The process of evaluation will measure and assess a wide range of faculties to provide a complete picture of a student’s abilities and progress.

  • The assessment process will be structured as informal, flexible and responsive to the learners and their learning
  • It will be a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation based on careful observation and daily interaction
  • The school doesn’t follow a ‘ranking’ system.
  • Feedback through ‘Achievement Record Card’ which will be discussed during Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Areas for assessment:
    • Languages
    • Number Work
    • Motor, Emotional, Intellectual and Social Development
    • Health and Physical Development
    • Values
    • Music and Art
  • Feedback will be provided using qualitative remarks which will be as follows:
    • Excellent
    • Very Good
    • Good
    • Satisfactory
    • Needs Attention
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation comprising of class tasks, worksheets, oral tests and assignments
  • Short tests in knowledge based subjects on a periodic basis
  • 3 Periodic Tests + 1 Term End Examination
  • Grades shall be awarded on a seven point scale to indicate subject wise performance as follows:
    • A+ : Outstanding
    • A : Excellent
    • B+ : Very Good
    • B : Good
    • C : Fair
    • D : Satisfactory
    • E : Needs Attention
  • Work, health, yoga, social skills, physical education, music and art, will have continuous and qualitative assessments as well
  • ‘Self Evaluation’ on learning by children themselves
  • Remarks by the teacher to support overall assessment
  • The school doesn’t follow a ‘ranking’ system
  • Feedback through ‘Achievement Record Card’ that presents a holistic view of the child’s development in different domains
  • Minimum attendance required is 80%
  • No child will be detained (upto class 8). But if the teacher, counselor and/ or the parent find the need the child may be suggested to repeat a class
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