and problem-solving.


Indoor Activities

Here are some ideas to turn the long sultry afternoon into an interesting engagement.

Shadow art:
It is a fun way to draw. Objects to draw can vary from leaves to miniature animals. All you would need is paper, something to draw, a pencil and sunlight.

Den Builders

Building dens or forts is a fantastic activity for children that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Designating space for building a den and setting some safety rules will ensure it's a hassle-free activity.

This play can be taken to different levels:

1. Encourage children to personalise their dens by decorating it with stuffed animals, drawings etc.
2. Children can be given an opportunity to prepare a fireless meal like a sandwich and have it inside their den.
3. A light and shadow imaginative play can be created inside the den.

Build a tower as tall as yourself

Early years pre-number concept activity can turn into fun where children can gather everyday items, and stack them as they balance each object on top of the other.

 “ The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.” - Loris Malaguzzi

 At The Orbis School, one of the leading preschools in Pune we believe that involving children in social and emotional activities is crucial for their overall development.

 1. Social skills:  Engaging students in activities like group games, collaborative projects or even play dates helps children learn how to interact with others, resolve conflicts and make friends.

Friendship fruit salad is a fun activity to nurture a child’s bond with friends or neighbours. You can ask each child in the group to bring one fruit or ingredient for the salad. Involve them in peeling/ washing the fruits and mixing all the fruits together. This activity is always a hit!

2. Emotional regulation:  Activities that promote mindfulness, relaxation, and self-expression, such as yoga, pranayam, music and art help children learn to manage their emotions effectively.

 Summer activities provide opportunities for children to learn new skills, explore their interests, and stimulate their minds outside the classroom. This can prevent the “summer slide” and keep their minds sharp for the academic year ahead.


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