The Orbis School, Keshavnagar

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Orbians Shine in Secondary and Higher Secondary School Class 10, 12 Examinations

The Orbians were euphoric on seeing their results and their brilliant performances.

The first batch of Class 12 came out with flying colours. The 100% pass result has 24% of the batch scoring more than 85% and 77% of the students have passed with distinction.

Science Stream

Himanshu Kodre, 95.2% School Rank 1, Physics and Biology Topper

Sujay Srivastava, 94.2% School Rank 2, Mathematics Topper

Alivelumanga Sanjana Annadata, 91.2% School Rank 3, English, Biology and P.Ed Topper

Commerce Stream

Piyush Verma, 86.6% School Rank 1, Economics and Accounts Topper

Sahaj Ajmera, 82.6% School Rank 2, P.Ed Topper

Shivang Seth, 81.4% School Rank 3, IP Topper

Humanities Stream

Rashi Singh, 89% School Rank 1, Psychology, History and Economics Topper

Abhilasha Rawat, 88.4% School Rank 2, Geography and Economics Topper

Gopikashree Sampath, 84.4% School Rank 3, English and Pol. Science Topper

We are proud to announce that all the students who appeared for Class 10 have passed with a distinction, scoring more than 75%. Yet another achievement, 50% of the students have scored above 90%. Kavana Anklekar, 96.6% School Rank 1Akshat Vashisht, 95.2% School Rank 2, English TopperVrushti Shah, 95.2% School Rank 2Sanyogita Sarin, 95% School Rank 3

Kriti Gupta, 95% School Rank 3

The students have truly shown perseverance and have received constant support from their teachers and parents. Congratulations to all the students and the team who made it happen!

IBA on Monthly Theme, Classes 9-12 (16th April):

Time to dress the IBA boards. This year our experience, as students and house members,  was spectacular. The topic, for the month, was Types of Government, around the world. The countries chosen were, China, Saudi Arabia, England and India. It gave us an opportunity to read, explore and to expand our general knowledge. It  activated our creative juices, to dress the board in the most attractive manner, with an intelligent border, apt charts and positioning of pictures. Everything was made by hand and by the students. Innumerable debating sessions and with peers and teachers were exciting and I think it helps in honing social skills of all. Overall a fun-learning experience.  

Orbians at G D Birla Memorial Thought Conclave (13th - 14th April):

Some senior Orbians participated in the 11th G. D. Birla Memorial Thought Conclave organised by B K Birla Centre for Education. Numerous schools from all across the nation participated in multiple competitions like Duologue, Debate, Creative Writing, Poster Making etc, that were spread across two days. Khyati Singh of class 12 Sirius secured the runner up position in Creative Writing. All participants had a great experience as the competitions were not only challenging but also quite informative. All participants were grateful for the opportunity and believed that the experience will be cherished by them for long.


In the beginning of the Literacy Month, DEAR Hour (Drop Everything and Read) was a perfect way to celebrate reading. At exactly 10 am, the activity began with the sound of a bell. During these magical minutes, the teachers and students of the entire school were absorbed in their favourite books. There was complete silence all around as all other activities came to a grinding halt and every individual was engrossed in reading. The aim of this activity was to instil a love for books and inculcate the habit of reading in students as well as teachers. The response was invigorating as all the students and teachers were carrying their favourite books and everybody immersed into the activity at the designated time. We all enjoyed the reading session immensely and most of us felt that the time allotted to reading was up, sooner than expected!


Enterprise Club

Enterprise Club marched ahead into the gold level of the School Enterprise Challenge,  under a new name; ENTREPRETEENS, with the aim of creating safe spaces to reduce carbon footprint. New products like neutralizers and handmade soaps, using DIY techniques,  have been introduced by the club in the new academic year. Students have spent productive time and energy thinking of ways to create economically and socially viable business strategies thereby enhancing  their leadership qualities and igniting their business acumen. Having enjoyed the support of ‘customers’, which include the teachers, students and staff members of the school for the sale of its products,  such as food items, jute bags and soaps, the entire team is eagerly awaiting the next big event: Orbifair! 




ISA: Models showcasing Hierarchy of Governments 

The students of classes 8 and 9 made models showing the different types of governments in India, England, China and Saudi Arabia. After understanding the differences between the Parliamentary, Monarchical, Communist and Constitutional Monarchical Systems, the students were able to present the information in the form of models and charts. The models were a product of teamwork, where the classes were divided into groups and students coordinated and collaborated for the best results. It was an  informative educational activity which reinforced the understanding of the given types of governments.






































The Orbis Celebrates TEDxOrbisSchool!

The global event, with focus on sparking and spreading ideas within the local community, was much appreciated and well attended, as young speakers initiated discussions and connections, on the theme, ‘I Think and Therefore I am’, on the TEDxOrbisSchool stage.

The notable speakers from different walks of life, brought on the stage new ideas and fresh perspectives on ‘Reimagining Education in Rural India, ‘Thinking as a profession’, ‘Science behind the Fiction’, ‘Censorship: Ever Evolving: Then and Now’, ‘Humanoid Robots and Their Future’ as they shattered many common misconceptions and successfully initiated discussions and connections that will continue to foster learning beyond the given range of subjects. 

The TEDxOrbisSchool stage honoured its ‘speaker selection panel’ that comprised of Sudha Menon, an acclaimed author and speaker, Milind Vishwas Sathe, founder of the Indian Art Gallery and Ranjeev Misra, scientist at IUCCA, Pune.

The event also staged an impressive Dance Musical, presented by the young Orbians, on the synergy between the elements of life. The school choir the and the school Jazz Band presented mesmerising renditions.

We thank all associated with the event for making it a befitting platform for spreading ideas and also for the Graffiti wall that was full of accolades! We march ahead hoping to hold more such thought-provoking events to spark and energize young minds and old.


Young Scientists (24th March):

Our Young Researchers, Farhan Shaikh, Akshat Vatal and Rajat Saxena of class 10, presented their scientific theories to resolve matters that concern us all. Rajat is excited about his work which can revolutionise the use of plastics as it can be recycled efficiently through a component extracted from orange and lemon peels. Working on his fish tank, Farhan has observed that managing the nitrogen content in the tank is very essential for the survival of fishes. Akshat believes his concept will be a saviour of humanity after planet earth will become uninhabitable for human beings in future. The ideas were presented before the peers and teachers, followed by Q&A session. Smart questions and smarter answers impressed all present. With the feedback from their peers and their teachers, they are now reworking on their research with more precision.

Fun Games (6th April):

Fun games and activities, were the ice breakers, as the little nursery children, took their first step to the world of formal education. They enjoyed themselves sitting in the ball pool surrounded by colourful balls and playing simple games. The senior ones enjoyed playing football with a difference, crawling through the small arches before kicking the ball into the goal post. Learning, fun and fitness; all celebrated at the same time!

Mother's Day Celebration (20th April)

To celebrate Mothers, to express love and affection for her and to make her feel special, the Sr. KG students organised a special event for them. They welcomed them warmly with beautiful poems and songs. In the ‘role reversal’  segment, our tiny tots got the opportunity to teach rhymes to their mothers. The enthusiastic mothers also came up on the stage and performed for their little ones. The day became more eventful and special when the little orbians gifted handmade cards and bookmarks to their mothers.

Orbians Shine as CBSE declares Class 10 results!

The jubilant Orbians celebrated their Secondary School Examination result, with each one putting up a brilliant performance. The school topper Divya Kumhar credited her 95.4% performance to systematic studies and hard work. Oshin with 95 percent said perseverance and school support made it happen. Pramit Bhatia with 94.8%, Aditya Verma with 93.6% and Nidhi Patel with 92.8% are third, fourth and fifth rank holders, respectively.

Above 90% has been scored by 23 percent students, above  80% by another 43 percent students, above 70% by 26 percent students and above 66% by 8 percent students; the school has all first divisions with 80% students scoring distinction. Indeed it a celebratory moment. Kudos to the students, staff and parents who made it happen.

Congratulations to the Orbis Family!

Microsoft Office Specialist India!

Dennis Sagayanathan, Class 12 Vega, TOS1 has secured the second position in the National Round of Microsoft Office Specialist India Competition, held at Bangalore on 8th June, competing with the top rankers, who had qualified for the finals from all across the nation.

Harsha Vaidyanathan of Class 8 Sirius, also did all of us proud as she was amongst the finalists of the National round Microsoft ICT Junior Level, after being at the second position in the zonal round. Both the students have received medals and certificates and prizes. Congratulations!

Arnav Sirigere, Class 7 Vega had also qualified for the finals though he could not participate in the National round due to his unavailability.

UN Yoga Day (21st June)

In keeping with the theme for 2018, 'Yoga for Inner Peace and True World Order', the management, staff, teachers, parents and students of The Orbis Schools, convened at the grounds to celebrate and practise yoga asanas and the pranayama. The day began at  6 a.m. sharp, with an invigorating Yoga workout for the parents conducted effectively by Ms.Meghna Sarang Bharti, trained in  Sivananda Yoga Techniques. It was followed by multiple sessions for the students and staff, conducted by Patanjali Yoga Teachers.  It was a wonderful sight to watch the orbians perform a series of asanas, as a large group with a common goal. The yoga gurus demonstrated many yoga asanas such as Tadasana, Sukhasana, Suryanamaskar and also guided on how to meditate. They made us understand that Yoga is extremely beneficial in increasing body awareness, reducing muscle tension, sharpening attention and concentration, with other countless advantages. The ground was brimming with energy as students felt exhilarated and revitalized.

Father’s Day (27th June)

Father’s Day celebrations started with the Jr. KG children making special cards for their beloved fathers. On the D-day, the junior artists were very excited to express their  love for their fathers by singing of rhymes and songs. The fathers very sportingly learnt new songs from our little stars. They also tried their hands at narrating stories through puppetry, which was a lot of fun. It was a joyful experience for all, as the special father child bond was further strengthened in a climate of mutual love and respect.

Field Trips; Learning beyond the classrooms!

In the last few days, the entire primary and secondary wing of the school has visited places of educational significance as part of the School Field Trips. The students were escorted by their teachers and parent members to different class relevant locations, together in the school buses; an exciting journey and new learning too. Students could explore a wide spectrum of institutes, gardens, factories and more as they visited the Damodar Wagaskar Udyan, Bhatkya Vimukta Jati Shikshan Sanstha, Blind School, Shaniwar Wada, Sakal Press, Deccan College, Science Park, IUCAA, Vasantdada Sugar institute and Radio city office. The young citizens took care of their social and civic responsibilities wherever they went. It was celebration of learning indeed!

Investiture Ceremony for the Students’ Council (6th July):

The formal ceremony marked the change of guard as the outgoing students’ council was applauded for their innings as school leaders and the new council was inducted; with fan fare. The School Captain and Vice captain elected democratically and the House leaders nominated by the House Heads, were decorated with sashes and badges in presence of parents, guests, staff and students of the school.  The oath ceremony was headed by the new school captain Sujay Srivastava and the vote of thanks was given by the Vice Captain Deeksha Saindane. The previous school captain Mihir Dangwal officially thanked the management, staff and students for their support during his term and wished the new council luck for their new role. The platform to hone leadership skills was much appreciated by the parents, as they interacted with the student leaders informally, over a cup of tea.


Gagan Narang inaugurates Shooting Academy at The Orbis School:

The much awaited Orbis School Gun for Glory Academy, a collaboration with The Gagan Narang Academy, was inaugurated by the Olympic medalist and Padmashree awardee, Mr. Gagan Narang, in a formal ceremony, attended by students and dignitaries at the school. The occasion was also graced by Mr. Pawan Singh, Former Shooter and a Jury member at the Commonwealth Games. The Academy aims to generate interest in the sport and give the learners an exposure to professional shooting and training to pursue the same at competitive levels. Mr. Narang congratulated the management for their noteworthy step towards creating new avenues for the students. During his address to the students, he motivated them to set up higher goals and work hard towards their achievement. He also believed that the academy would help many children realize their passion and potential and will provide a stepping stone for making it big in the world of shooting. He then inaugurated the shooting range amidst cheer and celebration. Students were excited and wished to enroll themselves as soon as possible. With summer vacations round the corner it is time to start something new.


The Orbis PCFC Cup:The Orbis PCFC Cup, the coveted Inter School Football Tournament, hosted by The Orbis Schools and The Pune CIty Football Club has kickstarted today in the school grounds. This two day long festival of football has many school teams participating in the under 14 and under 16 categories for both the girls and boys. Great skills and sportsmanship is at display. It indeed is a big platform to encourage talent and promote the game at the grass root level      
World Yoga Day:Fitness is an essential ingredient that keeps one going during all times and Yoga is a very good way to achieve overall vigour and strength of mind and body. The UN declaration of June 21st as The World Yoga Day, is being celebrated all across the world. At The Orbis, this day was celebrated with a special Yoga session conducted by Mr. Ashok and Mr. Dinesh from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Keshavnagar. It felt like an entirely new and serene atmosphere created around us as as more than 2000 students drifted through the various asanas ending with savasana and a mood enthralling prayer. This experience helped us reconnect with our mind and soul. We are thinking about incorporating it in our daily life and also sharing it with people around us.  
Accolades!The first Orbis batch of Class 10 has passed the CBSE Secondary School Examination 2017, with flying colours. Many Congratulations to the Students and the Staff!       100% result       90%studentsbetween 10 and 8 CGPA       13 students with overall Grade A1       14 students with overall Grade A2       3 students with overall Grade B1-B2       The top five: Krishna Desikan,Medha Bhawsar, Mihir Dangwal, Padmavati Mistry, Raj Pandey       Weapplaud the efforts of all the students and wish them greater heights in the years ahead. We also extend gratitude to the Management and Parents for their dedicated support.
The Spell Bee Champions!The young Orbis Spelling Champions were a part of all the top four positions in the Inter School Spelling Bee Competition conducted by The Gurukul School on the 5th of July. Making an impact in a competition where a large number of city schools had participated was a matter of pride. Soham Limaye, Abhilash Kar, Anahita Gambhir and Videep Gupta, Students 5 Antares, 6 Vega, 7 Deneb and 8 Sirius respectively have done the school proud. Many congratulations!   
Tiger’s Day Celebration:Tiger’s day was celebrated with introducing the majestic animal to the students and sharing with them the need to preserve this animal.The nursery children enjoyed making a paper mask of a tiger with their favourite activity -Sponge Painting.The children of Jr.Kindergarten did colouring and pasting activity of tiger in the scrap book while the Sr.Kindergarten organised a special assembly for the same and were happy to go home wearing a  tiger band they had made.
Grandparents’ Day:The Grandparents’ day was a very special occasion for not only the students but also the staff, who saw it as a great opportunity to learn. All the grandparents seemed to be happy and enthusiastic about the special celebration.The little stars of nursery recited rhymes expressing their love for them. Children had made special ID cards for their grandparents. Together they enjoyed making colourful caps. The highlight was the grandparents sharing their wisdom with the gathering. Indeed it was a day to cherish.    
Raksha Bandhan and Friendship Day Celebration:While Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters, friendship day honours the bond, beyond the family. The Oribians planned these day with ‘rakhi and friendship band making’ activity and tying it to their friends. The teacher talk emphasised on the importance of the bond of love and care. Children were happy to flaunt the hand made rakhis and bands on their wrists.
Educational Trips:The Orbians of Jr.Kindergarten went to the Reliance Mart, a hyper market located at  Kharadi, to take learning beyond the classroom. While the students looked around with a keen eye, they also learned names of many products. The Sr. kindergarten children went to Jagtap Plant Nursery at Hadapsar. It was amazing that children learned words like Bonsai, Hibiscus, Cactus and many more. Children were also introduced to a the tools used by the gardners. It was a fun filled trip for all.     
Interact club:The Interact Club, in its second year at The Orbis School, had a glittering ceremony to kick start its proceedings. The chief guest for the inauguration ceremony was Rotarian President Mr. Prince Paul. The new Board Members of the Club are students from class 7, who pledged to keep ‘ Service before Self’ in their plans and actions as they set out to make a difference. The agenda this year is to engage in Each one Teach One, impart skills and raise funds for the underprivileged and to promote the cleanliness drive.  The outgoing president, Shreyas  Bhanja, class 8, presented the annual report for the year 2016-17 and wished the new president Aditi Singh, class 7, a fruitful tenure. The newly appointed president shared with the audience the detailed plans for the year. The vote of thanks was presented by the secretary Yash Moore. The chief guest inspired all to be empathetic, in day to day actions and help bridge the economic divide by working for the underprivileged. We thank the Rotary Club for the opportunity.  

Workshop on the science of Submarines (4th August): A workshop on science of submarines was conducted by Mr. Parag Gore from 'Box of Science' organised by Sakal Times in the school premises. Mr. Parag explained  how a submarine works using ballast tanks. We were given a kit to make our own scuba diver and then do an activity based on Pascal's law'. We were also given a challenge to make a straw stand vertically in the water by only using clay. It was truly an enriching workshop where we were enlightened by doing it ourselves.

Inter House Quiz - Secondary:An Inter House Quiz based on the theme ‘The Road to Freedom’ was conducted  with four participants representing each house. The quiz had three rounds; warm up, visual and rapid fire. At the end of the third round there was a tie between Vanguards, Innovators and Guardians. The tie breaker round was conducted by the students of Class 6 Sirius and was based on their listening skills. The people in the audience were also trying to answer all questions. It was a learning experience for all involved.
Inter House Quiz - Primary:An inter-house quiz on Shivaji, the great warrior king of Maharashtra, was organised where each house was represented by 2 students, one each from class 4 and 5. The quiz was conducted in three rounds; multiple choice question round, the timeline round wherein the students were asked the important dates related to the life of Shivaji and the visual round where questions based on pictures of various forts associated with the great Maratha King were asked. There were also  questions for the other students of each house so that all the house members get an opportunity to participate. It was an enjoyable learning experience.
Independence Day Celebrations!The 71st Independance Day, was a grand celebration at the Orbis Schools. The tricolour was unfurled by Brigadier R.C. Sharma, followed by the oath of allegiance to the National Flag. An impressive tribute was given to our freedom fighters through an impactful display on stage by the Orbians.  A role play, by the students of TOS2, brought to life the people who had dared to raise their voice against the inequalities and atrocities and who together made freedom a reality. The  dance medley by TOS1 students, was a tribute to the armed forces, that encouraged and inspired everyone to keep the country before self. The patriotic songs and  poems, charged all hearts with a desire and resolve to work for the nation and realise the dream of a clean and poverty free india.  The chief guest highlighted the strides made by indians in all walks of life and urged the gathering to be useful citizens. The Principal appealed to take concrete actions to preserve the environment which is one of the biggest challenges staring at mankind along with giving up of narrow mindedness that stands in the way of brotherhood and secular fabric of our nation.The other activities integrated with the school routine in the month of August,  to celebrate the momentous occasion of 70th anniversary of Independence and the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement, include; daily pledge to rid the country of poverty, corruption, communalism, and casteism, participation in the online quiz Competition available on, sending of handmade cards to the army units with good wishes from the students, inter house quiz on ‘India’s journey to freedom’, poster making competition on the theme of independance, uploading of ‘Know More and Grow More’ content to better understand the freedom struggle and more.We wish the students, staff, parents and the community a glorious year ahead that will take India to greater heights of growth, prosperity and peace!
Teachers’ Day Celebrations!The students of The Orbis School have given their teachers many reasons to remain motivated and feel fulfilled. This Teachers’ Day, they again touched their hearts with a thoughtfully designed show, dedicated to the teachers, in the form of dance, songs,  play and fun games and flowers and hand made cards that left l the mentors overwhelmed. A special tribute was paid to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, throwing light on his inspirational life and work. The senior students, at both the schools, led by the Students Council, played the role of teachers and took charge of teaching learning, discipline and activities in the school; of course under the teacher guidance. This gave them an opportunity to see things from 180 degree different angle. The young learners were introduced to why this day is celebrated and noteworthy contributions in the field of education were shared through teacher’s talk. All day long fun activities and experiences kept everyone productively engaged. Later in the day, the Management hosted a grand meal for the teachers, a gesture full of gratitude and appreciation.Teachers day (1).jpg Teachers day (2).jpg Teachers day (3).jpg
Orbiloqui: Lower Primary Wing (7th- 8th September)The Orbiloqui, a Grand Literary festival, culminated with a variety of presentations by children of classes 1, 2 and 3, namely; Recitation, Storytelling and Show and Tell. The primary objective of the event is to promote public speaking skills, foster love for literature, reading and writing. Children showcased their talent with confidence and poise. The event was well attended and appreciated by parents.Orbiloqui for Lower Primary Wing (1).JPG Orbiloqui for Lower Primary Wing (2).JPG Orbiloqui for Lower Primary Wing (4).JPG Orbiloqui for Lower Primary Wing (6).JPG
Orbiloqui - The Annual Literary Event (25th September- 29th September):True education is dynamic and evolves with the need of the world. It turns out to be more fun when displayed through an event like Orbiloqui Kids, the annual literary event that provides a platform for children to showcase their skills in public speaking. The event successfully boosted the confidence of the young Orbians and encouraged them to explore more, as they participated in activities like Show and tell, Story telling, Recitation and Quiz. Students also answered the on the spot questions asked by the audience on the given topics. This event ensures participation of each child and boasts of great performances by our little achievers.Orbiloqui - The Annual Literary Event  (4).JPG Orbiloqui - The Annual Literary Event  (5).JPG Orbiloqui - The Annual Literary Event  (2).JPG Orbiloqui - The Annual Literary Event  (3).JPG
Swachhata Rally (13th September):A swachata rally, conducted by the students of class 3, propagated the message of cleanliness loud and clear, all  around the school and beyond to the areas in the vicinity and the ZP school on Manjari Road. The rally, escorted by the teachers demonstrated the resolve of the young Indians to make cleanliness a priority for all.  Class 2 also took this opportunity to announce their waste reduction strategies that have led to Dustbin free classrooms. Class 1 conducted a special assembly to reinforce the importance of swatchhta as a habit formed for life.Swachhata Week ( (2).JPG Swachhata Week ( (3).JPG
Hindi Diwas (14th September):The Orbians celebrated Hindi diwas with pride. Students recited poems of famous Hindi poets  like Sohan Lal Dwivedi, Prakash Manu and Dwarika Prasad Maheshwari. Class 3 presented Dohe by Kabir Das and Rahim in a theatrical performance. Students of classes 4-5 performed One Act Play in Hindi on 'Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan'. Apart from highlighting the significance of Hindi, they also promoted the lesson of cleanliness and hygiene. Class 5 Antares conducted a Special Assembly where they encouraged to enrich the Hindi vocabulary through a play.They also conducted a rally throughout the school with inspirational slogans about the language.Hindi Diwas (2).JPG Hindi Diwas (3).JPG Hindi Diwas (4).JPG
Orbifair (11th November):Celebrating the International year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, students at The Orbis Schools, opened to the community an exhibition and fun fair. The Tourism pavilion showcased different dimensions of scientific, medical, cultural, educational, adventure and ecotourism. Research based models, projects, brochures, robots, recreation of monuments, heritage sites, sanctuaries, route maps etc where brilliantly showcased by the young learners.  The National Education Day was nothing short of an extravaganza marked with learning, interesting games, lip smacking delicacies, art and craft display and entertainment arena that engaged all students and guests with the student jazz band as the highlight. Other attractions were a street play on environmental degradation, swachhta rally, joy of giving for the underprivileged and field games with obstacle courses, archery and ball games. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Neelam Tuteja, Founder, Karishma Care Foundation. We thank all for making the day a true celebration. We will cherish this day forever.Orbifair (2).JPG Orbifair (3).JPG Orbifair (5).JPG Orbifair (1).JPG
Children’s Day Celebration (14th Nov):On the occasion of Children’s Day, every student was made to feel valued. The morning assembly was specially conducted by the teachers where they performed a lovely skit which taught us the worth of our childhood days. We learnt that time spent never comes back and we should make the most of what we have today. The medley of songs that followed was both inspiring and a joyous experience for us. Thoughts shared on the importance of hard work and value of social and emotional skills will stay with us as food for thought. That's not all, a talent show, intra class football match and goodies by our teachers and management added spark to the day! Thank you teachers for treating us like stars!childrens day  (1).JPG childrens day  (2).JPG Childrens day (2).JPG Childrens day (3).jpg Childrens day (4).jpg childrens day (5).jpg childrens day (6).jpg
Blood Donation Camp (18th November):The Orbis School Interact Club organised a Blood Donation Camp in association with AFMC Pune, as a part of their social outreach programme, in the Keshavnagar campus. Aimed to create awareness and to motivate people for blood donation, the member students gave wide publicity to the drive through posters and by motivating student volunteers to encourage people by the word of mouth. The experienced medical team of AFMC efficiently managed the steady stream of donors which comprised of the willing school staff and parents and community. AFMC reciprocated this selfless gesture with a certificate of appreciation, while the Orbis Enterprise Club prepared and served snacks to the donors.


Orbis, a center for JEE Exam(Main) 2016, (3rd April):The Orbis School was selected to be one of the examination centers for the conduct of Joint Entrance Examination (Main) 2016 as the CBSE team found the school ready with all facilities needed to organise an examination as prestigious as this. Six hundred candidates appeared for the examination. We thank the civil authorities and the staff who contributed well towards its smooth conduct.RIMG2052.JPG
The Orbis PFC Invitational Football Cup (18th- 19th April):The Annual festival of football, where schools of Pune compete for the prestigious Orbis PFC Cup, became bigger this year with the inclusion of U-13 category besides the U-16 category for boys and girls. The competition witnessed keen participation as each category represented by 8 school teams was over subscribed. Our chief guests Mr. Naushad Musa, Head coach PFC U-19 and Mr. Ashish Rai, player team India U-17, addressed the young players and shared valuable lessons with them.The proud winners of the coveted U-13 cups in both the boys and girls category was Vatsalya school. The runners up were Pawar public School and Amanora school respectively. In the U-16 girls category the cup was lifted by  St. Mary’s School  and the U-16 boys cup was bagged by the The Orbis School. The runners up were The Podar School and Pawar Public School respectively. We thank the teams from all the different schools for their spirit, involvement and great display of skills. An initiative of this kind we believe will encourage young talent and develop love for the game.RIMG0413.JPG RIMG2638.JPG RIMG2947.JPG
Mother’s Day Celebration (21st April):Mother’s day was celebrated by the pr-primary students  with great enthusiasm. Sr. Kindergarten invited all the mothers and the children gave a special performance for them.There were songs, dances, games, recitation and other activities lined up specially for them. All the mothers  had a wonderful time with the children.mothers day (2).JPG mothers day (3).JPG Mothers day.JPG
The Orbis Grain Donation Drive for Drought Hit Marathwada (22nd April):The Orbis School participated in the Grain Donation Drive along with the Karishma Foundation  for the benefit of the drought hit Marathwada region. The students and teachers as a whole contributed an excess of 1132 kilograms of grains (jowar) for this noble cause. We thank the students, parents and the staff for their generous contribution, with the hope that we all make better choices to help avoid such acute water shortages in future.RIMG3815.JPG RIMG3818.JPG
Summer Camp (25th April-6th May):Summer vacation is the time when children can further explore the world of diversified activities. An exciting and educative summer camp was conducted at the school for children of all age groups, where 8 exciting activities, namely; Guns for Glory, Science Mixed Bag, Fun Cooking, Contemporary Dance, Let us Sing, Fine Arts, Craft and Fitness Regime were the options.The participants also had the opportunity to enjoy added attractions like Talk by RJ Apoorva from Radio City on composting, Djembe Drum Circle Presentation and a fun filled party time on the last day of the camp. A photo session to conclude the event and cherish the memories was conducted and enjoyed to the fullest by all.summer camp (2).JPG summer camp (3).JPG summercamp.JPG Summer camp- RJ apoorva.JPG taal inc pogo drum-summer camp.JPG
Field Trip Sakal Press Class 4 (14th, 23rd, 24th, June):The field trip to Sakal Press, where Marathi and English newspapers are printed, was indeed a new experience for us students. It was fun to go with our class teachers in our school bus to the press in Saswad. Various stages of printing were shown to us. We saw many reams of white paper which was attached to the machine at a very high speed. Each ream of paper could print about 60000 newspapers. The final prints were being collected and packed. Every detail was being taken care of. There was alot of new learning for all of us. We thank the Sakal Press officials for this opportunity.sakal press 2.JPG sakal press.JPG
Picnic Empress Garden Class 1 (15th June):Empress garden, is one of the most beautiful gardens of the city. It is rich with an impressive array of flora and fauna that the just the right place for students to see a variety of trees, flowers and lush green grass all around. After the nature walk, the students had their lunch. On our way back to school we saw fighter planes and the  national flag soaring high in the sky, at the War Memorial. It was a memorable and joyful experience.empress garden 2.JPG empress garden.JPG
Picnic Jogger’s Park Class 2 (16th June):The class 2 picnic to the Jogger's Park was a happy one. Children played around the park enjoying the swings, the artificial animals which looked pretty real and walking around. They then sat in circles, in the shade, to have their refreshments. Before returning to school we all ensured to clean up the place and leave it better than how we had found it.joggers park 2.JPG joggers park.JPG
Five Thousand Surya Namaskar (21st June):Students of The Orbis Schools celebrated the International Yoga Day with performing over five thousand surya namaskar asanas, collectively. Young india, on the mat, learning to train their breath and movement, was a wonderful sight. The day witnessed a renewed pledge to make yoga their new best friend and experience multitude of benefits. The very evident positive outcome of the day was revitalisation and relaxation. The regular yoga sessions at school have impacted the mood, resilience and body image of all students. The school is also reaping benefits from the ongoing yoga trainings for the staff. The celebration of yoga is here to stay.     
Father’s Day Celebrations (22nd June)Father’s day was celebrated by the students of Jr.KG. They greeted the dads with a medley of rhymes and songs. The hand made cards were beautiful. The teachers used the puppet theatre to share stories about the child and father bond. Later the fathers narrated stories using puppets. Everyone was happy to be a part of this special event.Fathers day 3.JPG Fathers Day.JPG
Principal - Student Council Nominees Meeting (22nd June):The principal apprised the young leaders with the duties and rights of the student council. Guidance on handling of each task listed in the charter of duties was provided. There was an open discussion on the ways and means to strengthen the school leadership programme that on the one hand works as House System and on the other, as Cabinet System with the four ministries namely; Health and Hygiene; Traffic and Transport; Education and Discipline. It was a delight to hear the students asking for more involvement and more responsibilities as active participants in maintaining school discipline and organising activities.  Principal-student council nominee meeting (3).JPG Principal-student council nominee meeting.JPG
My Visit to Japanese Garden (22nd June):When my teacher informed us about the picnic to Okayama Friendship Garden, commonly known as The Japanese Garden, the whole class was excited. While in the bus, the teacher explained what we were going to observe and explore in the garden. When we reached there, we saw different kinds of shapes in which plants were cut, flowers in vibrant colours and amazingly crafted landscape. There was a pond and a stream in the garden. We also climbed a hill and saw the complete view of the Japanese garden. What a wonderful sight to see!! Later on we had our snacks and it was time to come back to school. This was indeed one of my best picnics ever.

japnese garden (2).JPG japnese garden (3).JPG japnese garden.JPG

Field Trip KF Bioplant Class 5 (24th June):Going to the KF Bioplants,  in Manjri, was an amazing experience for our entire class.  It took us less than ten minutes to reach our destination. We were both eager and excited. When we reached, we saw a huge lawn with lots of flowers. We were shown an introductory video. We learned that KF Bioplants is India’s largest biotech company. This company gives technical support and guidance to farmers. They store delicate ‘tissue culture’ plants in small jars with an artificially made jelly like substance. This acts as a medium and provides the plant with nutrients instead of soil or water. These jars have air filters on the lids to let oxygen in. We also saw greenhouses. They had giant propeller-like fans to control the temperature. While we were there, it started to drizzle, but it stopped soon. It was a learning experience for all of us.Kumar bio.jpg Kumar bioplant.JPG
Student Council Election (26th June):After a week long campaign, the Student Council Elections for the post of School Captain and School Vice Captain were held amidst great excitement. All the students from classes 4 to 10 and the staff members cast their votes.The election officer maintained strict discipline and compliance to the laid down norms for free and fair elections. Counting of vote took place in the presence of all the contenders. A good lesson indeed on the ways of democracy.Election 2.JPG Election.JPG election3.JPG
A confident step towards leadership - Investiture Ceremony :The formation of Students Council brought into limelight the new leaders, as the School Captain, Vice Captain and the Hose Leaders were elected and nominated for 2016-17. The Investiture Ceremony honoured the worthy students amidst cheers as they marched in. The event began with thanking the Student Council 2015-16, followed by change of guard ceremony and then the new council taking an oath echoing a  sense of responsibility and pride. Conferring of sashes and badges to the newly elected council by the Principal, Headmistress, Coordinators, House Mistresses and the parents was the special moment. The ceremony concluded with congratulatory notes and gaiety filling the school environment.

  Investiture ceremony (1).JPG Investiture ceremony (2).JPG Investiture ceremony (3).JPG

U – 16 Girls Football Championship:Another feather in the cap for our U – 16 girls football team. Our team participated in the Score Inter­ School Football League Championship which was held on 4th and 5th July 2016 at Score Multi­ Sport Facility, Seasons Mall. It was five a side match where our players bagged second position. Medha Bhavsar of class 10  was adjudged the best goalkeeper of the champions (1).jpg football champions (2).jpg
Museum on Wheels Visits The Orbis School:The Orbis School hosted the Museum on Wheels, a novel initiative by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai, on 4th and 5th July. The theme of the mobile exhibition was 'Stories At Play', The team of educational facilitators led by Mr. Ajay Salunke and Ms. Dale Sajan, who travel with the museum to distant parts of the state, conducted educational activities to revive the age old tradition of storytelling from different regions of the country like the Kaavad storytelling from Rajasthan, coupled with puppet making and a documentary film titled “Toy Town Diaries”.The Orbis School invited schools in the neighbourhood to come and visit this unique museum at their campus. A special session was conducted for the students from Zilla Parishad School, Keshavnagar who thoroughly enjoyed the new learning.meseum on wheels (1).JPG meseum on wheels (2).JPG
Grandparent’s Day (22nd July):The Nursery children celebrated Grandparent’s Day where they had their grandparents as special guests at school. They welcomed and expressed their love and affection by reciting poems and singing songs. Story telling session was done by the the teacher and grandparents which the children enjoyed a lot. The active participation of grandparents in card making along with their grandchildren made the event grand. Our tiny tots made bookmarks as a token of appreciation and love for them.Grandparents Day (1).JPG Grandparents Day (2).JPG
Career Counselling Programme (27th - 28th July):The choice of the road to be taken, after the end of school, is a question that all young students are confronted with. The school career counselling programme, which as a part will have a series of guest talks by professionals from different walks of life, started with Ms Divya Dubey, an expert career counsellor, who guided the students of classes 9 and 10 about the various options and the eligibility criterion. She also threw light on what subjects to choose and what exams to write to get there.An inspiring session was conducted by Wing Commander Sharad Sharma of the Indian Air Force, to give a good insight into the joys, discipline, pride, challenges, achievements that his profession offers. The awestruck students asked many questions to the fighter pilot about the life, duties, kinds of aircrafts and real life experiences. Many students expressed their dream to be a brave soldier in the armed forces.Another workshop was conducted by  Mrs. Fehmida from NIE, who dealt with the details of career choices this generation of students have by listing them alphabetically from A to Z, like Archaeologist, Biologist, Camera professionals or Chemist, and so on. This endeavour by the school is encouraging us to make wise choices, be bold and focus on our goals.Workshop on carrier (3).JPG RIMG5349.JPG Workshop on Carrier.JPG
Independence Day Celebrations:The month of August brings with it the sentiments of patriotism and pride. This year was even  more special as the nation celebrated the 70th year of freedom. The Chief Guest Mr. A. J. Khan, Director of the Charitable Trust, ‘Concerns for people’, unfurled the tricolour, followed by the national anthem and the oath of allegiance. The students staged patriotic songs, dances, poems and speeches. The special tribute to the beacons of freedom struggle, highlighting their work and life,  inspired all to respect and emulate their footsteps.  Mr. Khan in his address, focused on the importance of unity and time. The Principal emphasised on building a more humane India trodding on the path of honesty and non violence. The Headmistress appealed for the conservation of our environment and sustainable human development. The vote of thanks by the student council impressed upon all to relive Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s dream and stand up to the world.Independence day  (1).JPG Independence day  (3).JPG Independence day  (4).JPG
Founders Day:The Seventh Founder's Day facilitated the Directors of the Orbis Schools who have nurtured its vision and mission and have created the ground to make learning a celebration. The formal ceremony included, readings by students sharing details about the many social service projects taken up by the school. Mr. Haseeb in his address touched upon the need to be responsible to make  every area of life, work and play better than how we had received it. The day also created climate to sensitise all Orbians about their responsibility towards the needy. A mountain of old newspapers, enthusiastically collected by all students was handed over to Mrs. Sumangala from CPAA that fetched a sum of rupees seventeen thousand eight hundred and seventy, which will be used to buy medicines for child cancer patients. An effort to be the seeds of change, indeed!Founders Day (1).JPG Founders Day (2).JPG Founders Day (3).JPG Founders Day (4).JPG Founders Day (5).JPG
Orbiloqui:The Annual Literary Event, Orbiloqui,became even bigger this year, with more literary activities added to the list. The event has been providing the young Orbians a chance to present their thoughts and skills in front of an audience that includes students, teachers and the community. This public speaking platform  comprises of various age appropriate activities in Hindi and English namely; Spell Bee, Elocution, Story-Telling, Spin a Yarn, Show and Tell, Recitation, Story making, Famous speeches, Book Reviews and Debate. Every student  gets an opportunity to participate in the first round of all the events, thereafter they progress on merit to next rounds. The event has taken off in a big way and has been able to create a literary climate all around.RIMG5908.JPG
Teacher's Day Celebrations (2nd September):As a tribute to the teachers, the Students’ Council presented a heart-warming special assembly where they read poems, shared their thoughts and said prayers in the honour of their teachers. Life and work of Dr. Radha Krishnan was highlighted. Information on World Teacher’s Day was presented as a quiz. It was an overwhelming experience for all. The student-teachers later managed the teaching learning for a certain time of the day. A special assembly was organised for the pre-primary children where through fun activities the importance of the day was explained to the children. Students showered their love and appreciation to the teachers in the form of beautifully created handmade cards and roses. Teachers were very touched to receive these as a token of appreciation.teachers day assembly (1).JPG teachers day assembly (2).JPG
Plastic Management@Orbis:Saying YES to plastic reuse, reduce and recycling is the big Orbis step towards a cleaner India. The Piling Menace is clogging our drains, polluting our soil, water, roads, housing short it is omnipresent. We are proud to announce Orbis initiative to segregate plastic waste and re-cycle it. The teachers and students as active participants in segregating plastic waste at home and school. The accepted items are plastic milk bags (properly washed and dried), food bags, disposable containers, cooking oil containers, carry bags, buckets, bottles, toys, etc. All is collected in the designated bins placed at various points in the school premises. This venture has turned to be really successful which gets reflected by the fact that within a few days, we were able to collect 73.5 kilograms of plastic waste, which has been sent to Rudra Environmental Solutions, an organisation that converts plastic into Poly fuel and provides it as kitchen fuel. We, Orbians are proud of this initiative and it is here to stay!Plastic Free Initiative  (1).JPG Plastic Free Initiative  (2).JPG
Seasons Week (12th September - 16th September):Pre Primary children enjoyed  an array of Summer, Monsoon, Spring, Autumn and Winter activities through craft, drawing, pasting related pictures. Show and Tell activity was conducted, where children were excited to dress up according to the seasons and speak about its special features.Season week (1).JPG Season week (2).JPG
Orbiloqui Kids (26th September - 30th September):Orbiloqui Kids, the annual literary event, was an amazing learning experience for every kindergartener. The different activities, namely; Story Telling, Show and Tell, Quiz, Interactive Story Session and Recitation were effectively presented and much appreciated by the parents. The themes chosen this year were, Save Earth, Modes of Transportation and Toys.Kudos to the staff and the students for the stunning performances.orbiloqui (2).JPG orbiloqui (3).JPG orbiloqui (1).jpg
Rotary Interact Club (14th October):The installation ceremony of the Rotary Interact Club was held at school in the presence of the Chief Guest Rotarian Mohan Palesha, a charter member of Rotary Club of Pune and many other renowned rotarians. In a short but memorable ceremony Shreyas Bhanja and Ananya Sharma were inducted as the President and Secretary respectively along with the other board members.Shreyas in his acceptance speech stressed upon his commitment to initiate social projects for the current year. He also listed out projects like Eco Friendly Diwali and Cleanliness Drive project for this quarter. This was followed by the pinning of badges of the President and other board members of the Interact Club by the dignitaries. An inspiring speech was delivered by the chief guest. The Secretary presented the vote of thanks and the President adjourned the meeting.    
Orbision - Classes 4 -5 (15th October):The students prepared science models and charts  on various topics like digestive system, types of houses, irrigation, respiratory system, pollution, conservation, rain water harvesting and many more. The Robotics division built robots which included the cleaner-bot, ropeway, bot-cars, water-the-plant bot, windmills, ceiling fans and catapult, to name a few. The parents who attended the Orbision were enthralled by the enthusiastic children and their displays. It gave a great exposure to students and tapped on their creativity.    
Students’ Day - No Bag Day (17th October):A ‘No Bag Day’ was observed to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam. Teaching learning happened a little differently where the teachers conducted multifarious activities including poster making, freehand drawing and Club displays. Music and dance sessions were conducted for the junior classes. Children visited the science exhibition and they watched a presentation on ‘Claymation’. A meditation session was conducted for classes 5-10. Children celebrated each and every moment of this day.No bag day (1).JPG No bag day (2).JPG No bag day (3).JPG
Swachh Bharat Day:It was a delight to see all the students of classes 1 to 10 engaged in cleaning of their classrooms under the guidance of their class teachers. While important lessons were being learned on the skills and value of keeping our surroundings clean, the students were also learning team work, dignity of labour and responsibility. There was a sense of pride and also when we do, we learn to appreciate the effort better.     

The Annual Cultural Event, ‘Orbitheatrum’, a fortnight long festival, kickstarted this month end. The event is a series of theatrical performances designed to develop skills and appreciation for music, dance and drama. It brings along a unique opportunity where every student at The Orbis Schools experiences and enjoys the limelight on stage. Each class works around a pre-decided theme which takes them to different areas of learning and lands. The journey this year began with the kindergarteners who explored the world of rhymes, colours and seasons. The lower and upper primary students weaved songs, dances and drama to present the culture, history and art of Maharashtra, India, SAARC, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America, as their chosen themes. Kudos to the team of staff and students for the spectacular effort in every department of performing arts. We also extend our gratitude and appreciation to the many distinguished personalities of Pune who graced the occasion and our parents who were very actively involved at every step of the event.

Orbeitheatrum.JPG Orbitheatrum.JPG

Children’s Day and Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrations (15th November):

The school celebrated Children’s Day and paid tribute to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru with re-emphasising upon his vision for India. The day also was marked to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti with information on his life and work. A memorable fun fair was organised by the teachers which included games and eats for all, specially prepared by the teachers. Various games like bucket the ball, pyramid of paper cups, throw the ring, roll the dice were a hit. The effort by the teachers did make each child feel special.

childrens day celebration (1).JPG childrens day celebration (2).JPG

Night Out (18th November):To provide first hand experience of life skills to teach independent management of tasks, classes 4 students were given the opportunity to spend an entire evening, night and morning at the school premises with their classmates, teachers and the core academic team at both the schools.Group games, talent hunt, a synchronized group dance session, songs around the bonfire, were few of the major attractions that kept the students at high levels of excitement and joy. Making of beds, managing belongings and teamwork were all new experiences for them.The morning started early with a yoga session and ended with breakfast and photo sessions. We are proud of our young campers who followed the camp rules and made it a memorable experience for all. We also thank the parents for helping us create this opportunity.Night Camp (1).JPG Night Camp (2).jpg Night camp (2).JPG

Orbitheatrum, The Annual Cultural Event (29th-30th NOvember):

The kindergartners won all hearts as they staged their theme based performances from the world of rhymes, the world of colours and magical seasons. The young narrators and dancers  shared their new learning and perfectly matched the beats as they came up on stage in their colourful costumes and beautiful smiles. A big well done and thank you to the teachers and the parents who made this event such a wonderful one. The chief guests Ms Purnima Joshi and Ms Tina Malkhani  graced the occasion and addressed the gathering. 

Orbitheatrum (3).JPG Orbitheatrum (2).JPG Orbitheatrum PP.JPG

Unveil North America (1st December):A rhapsody of fun, frolic, moods, music and colours, is how we describe the showcasing of North America by the students of class 6, during their annual cultural performance. The well conceptualised and scripted dance drama took the audiences to the different countries of North America. Some superlative performances by the students were the highlight of the day. The chief guest Col. Prem Anand made the day more meaningful by addressing core issues related to parenting. To wrap in a sentence, it was a journey where there was true celebration as it came from learning......"Learning the Orbis Way"Orbitheatrum (Class 6) (1).JPG Orbitheatrum (Class 6) (2).JPG Orbitheatrum (Class 6) (3).JPG
SAARC - A musical fair (2nd December):

The talented students of class 3 brought alive SAARC Nations on stage through music, dance and drama. They spoke about the life, heritage and customs of each of the SAARC countries with great confidence and skill. Their costumes were  beautifully designed. Every student played the given role extremely well. The chief guest Mr. K. K. Acharya, National Manager School Programmes, Childline, graced the occasion. This was a learning experience which both the Orbians and parents enjoyed together.

Orbitheatrum Class 3 (1).JPG Orbitheatrum Class 3 (2).JPG Orbitheatrum Class 3 (3).JPG Orbitheatrum Class 3 (4).JPG

Europe- An Enchanting Exploration (2nd December):Next in the series of Orbitheatrum- The Annual cultural event,  the students  of class 4 presented a glimpse into the Enchanting Europe through the lives of some great European explorers, namely; Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama and Jacques Cartier.The chief guest  for the morning was Mr.C.N. Jha, the Vice Chairperson of the PTA executive committeeThe history,  tradition art and culture of  France, Spain, Italy, England and Portugal came alive as the sailors rowed their boats and  took long strenuous voyages on their ships to look for new lands. The joyful music of the European countries, the horse riding heroes, encounters with African tribals, bandits, Kings, Queens, ministers and many more characters were brilliantly portrayed on the stage. The entire play was part of a story telling by grandparents to their grandchildren which aptly culminated with lessons for life to “dream big and to bravely travel the road less taken”.Orbitheatrum (Class 4) (1).JPG Orbitheatrum (Class 4) (2).JPG Orbitheatrum (Class 4) (3).JPG

Incredible India (3rd December):The students of class 2 took the audience on a colourful  journey that beautifully presented the diversity of our country. The show travelled across the length and breadth of the nation starting from the North, moving to the East, West, South and finally culminating with the spirit of central India. The students displayed the rich culture, heritage, and festivals, unique to each state. The young performers captivated the hearts of the audience with colourful folk dances of the states. The event was graced by Mr. Sanjay Saxena, Sr. Vice President, Operations, India and Southeast Asia, Infoactiv.Orbitheatrum (Class 2) (1).JPG Orbitheatrum (Class 2) (2).JPG
Class 1- Jai Maharashtra (3rd December): 

Maharashtra, a land whose sheer size and diversity stuns us, has a lot to be explored and discovered.. The history, traditions, art and culture, woven into a musical show, was presented by the students of class 1. Starting from the 4th century B.C, moving to the legends of Shivaji and, Peshwas, followed by the freedom struggle and then a glimpse of our cosmopolitan, forward-thinking present day Maharashtra, was  beautifully captured by the students. It was indeed a breathtaking performance by the students. The chief guest Dr. Medha Tadpatikar, founder of Rudra Foundation, graced the occasion.Jai Maharashtra (1).JPG Jai Maharashtra (2).JPG Jai Maharashtra (3).JPG Jai Maharashtra (4).JPG

Hosting the City Level Balajanagrah Inter-school Competition (5th December):Balajanaagraha, a program which strives to inculcate civic sense among our children, conducted its City Level Inter-school Competition at The Orbis School. Nine schools including The Orbis School participated in the event. The theme of the competition was "Our Roads The Tender Sure Way". The students from all the schools presented their report on the civic project that they have taken up. The guests of honour were Mrs. Pushplata Pawar, Deputy Director, Academic Authority Maharashtra State and Dr. Jadhav, Block Development Officer at Jalgaon. Judges were Prof. A. Mulla, Retired Professor from FTII, Pune, Mrs. Renuka Suryavanshi, Editor, Pune Pulse and Professor Rahul Shukla, Planning Section COEP, Pune.balajanaagrah (1).JPG balajanaagrah (2).JPG balajanaagrah (3).JPG
Field Day (19th - 21st December):The Junior  and Senior Kindergarten had a field day on the theme,  Community Helpers and Public Places. It was both fun and play where children learnt many things through interaction and dramatization. To name a few, they created a hospital, a garage, a restaurant and a post office with their respective community helpers. The school field was filled with beautiful banners naming different public places like Airport, Railway station, Vegetable market, Medical shop etc. Children dressed up as air hostess, tailor, engine driver, pilot, gardener, vegetable vendor, porter and ticket checker. It was a wonderful platform for peer teaching, where each community helper explained to the visitors about their job and how they help the community. The props and costumes were paid a lot of attention. The interaction between speakers, other students and teachers made it a very lively learning experience for all.Field Day (1).JPG Field Day (3).JPG
Orbisports, The Annual Athletic Meet:A splendid display of March Past kickstarted Orbisports 2016-17. The smart and almost perfect House Squads impressed one and all. The top athletes of the school lit the Orbiflame with all the students taking the oath to respect and abide by the rules of the meet, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sports and the honour of the institution. The track and field events that followed, displayed a keen interest and enthusiasm towards being faster, higher and stronger. New school records were set. Classes 1 to 3 presented Mass PT Drills with dumb bells, pom poms and exercises with interesting formations. The students cheered for their house mates and also applauded the best talent. The teachers incharge, student leaders and volunteers, exhibited great organisational and leadership skills. Kudos to the HPE department for a wonderful celebration of skills, stamina and sportsmanship.RIMG8802.JPG RIMG8860.JPG RIMG8872.JPG RIMG8879.JPG RIMG8887.JPG Sport Day.JPG
Workshop on career planning (21st January)A very informative and interesting session on career planning was conducted by Mr. Srinivasa Desikan. The main highlight of the lecture was 'never be afraid of failure, as it is just another stepping stone to success'. It was a very interactive session where students' were all ears. They were made aware of the streams that are available after class 10 and how they could follow their passion. It was truly helpful as it would help take informed decisions.Workshop on career planning (1).JPG Workshop on career planning (2).JPG
Republic Day Celebrations!Republic Day was a big celebration time at the Orbis Schools. The schools were painted red with flower carpets, pictures and tricolour balloons. The unfurling of our national flag after a smart parade by the Scouts and Guides contingent, followed by patriotic songs, speeches and poems, filled each heart with love and pride for the nation. A special educational activity that journeyed through the pages of history and brought to the fore, the Evolution of the Indian Flag, was presented by the students of classes 7 and 8. It was good learning to understand how and why the flag was designed and redesigned to come to its present form. The Directors, Principal and Headmistress addressed the gathering and urged all to keep duties before rights. They impressed upon the importance of working together and following civic rules to become useful citizens.Republic Day Celebrations (1).jpg Republic Day Celebrations (2).JPG Republic Day Celebrations (3).JPG
Awards for OrbisCreate to Inspire, a programme initiated by Microsoft, has drawn to a successful close, having seen the participation of over a thousand schools across the country, with the aim to engage the young towards sustainable lifestyles. This school programme saw the Orbis students of classes 5 to 9 taking up many projects on e waste awareness, biodiversity, packaging waste, organic food, conserving resources, alternative means of energy, etc and making a significant contribution in each area.The Orbis School Participation has been acknowledged by Microsoft with awards in various categories. The recognition includes Environmental Excellence awards for maximum community outreach, for demonstrating the best use of sustainability tool kit and for the most e waste collected.A big well done to the teachers in charge and the students. Every drop counts so keep on moving.DSC_3306.JPG DSC_3329.JPG
Ambulance Service ( 2nd February )Medical emergencies come unannounced and so it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.The students of classes 4-9 got the opportunity to get first hand information about the Emergency Medical and Referral Services launched by the Maharashtra Government and its ambulance services with Basic Life Support (BLS) system and with Advanced Life Support System (ALS). These can be called for by dialing the nationwide number 108. The students also got an opportunity to view the ambulance from inside and see the various equipments that can be used to provide medical relief to the patients.RIMG1455.JPG RIMG1456.JPG
Visit to Hanuman Mitramandal Primary School (17th February)The students of the nature club visited the Hanuman Mitramandal, primary school, Keshavnagar along with our club teachers Shahnaz Faquih ma’am, Resmi ma’am and Anupriya ma’am, with the view to share and learn. We started our presentation on the topic “Western Ghats” and explained to them with charts and pictures the importance of these Ghats which are home to several endemic species. We also discussed the “harmful effects of plastic” and made them aware of the grave danger that lies in burning plastic. The toxic gases emitted are very harmful and can cause a number of diseases.The interaction with our friends was fruitful in every way. Not only did we take back new learning but also the joy of having made a difference.hanuman mitramandal school.JPG hanuman mitramandal school (2).JPG
Promotion Day (16th - 29th March)Many congratulations to the students and the teachers on the completion of a successful academic session! The Promotion Day for each class saw the parents and students come eagerly to collect the Report Cards and understand how they have fared. Parent’s orientation was conducted to apprise the parents of the  ways of teaching and learning at the school for the next academic session. Thanks giving,  smiles and accolades made the climate of the day.Promotion Day (1).JPG Promotion Day (2).JPG Promotion Day (3).JPG Promotion Day (4).JPG


Beginning With A New Hope (7th April - 10th April): Every new beginning brings an opportunity to explore and looks afresh at what can be. April leads to a year long journey full of celebration whilst learning. We started with an ice-breaker where they were acquainted with the school and classmates to let all students get adjusted in their respective classes.    
State Public Health Laboratory (10th April): The students of class 6 were introduced to the concept of adulteration in the State Public Health Laboratory also recognised as the Central Food Lab. The children observed the various techniques for identifying adulteration in food products. They also became aware about some easy ways which can be performed at home to check for adulteration. This piqued curiosity amongst our children and they made sure to get their answers from the officers. On the whole the trip was very interesting and informative both for the students as well as the teachers.    
Field Trip - A Visit to BAIF (13th and 15th April): The students of class 7 and 8 visited BAIF (Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation) in Uruli Kanchan. They were accompanied by Mrs. Shahnaaz Faquih and their class teachers. It was an educative trip where students learnt about livestock, vermicomposting using cow dung, watershed development, bio gas plant and sericulture. For students it was learning beyond classroom environs. They seemed excited about this new way of learning which gave them insight into many things like silkworms reared on mulberry leaves or the hands on experience of watching the working of biogas plant about which they had read only in textbooks.They also got to see the silk outlet where different types of silk items were kept for exhibition cum sale.The students were happy and enlightened after the visit. It was a great way to learn indeed.    
Mother’s Day Celebration (23rd April):  Mother’s day celebrates the beautiful child - mother relationship and motherhood as a whole. The children of Sr.KG took this opportunity to express their love and respect for their dear moms. The programme enabled mothers to go back in their childhood while reciting poems taught by their children and doing activities with them. Excitement was waiting for children too as they could see their mother’s playing the role of teachers in the classroom. The event again reinforced that the mother-child bond is unique and is celebrated in many ways all the time.    
Field Trip to Vineyards (16th June):  The National Research Centre for Grapes on Sholapur Road was the field trip destination for all divisions of class 1 during the school hours. Children were given an opportunity to walk inside the vineyards and explore them. They were also shown how the plants are watered and pesticides are sprinkled on the grape vines to protect them from insects. Information on the nutritional value and uses of grapes in jams, juices, raisins and as fresh fruit was provided by the experts. They also learnt that the season for grapes is from October to March. Fields, tractors and the nature around made a perfect setting. We thank all the officials of The National Research Centre for Grapes, for the learning and experience.    
Field Trip to Synagogue (18th June):  Exploring different lifestyles and cultures always brings in a new perspective and new learning. To know more and grow more, our students visited the Ohel David Synagogue, popularly known as Lal Deval. The caretaker Mr. Elliyahoo Benjamin was very kind to take our students on a tour of the historic place and to explain how it forms an important part of the cultural heritage of India. It sure was enriching to know about the largest synagogue in Asia reaching, a height of 90 feet; an important piece of Indian history.    
International Yoga Day (19th June):  Multifarious activities marked the International Yoga Day declared by the United Nations, General Assembly and scheduled on summer solstice. Guest yoga trainers, Mr. Younus Shaikh and Mr. Ankush Nawale, conducted different sessions for students of all age groups with the aim to introduce the art to them as a way of life and to create awareness and enthusiasm for it .Basic breathing exercises, simple asanas and ways to relax were practised by all. Utmost care was taken to go slow and focus on dos and donts to reap the best out of the art and science of yoga. The school also organised yoga session for the parents and other community members to provide greater service to more.    
Election for Office Bearers (22nd June): As part of training in Democracy, student leaders nominated for the office of School Captain and the School Vice Captain were elected by the teachers and students of classes 4 to 9. All the nominated students, namely; Krishna Desikan, Mihir Dangwal, Ayush Vatal and Darshan Rao of class 9, addressed the students to present to them their strengths, achievements and aims. The campaigning ended on 21st June. The election officers conducted a fair and secret ballot. The votes were duly counted in presence of the contestants and the results were announced amidst excitement and applause. Students for other appointments, namely; House Captain, Vice Captain and Sports Captain for all houses were nominated.    
Plantation Day (6th July):  The children were introduced to the importance of plants in our lives. They were given seeds to sow in the flower pots, which they watered for the next few days and kept a close watch on how they sprouted. The day they could see saplings coming out of the seeds, their joy knew no bounds. Teachers encouraged them to plant more trees to make the world greener. They were made to understand the usefulness of trees and how they effect our environment. Children also did craft activities to mark the day.    
Investiture Ceremony (8th July): The 6th Investiture ceremony to mark the swearing in of the Student’s Council for the year 2015-16, was a solemn ceremony. The outgoing school captain Fawzaan Shaikh, handed over the school flag to the newly elected school captain Krishna Desikan who took an oath on behalf of his council members. This ceremony was witnessed by the students of classes 4 to 9. The proud parents of the office bearers were also a part of the event. They draped the sashes on the office bearers and the Principal, Headmistress and the Coordinator pinned the badges. The ceremony culminated with the School Vice Captain, Mihir Dangwal proposing the vote of thanks, followed by a formal photo session.    
Fruits week and Show and Tell event (6th July-18th July): Week long activities and a special assembly was conducted to highlight the importance of fruits. Children interacted with the teachers expressing their love for fruits. They also understood that it is essential to eat a fruit everyday. There was a Show and Tell intra class event conducted by the entire Pre-Primary where children came with fruit cut outs and spoke about their favourite fruits and their importance. The week was a fruitful one, as children are enjoying their fruits a little more and that too without a fuss.    
Road safety training by Yamaha (5th August): Yamaha, one of the largest automobile companies was in our school to train children about how to use the roads while crossing or getting into a car or just walking and cycling. Road safety is essential for children’s freedom, development and of course the roads need to be used with respect. Children were also taught about the importance of wearing a helmet and to always remind their parents and other elders to wear one while riding a two wheeler. Guidance by the experts has definitely created a deep impact which will help keep our children safe on the roads.    
DEAR Hour (14th August) : Activities like the DEAR Hour help to create a stronger bond between the reader and the book. The students and the staff participated in Drop Everything and Read Hour (DEAR) to read books of their choice. Later all talked about their reading. The aim of the activity was to further develop interest in reading along with appreciation of text and expression. Enrichment of vocabulary, comprehension and communication skills are other advantages.    
Independence Day ( 15th August ):India’s 69th Independence Day was celebrated with immense pride and solemnity on 15th August. The day was marked with patriotic songs, dances, speeches, poems and street play, highlighting the importance of freedom and the story of India’s growth. The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest Brigadier R. K. Singh, VSM. He unfurled the tricolour and took the salute along with the school office bearers. He focused on character building and conservation of environment, in his address. The principal motivated the students to play a constructive role in nation building and move ahead with optimism. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by the school vice captain.    
Meet and Greet Postman (17th August):Writing of postcards by Kindergarteners was followed by a visit to the post office. The little ones saw the postman bringing in letters and segregating them. They also got to see different stamps and stamping of letters before shaking hands with the postmaster and his team to thank them for their services. The children dropped their postcards in the post box which will soon find their way to the parents.    
Explore Learning Everywhere (19th August):The junior Orbians visited a hypermarket. The tiny tots were shown an array of green vegetables and other goods available at the store. They were curious about everything and their questions were patiently answered by the teachers! Their excellent conduct brought them appreciations from the staff of Spar.    
Our Canine Friends (24th August) : Known to be the most faithful companions of human beings, ‘Peppy Paws’ inmates came to our school where all enjoyed each other’s company. Pre-Primary children not only played with the furry puppies they also got to know from the trainers a lesson or two on how to take care of them and how to be friends with them. Children gifted dog food to all the peppy paw dogs as a thank you gesture.    
Founders Day Celebration (26th August) : The 6th Founders Day was celebrated as a social service day. Our guest of honour Ms. Sumangala Sapru from the Cancer Patients Care Association expressed her delight and gratitude for an overwhelming support in donating newspapers to the organisation. The money raised out of the sale of these newspapers is used to buy medicines for the cancer patients. Class 9 Vega conducted an impressive assembly where they spoke about the ethos and mission of the school along with all different social service projects that are lending a helping hand to many NGOs working in the field of child care.    


An Educational Visit (21st April):A trip to Aga Khan Palace was organised for classes 3 and 4. The children found it to be an enriching experience as they had an opportunity to know more about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, father of our nation. It was truly a memorable day for them filled with fun and learning.    
The Orbis School held its 5th Investiture Ceremony to mark the swearing in of the Students’ Council for the year 2014-15. The School Captain and School Vice Captain were elected through a democratic process of elections and the house captains, vice captains and sports captains were nominated by the respective house teachers. Being the heads of different houses and leading the students in various activities round the year, helps to foster invaluable life skills amongst the student leaders. The solemn ceremony saw formal change of guard. The outgoing School captain Mihir Dangwal handed over the school flag to the newly elected school captain Fawzaan Shaikh, who took oath on behalf of his peers. The office bearers pledged to keep the Orbis flag flying high and do their best to take the school to newer heights in every endeavor. The proud parents of the office bearers, who were a part of the event, draped the sashes on the office bearers and the Principal, Head Mistress and the Coordinator pinned the badges. The ceremony culminated with School Vice Captain proposing vote of thanks and clicking of photographs.    
India 68th Independence Day was celebrated with immense pride and solemnity on 15th August 2014. The ceremony was held to inspire the students to respect and emulate the footsteps of our national heroes. It was also an opportunity for the students to pay tribute to the revolutionaries of yesteryears by taking us back to those historic events which made our freedom our reality. Patriotic songs and dance by the students added to the vibrant national spirit. The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest, Senior police inspector Mr. Jan Mohammad Pathan, a highly decorated police officer, Mr. Pathan unfurled the tri-colour and took the salute along with the school office bearers. This was followed by the national anthem. The principal in her speech motivated the children to contribute towards growth and development of the nation and also to value the freedom which came with a lot of sacrifices of great martyrs. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by the school vice captain and distribution of sweets to the staff and students.    
Language plays an important role in defining childs growth. Junior Orbiloqui, the Annual literary event for the Pre-primary wing, aims at linguistic development leading to effective communication. It is an opportunity where little ones are conscientiously persuaded to speak in front of the audience. The event displayed commendable performances, much wanted readiness and impromptu answers. All students participated in Spell Bee, Show and Tell, Recitation and Story Telling activities both in English and Hindi. The overwhelmed audiences flooded the little stars and teachers with loads of appreciation.    
Gandhiji said that there was a need to create awareness about cleanliness among students and this could be done by entrusting them with the responsibility of keeping their school premises and surroundings clean. In keeping with his teachings, all students participated in "School Swachta" activity where they cleaned their classrooms. Students of classes 4 – 8 went to Mundhwa and cleaned the garbage strewn all around. Armed with shovels, brooms, garbage bags etc. the students picked up all the plastic and paper that they found on the ground. This they did with great enthusiasm, ignoring the curious glances of the bystanders and locals. After a tiring but highly satisfying experience towards community service students promised to make their contribution in keeping their school and society clean at all times.    
A workshop on Fire Safety was conducted for all the students from class 1 to 8 in The Orbis School premises. This workshop included a fire evacuation drill and taught the children how to keep safe in the event of a fire. This workshop was conducted by Mr. Shahrukh Faquih. Who demonstrated in front of children a few instances of fire and what steps should be taken to put off the same. He also explained the procedure of how to use the fire extinguisher and the fire safety equipment installed in the school building.    
The 5th Annual Cultural Event "Orbitheatrum" celebrated the joys of childhood. Nursery, Junior and Senior Kindergarten children presented their world of learning through the "Rhymes", "Music" and "Dance" respectively. The little achievers proved to be amazing performers, who enthralled the audience leaving them spellbound. Moreover, the smartness with which they delivered the dialogues in front of the invitees attracted accolades. Eminent personalities, Mr. Deepak Morris, Mrs. Linda O Conner and Mrs. Vibha Mirajgaoker were the guests of honour.    
Christmas trees, bells, stockings, goodies and gifts, all tell us that you "Christmas" is round the corner - time to rejoice, care and share. The classrooms and the school buzzed with excitement, gifts were exchanged and food was shared. "Santa came to town" visiting each classroom, mesmerizing the children with his antics. The air was filled with cheer and joy.    
Science Express is a unique science exhibition mounted on a 16-coach AC train. It has been travelling across India successfully for the past six years. The Science Express is an initiative by the Government of India that aims to create widespread awareness on the unique biodiversity of India, climate change, water, energy conservation and related issues among various sections of the society, especially students. The students of classes 6 - 8 visited the train that had parked at the Khadki Railway Station and gained an insight into the various aspects of the varied Indian biodiversity.    
This day saw the celebration of learning taken to a different level altogether. Renowned film and theatre actor Mr. Tom Alter and founder of the Shamiana Film Club Mr. Cyrus Dastur re-launched the book “The Longest Race” penned by Mr. Tom Alter. A master orator, Tom Alter mesmerized the audience by reading the prologue and some chapters from the book. One of the brightest authors of The Orbis School, Kavana Anklekar of class 6 is a gifted poet and story writer. Last year she had her own book of poems published. While Kavana wrote the wonderfully innocent, yet extremely insightful poems, her little sister Karunya illustrated the book with her drawings. Kavana’s is ready with her second book titled “Happy House” which is a humorous tale entwined with loads of adventure about a family that moves into a house and to their astonishment the house comes alive. This book also includes a short story written by her sister Karunya. Her book was released by Mr. Tom Alter who was visibly impressed with the writing skills Kavana and Karunya possess at this tender age.    
The Annual Science Exhibition of The Orbis School, saw active participation from students and parents alike to help develop scientific temper. Keeping in tune with the United Nations’ theme of the year, the exhibition displayed, creative models, charts and powerpoint presentations, on ‘Family Farming’ which was further integrated with related ideas like sustainable development through ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and application of science in our daily lives. The students presented working models of alternate and renewable sources of energy like windmill, hydropower and solar power. In the Robotics arena, the display of different types of working robots created and programmed by the students left the visitors highly impressed. The occasion was graced by chief guests Mrs. Prabha Qureshi a crusader for girl child education and Mr. Rajaram Rao Bannengala, VP - Project Management Institute Pune-Deccan Chapter who lauded the students for their creative skills and scientific acumen.    
Robotics is an integral part of our school curriculum and has been integrated with our Mathematics and Science curriculum. Our students got an opportunity to participate at the National level Tricks Robotics Competition 2014 held by Thinklabs. The event took place at the Euro School, Airoli, Navi Mumbai.on 22-23rd November 2014 . The theme was Mission Rescue with two categories : Tele Rescuer and Auto Rescuer. The participants had to collaborate in teams and design a robot to solve challenging problem statements. The Junior Team comprised of N.Raghav, Hardit Nirula and Kavana Anklekar from class 6 and the Senior Team comprised of Mihir Dangwal, Nihal Hebbar from class 8 and Vishisht Gautam from class 7. In all 260 schools participated from across India and we are proud to share that our Junior Team qualified to the final round. It was an enriching experience for the students who got a national platform and experiential learning to rise up to challenges.    
The students of classes 4 and 5 had an overnight camp at school which was aimed at enabling students to gain knowledge from practical life skills and community living. Needless to say, the students were exposed to learning sessions with hands on experience from washing their plates to making their beds, managing their belongings and living in conditions with the available sources. Talent hunt, musical chairs, singing, dancing, showing magic tricks, telling jokes and even making jingles around the bonfire was a new experience for all. The students got a wonderful opportunity to see the planets Jupiter and Saturn through a telescope in the wee hours followed by various fitness exercises, surya namaskar, and other fun games did build a good appetite to eat sumptuous breakfast. Each one went back with great memories. We thank parental involvement in the event.    
The 5th Annual Athletic Sports Meet was a colourful, vibrant event, held on the school playground. The members of PTA were the special guests on this occasion. The students of class 1 and 2 presented Mass PT drill. Thestudents of classes 3 and 4 displayed aerobics and karate stunts. This was followed by sprint, hurdles, sack race and relay races. While all the four houses cheered for their representatives, they also wholeheartedly applauded the good performances of their competitors. Medals were given to the little champions. The fun filled event came to an end by Mr.PrashantLoya, Vice Chairman of the PTA Executive Committee declaring the sports meet closed.    
The staff and students celebrated the festival of MakarSankranti with full fervour and enthusiasm. One of the main attractions of the day was kite flying. There was a lot of buzz in the school, right from the moment they stepped into the premises, as children had brought kites which they were proudly showing to each other and exchanging views; each one was eager to display their flying skills. In the latter half of the day the school ground became a splendid sight with colourful kites and cheerful fights.    
The Annual Speech and Prize Distribution Day of The Orbis School, “ORBITRIA - 2014-15” was held at Mahatma PhuleSanskrutiBhavan, Wanowri. This event sees the annual report reading by our Principal and acknowledges the students who have excelled in various scholastic and co-scholastic activities both at the intra-school and inter-school levels during the current academic year along with a cultural presentation by the senior classes. The Annual Report highlighted the key achievements in all areas of learning and growth along and thanked the staff and the parents for their contributions. Outstanding achievements by students in various categories like public speaking, sports, leadership and performing arts were awarded. The most coveted and awaited prize of the day, THE ORB OF FAME trophy, was taken home by the jubilant team Explorers. This honour is given away every year to the house which collects the maximum points in scholastic and co-scholastic areas during the year. Following this, the students of classes 5 - 8 presented their cultural extravaganza where they took the audience in a sublime journey into the lap of ancient human civilizations. The young actors captivated the audience with a bouquet of wonderful acts comprising of narration, dance and drama. The show concluded with the school choir singing with a message that today’s children are global citizens who wish to step into their future with the heritage and wisdom of the past along with knowledge, confidence and conviction of the present. Ms. Caroline Audoir de Valter, Founder and Managing Trustee of the Hope for Children Foundation, was the honourable chief guest for the ceremony. The occasion was also graced by our honourable director Mr. Razi Faquih, SMC and PTA members.    


Visit by research students of Mondragon University, Spain (16th April):Mondragon University, Spain chose the Orbis School amongst various schools to conduct a research study on E-learning in schools. A group of research students visited the school. The research team observed teaching through smart classes and also conducted some activities where they interacted with the students.       
Fathers’ Day (28th June): Fathers’ Day is the celebration of one of the most magical human bonds. This is a day to tell all Dads how precious they are. On 28th June, Jr. Kindergarten little stars honoured their beloved dads with a special presentation. The programme enabled the fathers to actively participate along with their wards. The interactive ‘colour song’ sung by Jr. Kindergarten Orange children made the audience dance. We saw the father-child association during storytelling, enacting rhymes and dance performances by Jr. Kindergarten Apple and Mango. A special gesture came from the children of Jr. Kindergarten Strawberry and Kiwi with their poems “I Love you” and “Thanks for everything you give me”, which turned us emotional. It was truly the moment of the day. The little performers were jubilant and their joy knew no bound while performing in front of their beloved fathers. The day concluded with hand printing activity which was sent with the children as the memento of ‘Father’s Day’. The impression books were filled with the overwhelming feedback from our special guests.      
Summer Camp (1st – 12th May): Summer is a season we long for. It brings us the much awaited month long vacation. Children get away from their mundane routine. At the same time it brings opportunity of exploring new activities, which help them in unwinding and provide a scope of nurturing talents in multiple areas, beyond the curriculum. The summer camp conducted at the school was designed to meet the above objective, where children got hands on experience in doll making, making the best out of waste, clay modeling, finger puppet designing, paper quilling, pottery, creative painting, beading etc. Simultaneously, children were given a chance to enjoy skating and to move with the steps of Big Dance 2013. The joyful sessions concluded with fun cooking followed by chocolate making and preparing lip smacking sandwiches. Children, thrilled with their own creativity, proudly posed for photographs with bags full of their handwork.        
CCE Workshop for Teachers (3rd May): A one day capacity building workshop on the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation method laid down by CBSE was held in the school. This was an extremely useful and value adding workshop for the teachers and it brought everyone up to date with the latest evaluation tools and techniques mandated by the CBSE. The knowledge gained from this workshop will help the teachers to make the evaluation process more comprehensive and thorough in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.     
Mother′s Day (30th April):  A special programme was presented by the children of Sr. Kindergarten to celebrate the significance of mothers who hold a very special place in a child′s life and are the guiding force in the formative years. The Mothers Day celebrations began with a prayer followed by poems, action songs and interactive games where a mother and her child teamed up to experience the joy of doing things together along with the other such participating teams. Mothers were happy to see their children performing for them. They were overwhelmed when a small handmade card was given to them as a souvenir.     
Field Trip to NDA (21st April): The NDA (National Defence Academy) located at Khadakwasla is the pride of our nation and it indeed was a great opportunity for the teachers and students (classes 5, 6, 7) of The Orbis School when they visited the NDA campus. The gracious hosts gave us a guided tour of their sprawling campus and enlightened us about the glorious past of the academy and its core values. A film on life at NDA and beyond was screened in the NDA auditorium. The students also got an opportunity to see some state of the art weaponry, ships and aircrafts in the museum. This unique experience not only introduced children to the world of armed forces but also underlined the value of discipline, hard work and service before self. Everyone came back with an inspiring feeling of “We are proud to be Indians”.        


Forests of IndiaThe United Nations has declared 2011 as the International year of Forests with the aim to create awareness and save depleting forests. Many events are being organized worldwide to increase participation of all in bringing more land under forests. The Orbis School has also organized a series of events to achieve the same goal through its campaign “Kids for trees”. A quiz was also organized to help our young students know more about the forests of India and the world. The objective was to widen their horizon in terms of learning and practical thinking. The organizers left no stone unturned to make the competition vibrant and interactive. The participants represented their houses namely The Vanguards, The Innovators, The Explorers and The Guardians. Each house comprised of five participants from Class 1 to 5. The quiz was keenly participated. Events like this always help our students explore new importance of forests etcIndia ‘Bharat ek Khoj’A quiz on ‘India’ was conducted, as a part of our one month long campaign ‘Bharat ek Khoj’ which aims at knowing more about our country. The Quiz was organized by class 5 students, of course with all the support from their teachers. It included many interactive rounds that covered the monuments, music, literature, cuisine, history, festivals, dances and so on. Amazing facts about India’s rich heritage, great leaders, technical competence became known not only to the quizzers, who were provided with study material to help in their persuit to discover India, but also to the young inquisitive audience. There was stiff competition to find a place in the respective House teams and it got stiffer when it came to bagging the coveted position of being the Quiz champions.The quiz was won by The Vanguards. Congratulations Champions!  
2nd August 2011Clay pottery is an ancient art form in India. It is known as the lyric of handicraft because of its appeal and irresistible charm. Children at the Orbis got a chance to experience this poetry on wheel when a potter came with his equipment and black soft clay. He carved out some beautiful pots. The Pre Primary children came along, who in turn tried their hand at pot making individually. Children of primary section were quick to pickup details and thus created beautiful pots, diyas, small dishes etc. with the help of the potter. The activity was enjoyed by one and all ……. A unique experience indeed.Nisha KartikClass teacher Jr Kg Apple  
The school celebrated ‘Grandparents Day’ on 13th September to honour grandparents for their esteemed presence in our lives and also to thank them for the abundant joy that they bring each day. The life time of experiences and the wisdom that they guide us with, only makes the foundations of our life stronger.To brighten up the day, children came up with varied performances. The kindergarteners sang beautiful songs and the primary students expressed their heartfelt feelings for their loving dada, daddies and nana, nannies through songs and dances. The applause they received from the grandparents was overwhelming. Grandparents were later invited to share their invaluable thoughts with the school. They thanked the staff for being the care takers and mentors of their precious grandchildren. They were also keen to have a look around class premises and catch up with their own grandchildren in their respective classrooms.It indeed was a special day. Many of them found it to be a novel experience. Our special thanks to Mr and Mrs. Maryappa Pote, the grandparents of Lokesh Pote, student of Jr KG Kiwi, who came all set to conduct a story telling session. Their beautiful costumes, props and wonderful story telling skills, were loved by all the students.The programme ended with lot of good wishes and blessings for the school. The grandparent’s day indeed turned out to be a grand day for all at the Orbis!Nisha KartikClass Teacher Jr KG Apple     
Trip - Minature Rail MuseumWe Will update soon... 
At Orbis we believe in helping every child evolve into a responsible citizen of this planet. Bearing this thought in mind, the students of class 5 have embarked on a journey of making one person literate in the academic year 2011 – 12, as a part of their EVS project.Journey so far The students going in for a shift in role became teachers for the first time. The school totally rallied behind them by providing a teacher kit, a student kit, id-card for their student and monthly syllabi. They also had a detailed briefing by our pre-primary wing coordinator Mrs. Anuradha Joshi about how to teach their students.Follow up Once in 3 months on a Saturday there will be a direct personal interaction of our staff with the learner. There will be end of the year assessment where every learner shall be assessed and graded by our teachers and certified for their meritorious task.Experience so far The students have been successful in identifying and then motivating the new learners to read and write. Regular teaching learning has started bearing fruits. There is a lot of excitement amongst the new teachers. The change of roles has also made them understand their gurus better.The Orbis School takes great pride to see that the flag bearers of our country are carrying forward one of India’s earliest beliefs that the best form of charity is ‘Vidyadaan’.Padmamalini KumarProject In-chargeWe Will update soon... 
Green Week: 4th to 8th JulyWorking for green peace by adopting an ecofriendly way of life and by sensitizing our children who are the inheritors and custodians of this earth, will always be part of the Orbis School’s framework.To lay special emphasis on environment in general and trees in particular and to remind all of us that there is no planet B, so be mindful and sensitive to the environment, Green Week was celebrated.Many activities involving students were conducted during the week. Talk on the magic of trees, conservation of energy and resources, the activities planned by UN for the International year of forest along with the logo and its meaning ,designing of logo by the students to save forests, writing of slogans that would educate people before it is late, proved to be very interesting and educational.A field trip to the Empress botanical garden was a part of the program, for the primary students. A trip to Kumar Bio plant was organized for the kindergarteners, where they got a chance to be in conversation with trees, plants and flowers. Different movies to develop appreciation for the earth’s natural wealth were also screened for all students.All students actively participated in all activities. The school information boards became a living picture of awareness, concern and initiative of young minds towards saving our trees and forests.Keeping in tune with the theme, the pre primary children came dressed in green on 5th July and made a human tree to enjoy and understand the magnanimity of trees.Many activities such as leaf printing, vegetable printing, poster making were conducted and enjoyed by all.Green also means good health so children brought green sprouted moong salad in their tiffin box and enjoyed green health.The week also aimed at training the children to save the world from Global warming.Going green is about taking small initiatives, to follow simple tips that can bring forth a more productive environment.More activities are lined up for the ‘Celebration of Forests Week’ starting from the 18th of July.A short poem to remember and to be a green worker alwaysOnly after the last tree has fallenOnly after the last river has been poisonedOnly after the last fish has been caughtOnly then will we realize that money cannot be eaten So do Green, See Green, live green 
The Orbis School aims to groom students in harmony with global progress, to take on leadership roles, where they learn to accept and handle responsibility, conceive and plan events, represent their peers and in effect move towards being young responsible citizens. 

The school has a prefect system that offers a number of advantages to students through increased participation, discipline and also in the smooth conduct of the school. 

With this philosophy in mind, a formal ‘Prefect Investiture Ceremony’, was conducted on 4th July 2011 in the multipurpose hall for primary section to honour the chosen ones on the basis of merit. 

Students from classes II to V took part in the ceremony. It began with the school prayer followed by honouring the prefects with their badges. The prefects beamed with pride and joy as they received their badges. Later they were apprised of the responsibilities, duties and privileges that were a part of their ports. All the promised to work hard in all respects, bring glory to their Houses and the School. 

The ceremony ended with thanks giving and the national anthem. 

The prefects later posed for photographs along with the teachers in charge.

The Prefectorial Board 







Disha Sharma

Krishna Desikan

Subhrajeet Nath

Mihir Dangwal

Vice Captain

Kashish Tahiliani

Nicole Masri

Esha Aggrwal

Ayushi parikh

Sports Captain

Manas Raj

Anish jairath

Saad Bellari

Shikhar Takke


The school celebrated ‘Fathers Day’ on the20th of July 2011 with a lot of enthusiasm. This would not have been possible without the active participation of fathers, who turned out in good numbers, leaving their otherwise important work on hold.The programme was well appreciated by all. Each Father enjoyed being with his child and all the classmates in a very informal fun filled setting.One father commented - “It was a great effort on the part of the school to have thought about ‘Father′s Day’ celebration. It was a new and innovative way to involve, otherwise busy fathers, to come to school and share some happy moments with their children".It was a wonderful sight to see fathers singing rhymes and songs and playing musical chairs. They were at their creative best while doing pictorial representation of stories on charts and later its narration. Children were happy and excited to see them participating with child like excitement. The roles for once had reversed. The little ones were cheering their dads and expecting them to be the best. Later all the children enjoyed refreshments with their fathers. The programme was a good beginning made towards greater parental involvement.     
Class kindergartenDate 11th and 12th July 2011Children are naturally curious about their surroundings. They love to explore and investigate. But curiosity alone is not enough. Facilitating situations and conditions to satisfy their curiosity through observation and investigation is an important objective for the school. To satisfy and develop the scientific bent of mind, children at the Orbis are given first hand experiences to explore through trips and excursions.The preprimary section at the Orbis got their chance to visit and explore nature when they visited Kumar bio-plant which is India’s largest bio-plant, a producer of plant tissue culture. It is a well known bio-plant cultivating, exporting variety of ornamental plants and flowers. This trip was prolific in every aspect because children were given an understanding of how a plant grows from a sapling. It was an educationally enriching experience which also gave them a chance to spend some time in the lush green lap of nature. The green surroundings and the cool environment with intermittent showers rejuvenated the children who were really excited throughout the visit. Not only did the children get to see and learn new things but they also enjoyed the outing with their friends and teachers.     
Taking learning outside the classroom always brings in a lot of excitement, greater participation and better understanding. All this and much more was achieved when the students of class 4 and 5 went on an Educational trip to the Miniature Railway Museum at Kothrud on the 10th of August.It was an experience to remember. The entire journey of Indian Railways was displayed through literature and models using toys, sand, steel, mud and other materials. It was highly fascinating to watch small trains wriggling through tunnels and station houses. Passengers, officials, coolies all made of plastic were crafted to perfection and looked so real. This piece of art took seven years to get shape and all credit to Mr. Balashaheb Joshi, the man behind it all. Children made full use of the opportunity provided, by exploring and understanding one of the largest railway networks in the world. The awe struck students came out of the museum with greater respect for the way the railways work and the service it provides to the nation.We Will update soon...
At Orbis we believe in helping every child evolve into a responsible citizen of this planet. Bearing this thought in mind, the students of class 5 have embarked on a journey of making one person literate in the academic year 2011 – 12, as a part of their EVS project.Journey so farThe students going in for a shift in role became teachers for the first time. The school totally rallied behind them by providing a teacher kit, a student kit, id-card for their student and monthly syllabi. They also had a detailed briefing by our pre-primary wing coordinator Mrs. Anuradha Joshi about how to teach their students.Follow upOnce in 3 months on a Saturday there will be a direct personal interaction of our staff with the learner. There will be end of the year assessment where every learner shall be assessed and graded by our teachers and certified for their meritorious task.Experience so farThe students have been successful in identifying and then motivating the new learners to read and write. Regular teaching learning has started bearing fruits. There is a lot of excitement amongst the new teachers. The change of roles has also made them understand their gurus better.The Orbis School takes great pride to see that the flag bearers of our country are carrying forward one of India’s earliest beliefs that the best form of charity is ‘Vidyadaan’.Padmamalini KumarProject In-charge We Will update soon...


On 30th of January 2012, the Pre Primary children went for a picnic to the Joggers’ Park at Kalyani Nagar. The vast green lawns ensured plenty of space for running around and the children were thrilled at the variety of exciting rides available at the park. The teachers had organized some interesting games for the children. Later on the children had the pleasure of enjoying their meals under the open sky. They were excited about doing something different and adding to their joy was the bus drive with friends.       
Our school celebrated the 63rd Republic Day with great fervor, in its premises. The Trustee Mr. Amit Batra unfurled the National flag, which was followed by the National Anthem. Both the teaching as well as non teaching staff participated in the program and paid tribute to the country through soulful patriotic songs.Mr. Haseeb Faquih, Secretary, spoke on the importance of the day and stressed upon the young generation of students to follow the path of goodness. He also appreciated the role of staff in grooming young citizens in academic, cultural and sports activities.The celebrations came to a close with the distribution of sweets and a promise to be responsible citizens of India. A day earlier, the students of the school also presented cultural programs to celebrate the occasion. The pre-primary students sang and danced on patriotic songs which enthralled the audience. Master Aditya Shah and Master Ritesh Nair, students of Sr. KG, gave speeches on the occasion. It was sheer delight to hear them speak about their love for their motherland. The primary students participated in an Hindi Elocution competition with their thought provoking speeches and poems that were full of feelings of patriotism.        
The 2nd Annual Athletic MeetSports are an important aspect for the holistic development of a child and hence are an integral part of our school curriculum. It gives the children an opportunity to learn invaluable lessons of discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and mutual respect and it is also a medium for their entertainment and physical fitness.The Pre Primary section kicked off the event on the 17th of January. It was a day of challenges and great outdoor fun. The young ones were vibrant and sometimes hilarious to watch as they raced against time and beat the obstacles in their own charming ways.The Primary section celebrated its athletic meet with much fanfare and zeal on the 20th of January, 2012. The event started with a ceremonious welcome of the guests of honour Mr. Razi Faquih, Mr. Haseeb Faquih and Mr. Amit Batra. The house captains took a solemn oath on behalf of the participants and the meet was declared open. Singing of the school song and a brilliant display of aerobics and gymnastics marked a colourful and vibrant beginning to the day.The track and field events started with a range of races. The school ground came alive, as students cheered their friends, who held high the spirit of sportsmanship through the various events like 30 meters sprint, relay race, sack race, back race and obstacle race. The ground reverberated with enthusiasm as the guests, the teachers and the students cheered the participants alike. Every student was a part of the magnificent show as the school believes in equal opportunities for all. The Innovators topped the medal tally and became the athletic champions for 2011-12. Congratulation! Close at their heels were the Vanguards, followed by the Explorers and the Guardians respectively. Congratulations to all! It was great work and done well by the school staff in all departments to ensure that each student celebrated sports.        
Christmas is a day that holds all time together. It is not only about cakes and cookies, candle lights and cheer but a fervent wish from our hearts that the spirit of Christmas which is love and good cheer should prevail over all hatred and bitterness and manifest the presence of God. The school celebrated Christmas with much fervor. Students and staff both showed great enthusiasm to make the day eventful.The play, ‘A White Christmas’ was staged, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The play was scripted, directed and acted by the students of Class 5. Kudos to them! Class wise carol singing ushered in the festive spirit and filled each heart with a song. All the class information boards came alive with Santas, gingerbread men, Christmas stockings and Christmas trees! The tiny tots of the kindergarten wing sang carols and danced to numbers like “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.A big Christmas tree was beautifully decorated and the day ended on an exciting note with our very own little Santa distributing sweets to everybody, and a message of peace and love by the Pre Primary Coordinator.Good wishes for a very happy Christmas.      
The Orbis School held its Annual School Fete ‘Orbifair 2011’ on the 13th of November 2011. The theme was “Child Prodigies”– which was chosen to celebrate the gifted young minds and ignite the rest to explore new horizons. The fair was a good opportunity to celebrate The Children of Today. The event was a huge success, attended by many parents and friends. Highlights of the fete included our young Chief Guest, Ms. Nausheen Sayyed, the youngest National Dart Champion whose presence was inspirational for all.Exciting events were planned to stimulate the mood. The Art and Craft, Handicrafts and Visual arts stalls, displayed creative treasure of our skilled artisans and also of our students. Music, Sports, Literature, Math and Science stalls had loads of games designed to learn, apply and win. There were also a potter and a puppeteer present to engage the young; lucky draws and hampers to be won, added to the thrill and fun.The Jawaharlal Nehru pavilion showcased the life and work of our beloved ‘Chacha’. The stall also sold roses, the proceeds of which are being sent to the CRY Foundation, bringing to the fore, our commitment towards spreading larger social awareness.Food stalls were abundant with lip smacking dishes of various cuisines. An, on the spot drawing competition was also conducted for age group 4 to 4 scores. Creativity was discovered in plenty and suitably rewarded.There was more to the fair. A mehendi and tattoo stall applied beautiful patterns for visitors. Balloons and educational toys were on sale. There was a book stall for all ages. Needless to say our children loved the vivacity of the occasion and it was a huge learning experience for them who were assisting their teachers throughout.Most of the prizes were in the form of potted plants to inspire and reinforce young minds and elders alike with the idea of Green Environment and instill the importance of planting more trees. In a nutshell, the school fete emphasised our commitment towards celebrating learning. It was a massive team effort, a product of continued excellence and dedication, the kind that will motivate the entire Orbis family, to help create opportunities year after year to explore, experiment and enjoy.OrbifairThe stalls around were a beautiful sight,Dressed in colours – golden, red, maroon and white.Academics, sports, culture and lifelong learning,To acquire continued excellence is what we are constantly yearning.Works which bring out the joy and wonders of the human hand,A pleasure it is to see children enjoy puppetry, pottery, clay and sand.Immersing our kids in sports is a valuable endeavour,The benefits of which will carry into adulthood and then forever.Charity was always on our mind, We think it is important to always be kind.Adding a little music to everybody’s life,Breaking all the barriers and keeping dull feelings aside.The possibilities are endless and the journey has only begun.We can instill in children the love of creating and teach to have fun.We thank teachers, students, parents, friends and all For making Orbifair a special occasion after all.       
On the 21st of December 2011 the students of classes 4 and 5 along with all the Primary teachers embarked on a journey to Kenjal, Wai, for a trekking expedition.The Green Valley School, Kenjal was the host school. We extend a big thank you to the Principal Mr. Javed Khan and his staff for not only welcoming and arranging meals and activities for the Orbisonians but also for providing them with a mentor and guide to get the most out of the trip.The day was packed with activities and excitement. A two hour long trek on a hillock with breathtaking view around; followed by a sumptuous meal and then an interesting game of treasure hunt made the trip a special experience for one and all. We believe the day planted a seed which might create future ‘Bachendri Pals’ and nature lovers who would turn into environmentalists and conservationists and celebrate nature.    
On the 19th of December 2011, the school invited a jadugar, Mr. Sanjay Shewade to entertain the children with a Magic Show. It was a part of the school ‘Explore More’ programme. Most of the kids did not enjoy just watching, they were curious and wanted to participate in what was happening and the magician read their minds. He called many of them up on the stage and unleashed some secrets while ensuring that he captured the interest and attention of the rest. He had a mixed bag of tricks, some were funny and others were unbelievably magical.The audience including the teachers were wowed by his antics and it proved to be the right mix for all age groups. The event was lots of fun and full of awe and wonder We Will update soon...
The school Annual Exhibition – ‘Orbision’ was held on 17th December, 2011, which showcased ‘Young minds at work’. It demonstrated the engagement of each student with basic elements of learning – knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action in areas of Art and craft, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Languages, Dance and Music, Computer Science and Sports.The exhibition was inaugurated by Mrs. Reena T. Sheth, Coordinator and Territory Manager at Brainworks Learning System Pvt. Ltd. Her presence was much appreciated by children as she provided great encouragement to the children, be it the, budding scientists, the artists, or the ones with an aptitude for languages.The exhibition revolved around the theme ‘Forests for Life’. The idea of planting, nurturing and saving forests was portrayed beautifully through projects, models, charts, power point presentations and the enactment of a street play, which had a very broad appeal and was indeed a great way to sensitise and encourage more youngsters to go outdoors and get actively involved in saving our precious forest resources. Children also took a pledge to plant more trees, say no to plastic bags and to reuse, recycle and reduce. The art and craft section also focused on ‘Reuse’ as its central theme and aimed at arming the students and parents alike, with the knowledge of the extraordinary – that sometimes best can be made out of waste!Another highlight of Orbision was the Geometry Fashion Show which was an innovative way indeed to look at lines, points, shapes and other such dynamics. What also caught the attention of many was the ‘Vedic Math’ corner. It was fun unearthing how huge numbers could be calculated in a matter of few seconds. Number tricks also left the spectators in awe of our little wonders.The computer section showcased different ways of making beautiful greeting cards, birthday calendars, interesting presentations and an array of such other activities which highlighted different uses of computers.The Music and Dance section featured various musicians and performers who have been motivating generations of great artists. Students exhibited their talent of Raags and Taals learnt in school. Live display of the cultural activities being performed and honed at school were appreciated by one and all.The English language and sports exhibition too encompassed a wide spectrum of learnings and trends practiced in school.To the students, ‘Orbision 2011’ was a great day because it allowed them an opportunity to exhibit their learning. Their hard work was suitably rewarded with overflowing appreciation from parents and guests.We also thank all the parents, who have encouraged the children and contributed immensely to the success of ‘Orbision 2011’. This is what some of our parents had to say –Mrs. Poushali Jha - “Excellent way of going beyond books and teaching concepts and thoughts which are important.”Mrs. Deepa Goripathi - “Kudos to the entire team. Continue this type of work.”Mr. Dilip D Rai - “We are happy that our children are studying in a growing school.”Mrs. Meha Singhi - “Excellent effort! A big confidence booster for the students.”Mr. Shubhang Misra - “Awesome, Outstanding work!”Dr. Shashikantha K - “It is an excellent exercise for out of the box thinking.”Mrs. Vijayata S Singhal- “Amazing! Unbelievable! Wonderful! Excellent!” Orbision is one of the many things the school does to help our students take their learning beyond the text books. Our investment in our children is tremendous and we are indeed proud of their achievements.        
The Pre-primary teachers had the pleasure of accompanying their children to the Amanora Fire Station on 12th December, 2011. On arrival they were greeted by the friendly firemen who showed them around. The children were excited when the firemen lit a mock fire and dramatically brought in the fire engine and the ambulance (as is done in conditions of emergency). The siren was on and yes, a few hands went over the ears to shut out that screeching sound! The men then pulled out a few things to show the children how it all works. A Ladder, hoses, brooms and buckets—children saw them all. When the fire was doused, the children could see a rainbow—the work of art of nature when there is an amalgamation of water droplets and the sun. Some kids thought it was funny, others were stunned. The firemen were an enthusiastic lot as well and they told the children a thing or two about safety at home and outside.It was a fantastic job done by all and the trip was priceless as it taught them a lot about being fire safe.We Will update soon...
On 8th December, 2011 the Pre Primary children were escorted to the Mundhwa Post Office, as part of their study of Community Helpers. The staff at the Post Office was excited to show the children how to slip the post cards into the red post boxes. Each student got a post card which they had lovingly addressed to their parents and they then dropped them into the post box. Everyone at the Post Office enjoyed meeting the children. When the postcards reached home, the joy the children saw in the eyes of their parents reading their post cards added a sparkle to the entire adventure!  
‘It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding.’ – Khalil GibranJoy of giving was the theme for the month of November. The children brought books, clothes, toys etc., to share with the deserving. Parents’ support and involvement with the cause was overwhelming. On the 7th of December, some of The Orbis children visited the orphanage ‘Vali Mohammad Dost Mohammed and Pir Mohammed’, at Bund Garden, run by The Anjuman – I – Islam and which was established about 80 years ago. This orphanage houses 169 girls and good care is taken of their development and educational needs.Our children handed over the gifts to the girls, who were very happy to receive them. They also went around the place and understood how life goes on there. The orphanage in return expressed its gratitude by giving our children chocolate bars. It was a wonderful act of reciprocation. All came back with a smile on their faces and a lesson in their hearts that there is immeasurable joy in giving.  
The Orbis School in its endeavour of the extended family being integrated into the learning process to ultimately benefit the students organized an Abacus workshop for the parents.The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Shobha Shukla on the 23rd of July 2011, in the multipurpose hall of the school. To ensure that all the parents make the best of this opportunity, they were given different time slots according to the level of Abacus their children were learning. The aim was to introduce the concept of Abacus and its advantages to the parents, who in turn can then contribute to their ward′s speed and accuracy while doing Math. The session turned out to be very interactive and useful for one and all.It was overwhelming to see parental support for the event. It just reinforced our belief that “together, each achieves more”.We Will update soon...
The students of the Primary wing went on a field trip to the Empress Botanical Garden on the 4th of July 2011, along with their teachers in the school buses.The enriching journey began at 9.15 a.m. On reaching the botanical garden the 200 odd students were split into two groups. One consisted of Classes 1 and 2 students and the other of Classes 3, 4 and 5. Group I began their day with a “teacher talk” followed by a long nature walk and then had fun on the swings and slides in the lap of nature. Group II started nature exploration by observing trees, getting a firsthand view of the green house effect followed by an extempore quiz. More value was added to the experience with “teacher talk”. The trip concluded with playing games in the play area of the garden. The entire experience proved to be of great value as our children saw and developed appreciation for trees of different sizes, ages and variety. They saw a Green House and understood how it works. They also understood how and why we need to go green. The teachers discovered the joy of teaching and learning outdoors.Thank God for NatureWe Will update soon...
Spreading greenery all around is the need of the hour. To be a part of the solution, the school organized a tree plantation ceremony on the 18th of July. This activity was undertaken by the members of the school Nature Club. The objective was to create environmental awareness and sensitivity by being active participants. The primary students planted flowering plants and trees. There was a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to contribute. The tiny tots of pre-primary sowed fenugreek and mustard seeds under the guidance of their teachers. The captains and vice-captains of all four houses were also a part of this activity. They planted the sapling of Lantella and Balsom plants in the flower beds around the school ground. The teachers of course kept telling about the significance of planting trees and how to care for them. This learning by doing was a perfect example of celebrating knowledge. 
India is a land of festivals. The various festivals differ in their celebrations and rituals and yet the underlying spirit running through them all is one of joy, sharing and brotherhood. Children at the Orbis got a chance to experience a wide spectrum of festivals in the month of August.Friendship Day: 8th August The month began with celebration of Friendship Day. Children tied beautiful bands on each other’s wrist. A special assembly was conducted to understand and appreciate the value of true friends. The sprit of friendship was encouraged amongst all.Raksha Bhadhan: 12th August The bond of affection between brothers and sisters was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children made their own rakhis with some help from the teachers and tied them on the wrist of their friends, signifying a feeling of unity, commitment to protect each other and encourage a harmonious life.Independence Day Celebrations: 15th August Independence day was celebrated with gaiety at The Orbis School. The Tricolour was hoisted in the school premises with pride and honour, followed by an oath taking ceremony to pledge allegiance to our National Flag which stands for our Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic. Children from third to fifth classes participated in the celebration. They recited poems and shared their individual views on their perception of The Independence Day’s importance. All the four school houses sang patriotic songs with gusto. The finale was a dance recital by children, which was well appreciated by all. The celebrations came to an end with distribution of sweets.Traditional day: 16th August 16th August was celebrated as traditional day in school. Children came to school dressed in colourful and beautiful traditional attire with joy on their faces. Cultural programmes were scheduled for most part of the day with special attention on India’s independence and her rich heritage. Children infused the fun element when they also chose to sing rhymes and songs to add to the revelry. The school later distributed sweets amongst the children as a token of love for them.Janmashthami: 18th August To celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, the school geared up with a series of events. The day began with the traditional ‘Raslila’ performance by primary students, where glimpses of Lord Krishna’s life were depicted. A movie on ‘Bal Krishna’ was screened for the pre primary students. Children also got a taste of Maharashtra’s famous ‘Dahi Handi’ where a human pyramid was formed by the students of classes 4th and 5th to reach the pot of goodies. Loud cheering by students and teachers alike, filled the air with joy, excitement and festivity.Id Ul Fitr: 31st August The biggest Muslim thanksgiving festival Eid Ul Fitr was celebrated by one and all at the school. A one act play on the life of Prophet Mohammad was staged by the students along with a Teacher Talk on why and how this day is celebrated. Prayer for the well being of the world was offered by all, followed by exchange of Eid Mubarak greetings. Class information boards, very creatively and asthetically depicted the essence of Eid. Wow! What a month it has been! The Orbis was a living picture of unity in diversity and universal brotherhood.        

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