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For any queries/ suggestions related to conveyance please contact the transport department ONLY on

  • +91 80873 33002
  • +91 86868 60290
  • +91 86868 60390
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case of escalation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do not communicate with the bus driver or attendant.

Safety and security is of paramount importance. The school shall continuously adhere and evolve policies for ensuring high degrees of safety and security.  Parents/ Guardians/ Students must keep the same in mind and adhere to behaviour which would ensure safety and security.

1. Boarding/Alighting the Vehicle:

  • The pick-up and drop-off spots are fixed
  • The student should use only his/ her allotted vehicle and stop. Any change will need prior permission of the school
  • While waiting for a vehicle, students must stay away from the edge of the road and not indulge in unsafe or unruly behaviour
  • Students/ receivers should be at the stop at least 10 (ten) minutes before the scheduled arrival of the vehicle. The bus shall not wait in case student/ receiver is late
  • No student should approach the entry/ exit door of the vehicle until it comes to a complete halt
  • Immediately after boarding, a student must sit down at his/ her assigned seat and avoid standing or moving around while the vehicle is in motion
  • Only the designated door must be used to enter/ exit, except in emergencies
  • In case a student misses his/ her vehicle, it shall be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to make sure the student should reach the school on time. In such a situation, students may use his/ her allotted vehicle to return from school
  • Children up to class 3 shall be handed over only to the parents or designated person at the designated stop and time. In case the authorised person is not present to collect the child, the student will be escorted back to school. Parent will then have to pick up the student from the school premises
  • Children class 4 upwards will be dropped at the bus stand even if either parent or designated person is not available. The parent assumes all responsibility after the child is dropped at the bus stop
  • In case a child who usually avails the school bus facility is to be picked up by an authorised person, the Self Pic Up Form is to be filled up and submitted at the school gate half an hour before the child boards the bus

2. Decorum in the school vehicle:

  • Students must maintain acceptable behaviour and noise level in the vehicle. The driver/ attendant are in charge of the vehicle and the students and he/she are authorised to assign seats. He/she must be treated with all respect
  • Students shall be liable to pay for any damage that they may cause
  • Standing on the foot-board while the vehicle is in motion is not permitted under any circumstance. All students are advised to keep all parts of their body inside the vehicle at all times. (Students hands must be within the vehicle, even while waving out)
  • Students are not permitted near the driver's area and should not touch any controls, switches, levers, instrument panels, etc.
  • For safety, health and hygiene reasons, consumption of edibles is not permitted in the vehicle as it may cause choking and any spillage may result in the floor becoming slippery
  • Do not throw things out of the window. Carry your trash with you and dispose off at the next available dustbin
  • In case of emergency listed to the driver/attendant and follow their instructions
  • Stay away from the bus wheels. If you drop anything do not try to pick up till it is safe i.e. either you have alerted the driver or the bus has moved away to a safe distance
  • Once you get off the bus go straight home and report to your parent or adult at home
  • Use of flame or spark producing devices, like matches, lighters, etc, or carrying of inflammable products is strictly prohibited
  • Aisles and doorways must be kept clear
  • Indiscipline in the vehicle or non-payment of bus fees may lead to withdrawal of the bus facility to the student

3. Guidelines for parents/ guardians:

  • Parents are not allowed to board the vehicle under any circumstance unless authorised
  • Under no circumstances should the parents/ guardians compel the vehicle driver/ attendant to divert any route or even change any pick-up or drop-off spots
  • In the event of change in residential address or telephone/ mobile nos., please intimate the school in writing as early as possible
  • Parents having any complaints or suggestions regarding the vehicle facility, should contact the school, and not the vehicle driver/ attendant
  • While the school shall endeavour to provide this facility to most students, it is subject to availability of seats and feasibility of a route
  • In case of a bus developing a technical snag enroute, parents may be requested to pick their child from that point
  • Self Drop and Pick up to be only parents or designated persons and through legally authorised vehicles

4. Payment of Transportation Fees:

  • Transportation fees can be paid for the full year by cheque or in half yearly installments by PDCs at the vehicle fee counter
  • Transportation fee is non-refundable, payable to the service provider

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