The Orbis School, Mundhwa

Events in Pictures


Orbitheatrum; The Annual Cultural Event, continues at the Orbis School, Mundhwa!30th October: The Play group,  Nursery and Junior Kindergarteners celebrated the ‘The World of Rhymes and Music’ through a thrilling sequence of dances expressing happiness, celebration, patriotism and spirituality. The Chief Guest Ms. Poonam and Ms. Hemlata of Little Millennium School appreciated the young performers as the staff and students received a standing ovation from the audience.

Orbitheatrum, Class 2 (27th October)

Keeping our beautiful country in mind, students of Class 2 celebrated their Annual Cultural Event ‘Orbitheatrum’ on the theme ‘The Vibrant India’. The students took us across various states showcasing the dances, festivals, traditions and cultures unique to each state. The Chief Guest for the event, Mrs. Shaziya Patel, an educator, appreciated the dedication, hard work and talent of the enthusiastic Orbians. The grand finale amalgamated into a showcase of a vibrant and united India giving the important message of unity in diversity and keeping our earth green and clean.


Orbitheatrum, Class 3 (26th October)

The Annual cultural extravaganza of Class 3 was based on the theme ‘SAARC - Razzmatazz of Cultures’. The event showcased exciting display of different cultures, heritage and uniqueness of the SAARC nations, namely ,India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The show was graced by the Chief Guest Mrs. Charu Matai, founder of Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Teachers Training. Mrs. Matai appreciated the students for putting up a very informative act. The show culminated with a colourful SAARC anthem. The audience was charmed by the colourful costumes,songs and dances.


Orbitheatrum, Sr. KG (25th October)

The Sr. KG annual cultural event depicted India’s rich culture and tradition celebrated throughout the year and highlighted the main seasons of our country. Students put on their dancing shoes and tapped on various musical numbers. They gave scintillating presentation on peppy songs and displayed their oratory skills with confidence. The grand finale symbolised ‘Unity in Diversity’. The program was graced by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Purnima Joshi who lauded the efforts and talent of the  children.


Orbitheatrum, Class 1 (23rd October)

The annual event started with a bang as Class 1, presented a mesmerising saga of trees, ‘Maharashtra-Green Warriors‘, highlighting the need to increase the green cover around the magnificent state of Maharashtra. Students brought the vibrant culture of the state on the stage, through a well coordinated dance and music performance. The Chief Guest Mrs. Sangita Lobo and all the parents applauded the young artists and also the special learning the event led to.

The Orbis Football Cup Extravaganza! (16th-17th October)

The two day long Football festival culminated amidst cheer as the winners lifted the coveted Orbis Cup! The tournament saw many new stars being born, many amazing goals and spectacular saves. It also saw team spirit and camaraderie at its best, as the young players jubilantly celebrated the game.

The Champions were, Symbiosis School, Viman Nagar(U-17 Girls), Amanora School (U-17 Boys), St. Mary's High School (U-14 Girls) and Symbiosis School, Viman Nagar (U-14 Boys). The Orbians did shine bright but it was win some and lose some tournament for the team.

We thank the Chief guest Mr. Ryan Shah, the referees Siddharth Shukla, Archis Bhagwat,  Pooja Dhumal and the Orbis School coaches for giving to us an event that has set high standards in all areas of the game!

National Education Award!The Dewang Mehta, National Education Awards, conferred the ‘Education Leadership Award’ upon the Principal, in a glittering ceremony on 8th October. This encourages us to continue to Celebrate Learning, the Orbis way, with a firm resolve to create  generations of self motivated learners, questing to achieve their full potential while being comfortable with themselves, society and the world at large.

The Orbis Teachers awarded by IIHM!

In a glittering award event, organised by IIHM, Pune Campus, the teachers of The Orbis Schools, were rewarded for their commendable services in the field of education, along with several other educators from different schools across Pune.

Mrs. Aditi Joshi-Pre-primary teacher, Mrs. Kavya Anklekar-PGT Political Science and Mrs Shalini  Singh-PRT were identified for the honours. It was a matter of great pride and joy to witness the teachers being decorated on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. More power to the extremely dedicated, passionate and skilled team of the Orbis teachers, where each one deserves accolades and awards!

Hindi Diwas Celebrated !

Hindi Diwas was celebrated at the Orbis Schools with various activities that helped develop appreciation for the language that binds all indians, to commemorate the day. The students creatively presented information,  delivered inspirational speeches, recited poems and sang songs that glorified the Language. The students were encouraged to learn and use the language in the correct form.

Swachhta Pakhwada (1st - 15th September):

As a part of the campaign Swachh Bharat, a ‘Swachhta Pakhwada’ was observed at The Orbis Schools. The fortnightly activities included a cleanliness pledge where the students and teachers pledged to voluntarily devote at least 100 hours per year for cleanliness of their surroundings. The students conducted rallies, chanted slogans, staged a play on the importance of clean water and participated in cleaning the school premises. They engaged in expressing their ideas through creative writing and poster making competition. A workshop on personal hygiene for the students was also conducted. The activities were not restricted to the school premises as our students visited the nearby Zilla Parishad school to spread the message and make more join the campaign for clean India.


Teachers’ Day Celebrations! (5th September):

Teachers’ Day is always a celebration from the heart, at the Orbis Schools were the students express their appreciation for their mentors in many beautiful ways and the teachers feel elated in seeing their students exhibit gratitude, responsibility and organisational skills; all at the same time, as they conduct and manage many special activities, in great style. Being aware of the importance of a teacher in shaping a student’s life, the Student Council and senior students, organised a special assembly to highlight what a teacher means to them. They dedicated self composed poems, a fantastic instrumental performance, dance and song compositions, thank you speeches and much more to their dear teachers. The venue was dressed up for the occasion and the feedback cards were creatively handcrafted. The ‘student teachers’ displayed commendable skills as they taught the junior classes and managed overall school discipline. There was  great excitement amongst all students to say ‘thank you teacher’ in their own ways. Each teacher was showered with flowers and handmade cards. Furthermore, the management organised a lavish ‘thanksgiving’ luncheon for the entire staff. The day filled each teacher with joy, love, fulfilment and pride. Being a teacher is certainly a unique experience, no other profession can match!


Orbiloqui - The Annual Literary Fest at TOS2!


A week long annual literary event - Orbiloqui, held for classes 1 to 9 saw the students showcase their language skills through a wide variety of  activities, namely; spell bee, recitation, story-telling, show and tell, spin- a- yarn and celebrated the different authors and their work. The competitors recited poems, narrated inspirational stories of famous environmentalists, delivered  motivational speeches, created their own stories as they spoke with conviction and panache. The Chief Guests appreciated the efforts of all Orbians. The parents and teachers were indeed proud to see their children exhibit confidence and eloquence.











Celebrating The 9th Founders’ Day! (27th August):         Amidst cheer and pride, the staff and students celebrated the date when dream ‘Orbis’ was born. The day was dedicated to revisiting the school vision and mission and honouring the founders; the Directors, for realising the dream of making learning a celebration! The special programme showcased how learning at Orbis is making a difference to the community, as students read out the accomplishment reports of the Students’ Social Responsibility (SSR) projects, namely; selling of flags for Indian Association for Blind, newspaper donations for Cancer Patient Aid Association, plastic collection for getting it recycled, money earned and donated under project ‘I Care’, money collection for Childline and more. The beneficiaries; CPAA, Indian Association for Blind, Rudra Foundation, Childline, Jagriti school for the specially abled, present to receive the contributions, expressed deep gratitude to the students for their empathy and spirit of service. This was followed by motivational poems that inspired to move on together and be the seeds of change. Mr. Haseeb Faquih, in his inspiring address, expressed his joy and satisfaction on schools’ journey and achievements and motivated the students to develop positive attitude towards work and life. We congratulate the teacher and parent tribe at Orbis, for being invaluable partners in keeping the flag of The Orbis Schools, fly high!

Independence Day Celebrations At The Orbis Schools!

The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated with zest and fervour by the students and staff at The Orbis Schools. The celebration commenced in the presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Anil Patrudkar, Senior Police Inspector, Mundhwa Police Station.

After the flag hoisting by the Chief Guest, a series of cultural events followed. Students recited poems, presented an educational act inspiring all of us to focus on the duties of every Indian citizen, as given in the constitution of India. The audience were taken by a wave of excitement when children sang heartfelt patriotic songs and delivered a dance performance on a medley of songs that inspire love for the nation. The Chief Guest introduced the important members of the police force at the Mundhwa Police Station to the students. The Principal, during her address, appealed to all to work for the glory of the nation.

Kindergarteners go on Field Trips! (8th to 10th August):

A visit to the Reliance Hyper Market by our Junior Kindergarten students and to the Post- Office by the Senior Kindergarteners, was a great learning experience, enjoyed by all. While at the store they learned about an array of green vegetables, fruits and other groceries. At the post office they came to know of the different services provided and saw the process of stamping and sorting letters as per the area they had to be delivered. Children posted their handwritten letters in the mailbox. They were curious about everything around. Our little ones thanked the staff before leaving.  

Students enjoy Field Trips - An Exciting way to Learn! (20th July):

The students of classes 1 upwards visited different places of learning that opened their horizons and of course provided a chance to learn differently. They visited the Ram Manohar Lohia Garden, War Memorial, Aga Khan Khan Palace, Shaniwar Wada, Sakal Press, Deccan College and Science Park, as per the  class relevant schedule. The students got hands on experience to know about the important landmarks of the city. The trips were indeed very educative and not only helped the students to explore the interesting world of newspapers and scientific discoveries but also the  role of soldiers, freedom fighters towards the road to independence.

Workshop on Life Skills (7th July):

As it is rightly said ‘The primary aim of education is not to enable students to do well in school, but to help them do well in the lives they lead outside school.’ Keeping this in mind, CBSE Center of Excellence, conducted a workshop on life skills for the teachers of both the schools TOS1 and TOS2, facilitated by Ms.Padmaja Chavali, Principal, City International School, Pune. It was an interesting day, full of meaningful discussions and activities. The learnings from this workshop will equip the teachers deal effectively with various situations in their classrooms and will also enable them to facilitate the physical, mental and emotional well being of their students.

It was indeed a fruitful experience.

Workshop on ‘Clean City Initiative’(6th July):

Adar Poonawalla Foundation, in collaboration with Jungun, organised a workshop for the Middle Wing students, to create greater awareness on ‘Clean City Initiative’.

Students were shown a short documentary and videos on various types of wastes and the hazards of callous disposal of the same. The presenters focused on waste segregation which is the first and the most important step towards effective management of wet and dry waste.  They shared information of the App, My APCC, which helps provide information about garbage location to the foundation that they collect and dispose off suitably. Please download the App to help the initiative. All Orbians pledge to support it all the way for a cleaner greener Pune.


Students’ Council Investiture Ceremony (10th July):

Passing of the sceptre from the former leaders to the next took place, as the student leaders, appeared before the audience with a profound sense of responsibility. They all knew that they had come a long way and that the path ahead would be worthwhile. The students introduced themselves, after which the school heads along with the parents of the new council members, proudly placed the sashes and pinned up the badges. The Council members took the oath to shoulder their duties with integrity. This was followed by a formal photograph, to etch this day in the history of The Orbis School. The dignitaries present, graced the event and motivated our young leaders.

Father’s Day (26th June):Father’s Day is a day to acknowledge the contribution of a father in a family. The celebration started with children showcasing a welcome song, dance and a thank you song with heartwarming expression to make their fathers feel special. Teachers conducted many games like aiming the pot, bowling, pinning the moustache and tie for the special guests.. Fathers were guided well by the children and made a wonderful pair in the games. The fathers, we believe will cherish these memories forever.
Students’ Council - Campaign, Election and Result (21-29 June):'Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation'. The prospective School Captain and Vice-School Captain presented their speeches and canvassed for support of the students, prior to the final elections. They planned logos, slogans, agendas, handouts, and executed it wonderfully. The students voted via electronic voting system and selected the short-listed candidates. The election took place electronically on Friday. Poorva Khare of 9 Vega was elected the School Captain and Sahasra Musalikunta of 8 Vega elected the Vice Captain.
UN Yoga Day (21st June):In keeping with the theme for 2018, 'Yoga for Inner Peace and True World Order', the management, staff, teachers, parents and students of The Orbis Schools, convened at the grounds to celebrate and practise yoga asanas and the pranayama. The day began at  6 a.m. sharp, with an invigorating Yoga workout for the parents conducted effectively by Ms.Meghna Sarang Bharti, trained in  Sivananda Yoga Techniques. It was followed by multiple sessions for the students and staff, conducted by Patanjali Yoga Teachers.  It was a wonderful sight to watch the orbians perform a series of asanas, as a large group with a common goal. The yoga gurus demonstrated many yoga asanas such as Tadasana, Sukhasana, Suryanamaskar and also guided on how to meditate. They made us understand that Yoga is extremely beneficial in increasing body awareness, reducing muscle tension, sharpening attention and concentration, with other countless advantages. The ground was brimming with energy as students felt exhilarated and revitalized.
Schools Reopens after Summer Vacation (12th June)
The day commenced with greetings, smiles, musical chatter and exuberance as children came into school with excitement and expectation. Broad smiles were exchanged as schoolmates met with each other and with their teachers. A special morning address welcomed all and the regular learning teaching transaction began but with a new verve and commitment. As the monsoon washes away the summer slumber, children as well as teachers seemed to have emerged from their chrysalis, to together Celebrate Learning!

Summer Camp (30th April to 11th May)

A supervised Activity Camp was conducted during the summer break that gave the children a platform to learn new skills, develop a sense of independence and gain self confidence, in a safe and nurturing environment. This camp was open for Orbians and their friends from classes Jr. KG to 8. Students had choices to make from a long list of options like, dance, skating, needlework, fitness regime, abacus, singing, fine arts, fun cooking, science and robotics and a short certification programme by Helen O'Grady, International School of Drama. Shloka recitation, fun party and story telling sessions were the other highlights. Children made good use of their time, taking home new learnings and experiences.

Mother’s Day Celebration (20th April):

Sr. Kindergarten celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ to thank all mothers for their love. Dances, poems and action songs were presented by the children. Mothers did hands-on activities with their children using leaves and displayed their creativity. To make the day memorable, children gifted their mothers with  handmade cards. This was followed by a workshop by the school counsellor on ‘The Essence of Feelings, that focussed on how the adults should refrain from imposing their expectations and aspirations on our children. The participants reflected upon the discussion and did a self assessment.

World Health Day (7th April):

A special assembly created awareness about global health concerns and ways to resolve them. The significance of healthy lifestyle and tips to stay healthy were shared by the students and the teacher incharge. All promised to focus on food, rest and exercise along with a positive outlook towards life. A healthy mind in healthy body, is the key to  a happier life.


Fun Games (9th - 13th April):

The new session began after a wonderful and restful holiday. To make children active and boost their energy levels, interesting fun games began from the second week for our tiny tots. Nursery children enjoyed in the Playpen on slides and see saw. Junior and Senior Kindergarten played games such as fire in the mountain, four squares etc. Children had a gala time throughout the week, this fun and frolic will continue all round the year.

New Dawn  (3rd April):

Ripples of enthusiasm spread across the Orbis schools as children were welcomed with open arms for the new academic year. The day began with special assemblies. At TOS2, the teachers had put up a special assembly themed “New beginning”. An activity based story, from which they learned about the attitude and skill needed to start something fresh, was the highlight. There were prizes to be handed over, amidst cheer for the winners. At TOS1, students of class 12, hosted the assembly with Honesty as the theme. New goals, new resolutions  and ways to achieve them were spoken about along with the events lined up for the first month. Everyone looked excited to make a great beginning. The new teachers were introduced. Finally everyone sang the National Anthem and the children, brimming with anticipation, headed to their respective classes, which were all dressed up by their teachers.


Kindergarten Field Day (20th December)Field Day is all about being outside in the fresh air, celebrating teamwork, exercising and playing and enjoying fun events. To have the students make the most of it, the Pre Primary teachers arranged different zones like indoor, outdoor and play pen in the school playground. Children, took turns to experience a variety of gross motor activities, exploring them with their classmates. Senior and Junior Kindergarten introduced the different zones to the Nursery students. It was indeed a memorable experience for the little Orbians.  {slider=Orbitheatrum Junior Kindergarten}Orbitheatrum (25th November)The Annual cultural event theme for Nursery and Junior Kindergarten was the ‘World of Colours and Rhymes’. The tiny tots dressed in colourful attire, danced with great zest on the tunes of various rhymes and songs.They captivated the audience with their well rehearsed performances. The Chief Guest, Ms. Shivani Singh, principal of Kidzee school, was visibly impressed by the impeccable performances and applauded the whole team for the tremendous hard work and commitment.  
Orbitheatrum (24th November):The Senior Kindergarten little artists presented a wonderful musical performance on the ‘Seasons and Festivals of India’.The dances were a combination of coordination and vibrance reflecting the rich culture of our country and depicting the unity in diversity. The event culminated with a Grand Finale. The Chief Guest Mr. Lucky Surana, founder director of ‘Mind Ventures International’, graced the occasion.  
Orbitheatrum Class 3 (22th November):The class 3 Annual cultural event was based on the theme ‘SAARC - A Musical Fair’. The event showcased different cultures, heritage and uniqueness of the SAARC nations namely; India, Bhutan, SriLanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The programme was very informative and was well enacted by the students. The show was graced by the Chief Guest Mrs. Ketaki Surve, counsellor and legal advisor for the NGO Karishma Care Foundation. The show culminated with a colourful SAARC anthem. The audience were charmed by the colourful costumes and songs and dances.  
Orbitheatrum Classes 4 and 5 (21st November):Students showcased the ‘Spirit of Asia' as they performed during the Annual Cultural event. The countries showcased were, China, Japan, India, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Thailand. The chief guest was Mr. Peter Vilgas, a renowned storyteller of India. The folk dances from all these lands were aesthetically choreographed and presented, in beautiful costumes, where every student was on stage. We could enthralled one and all and enjoyed the entire journey from start to the show day.  
Orbitheatrum Class 1 and 2 (18th November):The  students of class 1 took the audience for a tour of ‘ Majestic Maharashtra’ in a train called “Green Odyssey”, as they celebrated the Annual Cultural event. The message was to protect our tourist places and contribute to save our environment. Col Dhiraj Udapure, Commanding officer, 41 AD Signal Regiment was the chief guest and appreciated the young students for their performances .The participants of Class 2 escorted the audience through the land of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj with its rich culture, traditions, forts and monuments built in a glorious bygone era. The grand finale gave the message to preserve our historical monuments. Prof. Aparna Bapat, Director Bapat English Academy graced the occasion and lauded the performers.  
Children’s Day Celebration (14th November):This day makes all of us, adults nostalgic about our school days when our teachers staged amazing performances for us, and to continue with the tradition, we put up an  incredible show filled with dance, music fun and food, just for our students. Clowning around, dressing up as Chacha Nehru, splendid storytelling, singing melodious numbers and tapping feet with students was fun. Tiny tots were given smiley badges and cards. We ate together, played together and together celebrated childhood.  
Workshop on Safety (11th September):The children attended a workshop on ‘Safety at home’ by Mr. Suresh from the ‘Safe Kids Foundation’. The workshop enlightened students about home safety, fire safety, preventing falls, poison prevention, water safety and burns safety. Booklets and handouts were also given to each student which covered the above mentioned topics. For better understanding of the topic, the booklet also incorporated some games like spot the difference, maze etc. with safety as the theme. Personalized Certificates for completion of this course were also awarded to each student.DSC00997.JPG DSC00998.JPG 
Orbiloqui Kids - The Annual Literary Event (12th September - 20th September):‘Orbiloqui kids’ was celebrated for Pre-Primary children to provide learning opportunities in Public Speaking. All our tiny tots performed before a large audience and enjoyed the moments of pride. The stage presentations with various activities like storytelling, show and tell, quiz and recitations, were appreciated by all.Orbiloqui 2.jpg Orbiloqui 4.jpg Orbiloqui 1.jpg 
Orbiloqui The Annual Literary Event (29th - 30th August):This literary event for classes 1-3, was loaded with superlative performances. The E-PTA joint secretary, Ms. Saomya Sahu and Mr Shivakumar Sundaram were the special guests for the event. It was real cheer to see the finalists answer confidently and speak effortlessly through spell bee, recitation, story telling and show and tell events where each child displayed zeal and enthusiasm. Every event was marked with handing over of achievement certificates to the speakers.DSC00790.jpg DSC00799.JPG DSC00825.jpg DSC00827.jpg 
Orbiloqui, The Annual Literary Event (22nd-23rd August):The young students of classes 4 upwards,  participated in Orbiloqui, an event which focusses on public speaking skills and personality development. All four houses competed in multifarious literary activities namely; Spellbee Recitation, Spin a yarn, Extempore, Speeches and Debate. Students showcased their oratory skills as they debated on the topic ”Peer Pressure-Harmful or Beneficial”. The event saw students reciting the poems of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and retelling the short stories of H.G Wells. The event was judged by Ms Payal Bhattacharya, member E-PTA along with the school core team. Certificates were awarded to all participants. It was a memorable day infusing self confidence and a sense of accomplishment in all the participants.DSC00663.jpg DSC00664.jpg DSC00657.jpg DSC00594.jpg 
Friendship Day and Raksha Bandhan Celebration (31st July- 2nd August):Friendship Day, a celebration of friendship and Raksha Bandhan, one of the most endearing ways to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters, were celebrated at school. Children made rakhis, that were both colourful and creative and tied to each other.DSC00063.jpg DSC00073.jpg 
Independence Day Celebrations!The 71st Independance Day, was a grand celebration at the Orbis Schools. The tricolour was unfurled by Brigadier R.C. Sharma, followed by the oath of allegiance to the National Flag. An impressive tribute was paid to our freedom fighters and to the armed forces, that encouraged and inspired everyone to keep the country before self. A string of patriotic songs and poems, role plays, dance medley and speeches charged all hearts with a resolve to work for the nation and realise the dream of a clean and poverty free India.  The other activities, integrated with the school routine, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Independence and the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement, included; daily pledge to rid the country of poverty, corruption, communalism, and casteism, participation in the online quiz Competition available on, sending of handmade cards to the army units with good wishes from the students, inter house quiz on ‘India’s journey to freedom’, poster making competition on the theme of independance, sharing a fact file ‘Know More and Grow More’ to better understand the freedom struggle and more.We wish the students, staff, parents and the community a glorious year ahead that will take India to greater heights of growth, prosperity and peace!15th Aug (3).JPG DSC00494.JPG DSC00438.JPG DSC00473.jpg
Class Photograph (28th July)Memories were created as students from all classes got the class photographs clicked with their classmates and teachers.The students and teachers, dressed up smartly, posed for the same.IMG_0088.jpg   IMG_0046.jpg   IMG_0019.JPG
Perception (21st July):The student counselor conducted a workshop with the students of class 7 Vega to help appreciate individual viewpoints and respect each other. We were provided with gelatin paper of various colours and were asked to see through it. We all saw people and life around us in different colours and were made to realise that everyone sees the world in a different way and that we need to respect and appreciate each other's viewpoints. We were provided with clay and were encouraged to make something creative of our choice. We made different moulds of animals, animated figures etc. At the end we were asked to appreciate each other's work. This was a good learning experience indeed.
DSC00032.JPG   DSC00031.jpg
Grandparents’ Day (19th July):The Grandparents Day celebrations commenced with a prayer and a welcome song followed by  enthralling performances by the students of Nursery Apple and Orange. Facilitators enacted a story ‘The Apple tree and the boy’ to highlight the role of grandparents in every child’s life. To add on to their joy, the grandparents were asked to sow seeds with their grandchild. At the end, children handed over the magical pot to them along with hand made badges, as a token of gratitude for their love and care. The day was filled with fun and frolic and was appreciated by the grandparents.grand paents day pics.jpg pic 2.jpg 
DEAR Hour (14th July):Drop  Everything  And  Read was a day dedicated to set aside all distractions and read books of choice  based on interest and ability. Our Kindergarteners were also given jumbo story books to read and enjoy the pictures. The teachers read stories and later children enacted them. It was very encouraging to watch the students engrossed in their books.The day highlighted the importance of reading; a step towards developing creative minds and language skills.P_20170714_124821_p.jpg Dear Hour 2.JPG IMG_5920.JPG IMG_5922.JPG  
Inter-House Dance Competition (7th July):Students of classes 4 upwards participated in the inter-house patriotic dance competition to showcase their skills of choreography and artistic excellence. Explorers danced on the song ’Desh Rangila', Guardians tapped their feet on 'Jai Ho'. This was followed by the Vanguards who danced to the tunes of 'Vande Mataram' and then the Innovators, who selected a dance medley.  Every house was allotted a time slot of 4 minutes and the focus was on perfect hand and eye co-ordination. It was a  spectacular display of tricoloured hands of students and flags swirling up high. Such events have the power to instill a sense of  loyalty and allegiance to our nation, India.IMG-20170808-WA0009.jpg IMG-20170808-WA0010.jpg 

A Visit to National War Memorial (15th - 16th June):

The students of classes 2 and 3 visited the National War Memorial Southern Command in Pune Cantonment. It is a war memorial dedicated to post-Independence war martyrs. This is the only war memorial in South Asia which has been erected by citizens' contributions. The students were warmly welcomed at the venue and taken on a tour round the entire premises. They were awed to see the aircraft used in Kargil war, replica of INS Trishul and military tanks. A documentary film was shown to the children which enlightened them about our soldiers and their martyrdom.


A Visit to Joggers Park (13th June):The field trip amidst nature was eagerly awaited by all the students. Children were happy to play and eat together in a new environment. They appreciated the flowers but did not pluck any. They did not to litter around. The trip culminated with a joyous ride back to school filled with wonderful memories of a fun filled day.Visit to Joggers Park (1).jpg Visit to Joggers Park (2).jpg 
Monsoon Magic (26th - 30th June):To enable children to know more about monsoon season, facilitators acquaint children with many fun filled activities like watching the rain, dramatization, colouring activities and craft work, which emphasized on the weather, clothes, food, drink and the protection tips that one should follow during rainy season.Monsoon magic (1).JPG Monsoon magic (2).JPG 
Father’s Day Celebration (22nd June):A special morning was organised to acknowledge the efforts, love and contribution of fathers as the Junior Kindergarten students celebrated Fathers’ Day at the school. Children performed on stage to express their love and gratitude towards their fathers.The Principal highlighted the role of a father and ways to strengthen the bond with children, in her address.  Jr.Kindergarten Apple welcomed fathers with a dance performance, followed by an action song by Jr.Kindergarten Orange and Mango. The special guests enacted different moral stories which the children enjoyed immensely.To express their love children made beautiful cards.FATHERS DAY (1).jpg FATHERS DAY (3).jpg FATHERS DAY (2).jpg 
Plantation Day ( 22nd June):Tree plantation  programme was held to get children involved in preservation of our environment and conservation of natural resources. The students of Pre Primary actively participated. Activities were conducted throughout the week to explain about germination, parts of plants, uses of trees, and their importance through visual aids, drawing, picture talk etc. Students and teachers planted seeds like fenugreek, coriander, moong etc in school premises. They watered the plants. Facilitators explained that trees give us oxygen, bring rain and keep our environment clean.Plantation day (1).JPG Plantation day (3).JPG Plantation day (2).JPG 
Mother’s Day Celebration (13th June):A beautiful song ‘we gather here to welcome you’ was sung by the Senior Kindergarten Apple students to welcome the mothers at school. The headmistress greeted all the mothers, appreciated their efforts, cooperation and understanding. A dance performance by the Senior Kindergarten Orange, an action song by the Senior Kindergarten Mango and the Senior Kindergarten Peach, expressed gratitude and love towards all mothers. The Orbians made beautiful cards for their mothers to show their love. All mothers participated wholeheartedly in an interesting handprint activity with their children and created masterpieces using their creativity. The Mothers sang for their children and they gifted them handmade cards. The vote of thanks was delivered by the coordinator Mrs.Anisha Sherwani wherein she thanked every mother for taking part in this special day and making it a great success.Mother’s Day Celebration (1).JPG Mother’s Day Celebration (2).JPG 
Visit to a Dairy Farm (10th June):Students of class 8 visited The Katraj Dairy Farm as a part of the educational trips from The Orbis School. We could see massive production of milk and milk products. Ghee, ice-cream, pedha, shrikhand all being made in various sections of the dairy plant. At first, we visited the Main Boiler, where the milk is boiled and pasteurised. Moving further there was the Refrigeration Section where the milk is chilled by chemical ammonia. The workers employed in the unit explained the processes involved in production of milk and milk products. The engineers told us about the maintenance of the machines. It was indeed  a very informative and memorable trip.Katraj Dairy.jpg 
A Visit to Science Park (10th June):On 10th June,2017, we went to the Science Park situated in Pimpri Chinchwad area of Pune. We started from our school at 8:00 a.m and reached the venue by 10:30 a.m. A guide oriented us regarding the safety rules and  various zones of the park. The park is divided into distinct zones, such as Automobiles, Energy, Fun with Science and Dinosaur Park. There was Taramandal, a place full stars and planets. We also witnessed a wonderful show in the theatre. We discovered laws of science and played games based on the concepts taught in our classrooms. All of us had great fun as it was an informative and enriching trip for students and teachers alike.Science Park (1).jpg Science Park (2).jpg 
Visit to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park (10th June):Classes 4 and 5 went on an excursion with our teachers and school staff to the big zoo. We bought the tickets and after security check were allowed to enter. The zoo is spread across 130 acres of land and it has more than 350 animals inside it. Our visit to the Snake Park was amazing, as we were told that it houses 25 species of snakes and there are more than 200 snakes. I also saw a 15 feet long King Cobra, it was in a glass room. I saw wild animals like Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Crocodile and a variety of colourful birds. We spent a lot of time in the zoo. Some people and kids were disturbing the animals and throwing away unwanted things here and there. It is not a nice thing to do. The security officers had told us to keep our environment clean and green and we followed. We had a wonderful time in the zoo. zoological park (1).JPG zoological park (2).JPG
Family Relationships (7th to 9th June):To get familiar with the importance of family relationship, the children of Senior and Junior KG participated in various activities like puppet show, picture talk, group song etc with the theme ‘Family’. The activities helped them understand the role and importance of families. They also learnt about nuclear and joint families. Students happily talked about their families and expressed their joy, love, likes and also dislikes, in their own way.Family Relationships (2).jpg Family Relationships (1).jpg 
World Yoga Day: (21st June)Orbians of TOS celebrated International Yoga Day with yoga gurus from ‘Patanjali Samiti’ Pune. About 600 students and staff participated in this event and thoroughly enjoyed performing Vriksha Asana, Sinhagarjan Asana, Ustrasana, Padmasana,Bhastrika Pranayama and other meditative poses that help us take an inner voyage of peace and calmness. As very aptly quoted by Sri Sri Ravishankar’ A little bit of exercise, yoga and some meditation will help maintain good health.’ Students understood how science of disciplining the body and transforming the mind can purify our thinking and lead to world peace. Dedicating a certain amount of time to yoga can benefit our health in more ways than one. The Orbians just struck the right note on this bright day with Yoga Asanas. 
Yamaha Child Safety Programme :Safety First was the theme of the programme conducted by Yamaha in the school premises. The aim of this event was to sensitise the students about the necessity of wearing helmets and seat belts while on the road. Tips for Road Safety included many personal safety measures and also ways to prevent pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles from untoward accidents. The Yamaha team members captivated young minds with a live puppet performance, followed by a musical demonstration and finally a quiz on Road Safety. This generated awareness among students who will be driving India to a safe and secure tomorrow. 


Field trip to a Bank (12th April):As the students of class 6 entered the Kotak Mahindra Bank, they were warmly welcomed by Mr.Ranjit  the bank manager and taken to the bank lobby in groups of two, where a detailed information about different bank transactions was provided.This was followed by a visit to the bank locker and the security systems wereexplained  in an age-appropriate manner. Then the students were taken to the adjoining ATM to show how cash is withdrawn. He laid more emphasis on CCTV surveillance and safe ATM transactions. The visit concluded with satisfaction and delight as the students discussed about the new learning that they had acquired.
School Tour for Pre Primary ( 20th April )To familiarize students with the school and its environment, the facilitators took the children on a tour of the school to to introduce them to the facilities that are available to aid their learning and creating a secure environment. They were encouraged to name the different zones of the school. They were  filled with excitement and joy as they tried to memorize the names of different activity rooms. 
 Mother’s Day Celebration (21st April)Students of Sr. Kindergarten celebrated Mother’s Day with great enthusiasm honour their mothers and motherhood. Children danced and recited rhymes and expressed their love  to let mothers know how special they really are. All the mothers excitedly took part in group activities and proudly displayed the charts prepared by them. Children gifted self made cards as a token of love and appreciation to their mothers. 
Monsoon Magic (8th to 17th June)To inculcate in the young minds the joy, beauty and importance of monsoon, the teachers of Pre-Primary  conducted various fun craft activities involving the tiny tots to familiarise themselves with the rainy season. Children learnt about the rainbow, its varied hues and were introduced to new words associated with rains. Relevant  rhymes were introduced and recited to add to the learning. 
Field Trip to Jogger’s Park (13th June):To help our students forge a bond with nature and to inculcate love for the outdoors, Class 1 had a great outing as they went to ‘Jogger’s Park’ in Kalyani Nagar. The students played different games with their laughter ringing in the green environs of the park. It was indeed a lovely morning with new learning beyond the realms of the classroom.  
Field Trip to the Poonawala Stud Farm (21st June)Situated on the outskirts of Pune, the Poonawala Stud Farm, stands with magnificent thoroughbred horses. The students of Class 2 were given a tour of the beautiful estate. The students were mesmerized by the beauty of the horses. It helped them connect with an aspect of life they often do not get to experience in the city. The trip also sensitized the students towards all animals and the need to respect all creatures big and small. We thank the Stud Farm management for the wonderful learning experience.
Father’s Day Celebration (23rd June):The students of Jr. KG were extremely excited to welcome their dads with special attempts to impress them as they celebrated Father’s Day. Songs, rhymes were all well rehearsed and well presented. the hand made cards were beautiful. The teachers  conducted a puppet show to reinforce good values.The event unfolded with games for the guests that delighted them. To conclude the event our little Orbians presented handmade palm  print scrolls to their loving fathers. 
Student Council Election (27th June)Every new Session brings forth new Office Bearers who bear the colours of the School. The School Captain and Vice Captain are elected democratically. Students contesting for these positions campaigned zealously, sharing their manifesto and symbol with the voters. On the day of Elections, the students were introduced to the format of voting, and were given ballot paper with due instructions about the whole process and education about the power of voting for the right candidate that rested in their hands. The voters cast their vote in secrecy followed by the ink stamp on their forefinger that they held with pride. The contestants waited with bated breath as the counting of votes led to the final announcement of Student Council 2016-17.   
UN Yoga Day (21st June)         On 21st June the entire school descended on the School ground to celebrate UN Yoga Day. Reiterating the pivotal role of Yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual practice attributed, the students also  learned how evoking inner strength is essential for us to live happily and with positivity, through a session conducted by facilitators of Sahaj Yog. The participants experienced that by changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in our well being. The students and teachers enjoyed the session that fostered a calm and positive environment.
Jumbo Sandwich and Pizza making activity                        Students of class 4 prepared  sandwiches linking the activity to the poem, “The hippopotamus sandwich.” The students excitedly procured the ingredients like  bread, butter, cheese and vegetables to prepare delectable sandwiches, surprising themselves with their culinary traits and learning new recipes too. 
Plantation Day (4th July )The planting of seeds and saplings is a  learning opportunity that involves the students in the conservation of environment. It is a novel way to increase their interest in the environment and helps in educating the students about the role of trees in our lives. The Pre-Primary planted seeds of coriander, ajwain, rajma, mustard and rice. They also learnt about different parts of a tree and its benefit to all creatures. They will now see these seeds sprout and grow.
Grandparents’ Day Celebration (20th July)Celebrating “Grandparents’ Day” reestablished the importance of strengthening the student's love for their elders. In keeping with this, Nursery kids celebrated Grandparents’ Day  where students from  Nursery excitedly recited poems, students of Sr. and Jr.Kindergarten spoke about the special bond they share with their  grand-parents. Grandparents were overjoyed to see their little ones perform with confidence and grace.  Children proudly gifted bookmarks specially made   for  their grandparents.
Field Trip to the War Memorial ( 21st July)The students of Class 3 visited National War Memorial, Southern Command, dedicated to post Independence war martyrs. An army personnel escorted the students around the museum. The children were delighted to see the  ancient war paintings, equipment, sculptures, tanks and lot more. The main attraction was the  fighter jet, INS Trishul and the Paint-Ball shooting area.The visit was informative, giving the students a deep insight and filling them with a sense of awe.   
DEAR Hour - Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader (12th August):"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light." We all know the benefits of reading but very few people read. A special time to read, explore and enhance the world of knowledge was given to all. In the pre primary, teachers narrated stories and children read jumbo books to enjoy visual imagination. 
Field Trip to the Post Office (19th August):In an educative and fun-filled trip students of Jr. and Sr. Kindergarten visited the Mundhwa  post office and learnt about the services provided by  the post office to the public. Children were excited to see how letters were stamped, sorted and put in different boxes and shelves. Curiosity led the children to ask questions to the postmaster, who was happy to answer their queries and explained how letters were collected and delivered to their destination.  Children also posted the postcards written by them, in the red postbox. 
NiE Workshop (21st August 15)Mr. Mukim Tamboli  conducted NiE workshop for students of classes 3 to 5 to introduce  them to the world of cartoons. He taught them simple techniques of creating caricatures. Students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session with him. It concluded with Mr. Mukim teaching the class a different kind of applause. 
Orbiloqui, The Annual Literary Event (7th - 29th September) It was indeed a proud moment for the parents to witness their children perform confidently in front of a large audience as  they showcased their literary talents through storytelling, quiz, recitation and show and tell events. This event aims to give young speakers the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills,  put their ideas forward whilst expanding the knowledge of the language. The skills and confidence exhibited were applauded by all. 
Seasons Week (12th September - 16th September) To learn about changes seen in the environment in different seasons. The facilitators used flashcards, finger printing, colouring and show and tell to introduce the concepts.  Students learned how the trees change physically in different seasons. Children were asked to discuss their favorite weather with each other in the class. They had fun discussing the type of clothes they wear and the food they enjoy in every season. 
Cleanliness Drive  (Classes 1-3) - (26th September - 30th September)During the Cleanliness week a spate of activities were organised. A special assembly was conducted to make the students aware of the importance of cleanliness. Slogan writing, making paper bags from old newspapers and cleaning of school premises were the highlights of the week. The activities concluded with the administering of  the cleanliness pledge by the students and the teachers. 
Water Animals Week (3rd October - 7th October)To introduce the kindergarteners to different types of water animals, their uses and characteristics, the facilitators organised activities like “Show and Tell”, origami and colouring. Later children spoke on water animals on the stage and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. 
Field Trip to Aga Khan Palace (6th October)Students of class 3 to 5 visited one of the most significant landmarks of the Indian freedom movement, Pune’s Aga Khan Palace which  is an elegant mansion built in 1892 by Sultan Aga Khan III. Students saw photographs, personal objects and  possession of Mahatma Gandhi. They also got to know that this place served as a prison for Gandhiji, Kasturba Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu during the British rule in 1942-43. The palace has Italian arches and a spacious lawn. It covers an area of 19 acres. It was a wonderful learning for students to get the glimpses of Gandhiji’s life. 
Visit to Fire Station (7th October) To help understand the basic operations of the fire stations and the different safety measures at the outbreak of fire, the children from Jr.KG and Sr.KG visited the Amanora Park Fire Station. This trip enriched their vocabulary as they learned new words like fire fighter, fire trucks, ambulance, fire alarm, fire engine, hose pipes and table turn ladder. The firefighters explained the procedure and use of their emergency equipments in case of a calamity.The most valuable part of the field trip was when the firefighters wore their fireproof costume and shook hands with the curious children. 
SAARC - A Musical Fair (6th December)Classes 3 to 5 showcased the SAARC nations as the students took the audience on a musical journey across the eight countries with special focus on their history, art and culture. It indeed was a great exhibition of talent, confidence and teamwork. Chief Guest Ms Arunima Mazumdar, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director, CBSE Training Centre, Pune graced the occasion. A big well done to the staff and students and appreciation for parental involvement.
Magical Seasons (8th December) The Sr. KG students presented the journey of seasons in India along with the glimpses of different festivals we enjoy round the year. The tiny tots enthralled the audience as they took everyone through the length and breadth of the country and finally celebrated the spirit of India. It was just another Orbis way to celebrate learning! Dr. Gurpreet Grewal of the Army Medical Corps graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.
Cultural Fiesta Around the World  (9th December) The Nursery and Junior Kindergarteners showcased a wonderful fusion of culture, art, history and reflections from ‘Around The World’. Various dances from different countries like Africa, Europe, Spain, Mexico, China, Brazil and India mesmerised the audience.The children looked splendid in their colourful and vibrant costumes. The efforts of the entire team were much appreciated by the parents and guests. Mrs Harleen Bhatia, Principal of Stepping Stones School graced the occasion as the chief guest for the day.
Incredible India (10th December)The Annual Cultural Event for classes 1 and 2 showcased the theme Incredible India which brought out the essence of cultural diversity and rich heritage of our country. The Aliens flew into planet Earth in their spaceship and their intelligence quickly absorbed the nuances of this vast and beautiful country. The young participants captivated the audience with  colourful  and vibrant folk dances from the length and breadth of the country. The hard work  put in by the students and staff was well appreciated by the parents.The Chief Guest  Mrs. Leena Paul, Headmistress of St Felix High School, graced the occasion.


The first day of the new academic session (6th April):A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step……. another year at The Orbis School was set into motion on the sparkling morning of April 6th 2015. Blooming buds came in with a curiosity that triggered an ingrained instinct to buckle up learning with enthusiasm to explore, experience and to be celebrated.    
Glimpses of Tribal Craft (15th April):To make learning more relevant and interactive in an atmosphere of fun, a field trip to Tribal Museum was organised for classes 3-5. This educational trip provided an insight knowledge about art, musical instruments, traditional earthen pot, tribal basketry, bamboo crafts, Warli paintings, mask making etc. Children even got an opportunity to watch a documentary movie that showcased various tribal life and art forms. It was indeed a good learning experience for one and all.    
Mothers Day Celebration (20th April):To help the tiny tots of the Orbis School strengthen the bond with their mothers, the school organised Mothers day programme. All mothers were welcomed with a song. Poems were sung and games were organised as children showcased their talent to express gratitude towards their mothers. It was a day of fun and frolic as they also participated in the activities organised by the teachers. Hand print cards were given as token of love to be saved till posterity.It concluded with Principals speech sharing her wonderful tips on parenting, which could be applied by the parents and the teachers in moulding the little Orbians.    
Field Trip to the Vineyard (16th June):A field trip is an educationally and socially engaging activity to build the relationship between children and their environment. The trip to the National Research Center of Grapes for students of class 1 and 2 was a great way to bring new learning, excitement and adventure for our young Orbians.    
International Yoga Day (19th June):A special yoga session was conducted for all the students and teachers to rejuvenate, relax and to have a holistic approach towards health and well being. They learned to equip themselves with inner strength and wisdom to deal with competition and self-esteem. All pledged to make yoga an integral part of their daily lives.    
Parent Teacher Meet (20th June):The first parent teacher meeting of the current academic year was an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss scholastic and co-scholastic development of the child. Parents gave their valuable feedback that was much appreciated by the teachers.    
Student Council Election (23rd June):The election for the first Student Council 2015-16 was conducted successfully. The nominated candidates introduced themselves to the fellow students while assuring them of their commitment to the office. They left no stone unturned in their efforts to campaign. The Headmistress and Coordinator urged the students of classes 3 to 5 to make the right decision while electing their leaders through the ballot voting system. The introduction to a democratic election exposed the children to the importance of democracy and the right to exercise the power in their hands.    
Fathers Day (25th June):The tiny Orbians of Jr. Kindergarten celebrated Fathers Day. The guests were welcomed with a dance presented by students of Jr.Kindergarten Orange followed by the students of Jr.Kindergarten Apple who regaled the audience with songs. Games were conducted that involved a storytelling session by the guests with the help of given props and arranging jumbled words into inspirational quotes, thus drawing out the essence of fatherhood. The event concluded with the parents penning their thoughts about the beautiful memories that they would carry with them.    
Plantation Day (6th July):To make our world a greener place, the pre-primary children took the initiative to plant seeds. They planted mustard, coriander, rajma, fenugreek etc in pots and kept them on window sills for further observation. The sowing , watering and looking after the tiny saplings helped to develop their sensory and fine motor skills along with the knowledge of how plant life begins. A ‘planting seed’ song was sung to the tune of “Farmer in the dell”. A short story from seed to plant was also narrated by the facilitator.    
Investiture Ceremony (7th July):The first Investiture Ceremony was a moment of pride and honour for all. The event began with a prayer dance recital. The newly elected students’ council very smartly came forward to take the oath in front of the proud parents and teachers who conferred badges and sashes to all the leaders.The Principal addressed and inspired the students to uphold the values the institution stands for and work for its glory. The Ceremony gave the parents a chance to develop a deeper appreciation for their children and greater respect for the school programmes. This is an opportunity to inculcate true qualities of leadership that can help children blossom as global citizens.    
Fruit Salad Day (10th July):To inculcate healthy eating habits among our children, “Fruit Salad Day” was celebrated, where the children brought a fruit of their choice. To strengthen this awareness the Jr.KG and the Sr.KG children were encouraged to speak a few sentences on their favourite fruit. The facilitator mixed a variety of fruits brought by children and prepared a tasty fruit salad. The children enjoyed the yummy fruit salad and sang “Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon...Papaya, papaya, chickoo, chickoo, fruit salad” to the tune of “ I hear thunder” with great zest, enthusiasm and vigor.    
Grandparent’s Day (22nd July):The students of Nursery celebrated the Grandparent’s Day to express their love and gratitude. The tiny tots surprised all with their heartwarming performances as they tapped their feet and moved their arms to the tune of rhymes. Grandparents felt proud of their children and appreciated the staff for inculcating good values and skills in the young Orbians.    
Friendship Day Celebration (3rd August):Children celebrated the joy of forging friendship by tying friendship band on each other’s wrists. Teachers encouraged students to understand true qualities of friends and to thank their friends for their presence in their lives.    
DEAR Hour - Today a reader, tomorrow a leader (12th August):"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light." We all know the benefits of reading but very few people read. A special time to read, explore and enhance the world of knowledge was given to all. In the class, teachers narrated stories and children read jumbo books to enjoy visual imagination.    
Inter House Group Song Competition (14th August):Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition saw an evident competitive spirit as the participants came on stage. The melodious songs imbued in patriotic fervor emanated the fragrance of India’s diverse culture.    
Independence Day Celebrations (15th August):India’s 69th Independence Day was celebrated with immense pride and solemnity on 15th August. The day was marked with patriotic songs, dances, speeches, poems and street play, highlighting the importance of freedom and the story of India’s growth. The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest Brigadier R. K. Singh, VSM. He unfurled the tricolour and took the salute along with the school office bearers. He focused on character building and conservation of environment, in his address. The principal motivated the students to play a constructive role in nation building and move ahead with optimism. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by the school vice captain.    
Field Trip to the Post Office (19th August):In an educative and fun-filled trip students of Jr. and Sr. Kindergarten visited the Mundhwa Post Office and learnt about the services provided by the post office to the public. Children were excited to see how letters were stamped, sorted and put in different boxes and shelves. Curiosity led the children to ask questions to the postmaster, who was happy to answer their queries and explained how letters were collected and delivered to their destination. Children also posted the postcards written by them, in the red postbox.    
A visit to Hypermarket ( 20th August ):The junior Orbians visited a hypermarket. The tiny tots were shown an array of green vegetables and other goods available at the store. They were curious about everything and their questions were patiently answered by the teachers! Their excellent conduct brought them appreciations from the staff of Star Bazaar.    
NiE Workshop (21st August):A workshop to introduce the students of classes 3 to 5 to the world of cartoons was conducted by Mr. Mukim Tamboli from NiE. He taught the children simple techniques of creating caricatures. They thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session with him. It concluded with Mr. Tamboli teaching the class a different kind of applause.    


A start ….A glow ….A celebration.The first day of school was indeed a special one for both the school staff and the students.The Principal along with the entire staff was present to greet each child as they entered the school portals. To kick start the day an interactive session before the assembly helped the students to open up and feel at ease. Being the first academic session in school, a ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted in each class which added to the excitement. The first day of school was an opportunity for the students to get to know the school, their teachers, their new friends and the learning areas. This indeed was just the start. As the year unfolds there is lot to be explored, experimented and celebrated.    
The first formal interaction with parents to share the school ethos, curriculum and methods to celebrate learning. It was an informative and a comprehensive orientation programme that gave an insight view as to what to expect in the coming years and also equip themselves for it. Our principal Mrs. Mala Jetly assured that The Orbis School will be a budding school that works relentlessly towards helping our students emerge as productive, progressive and well balanced individuals. 
The Plantation Day was held for students of classes 1 and 2. They were excited to plant and water medicinal saplings. The children discussed about the ill effects of cutting down trees and the different ways to reduce global warming. Trees create a pleasant and peaceful environment. Hence the Motto was - “For Every Tree We Cut, We Must Plant One Tree” in return. The children took an oath that they would gift Mother Earth by planting a sapling on their birthday every year. When the last tree has been cut down, The last fish caught, The last river poisoned, only Then we will realize that One cannot eat money.    
The Annual Medical Camp to ascertain health and growth graph of the Orbians was held for classes Play group to 2. The school doctor and nurse focused on parameters namely height, weight, vision, ENT and general health with the objective to timely detect deficiencies and concerns and convey the same to the parent for a proper follow up.    
The students came dressed in traditional dresses with a smile of free India on their beautiful faces as the school celebrated the 68th Independence Day. They began with a prayer followed by a play that flashed out the moral of unity in diversity and sent messages to respect our motherland as it holds treasures of varied culture. The celebration concluded with a patriotic song to pay homage to all the great men who lost their lives to free India. The great spirit was carried forwarded by speeches of Sr. Kindergarten kids and a play on "Unity is Strength" by Jr. Kindergarten. The kids carried placard depicting national symbols. Students were inspired to practice nonviolence which also was the doctrine of Gandhiji.    
We the Orbians explored the curriculum beyond the boundaries of the school by visiting the hyper market at Seasons mall, Hadapsar to foster an efficient learning through actual experiences. The array of goods evoked questions and the children were answered patiently by their class teachers. It was as if their books had come alive that speak about fruits, vegetables, dairy products, Kitchen, travel items and they were exited to touch toys and novelties displayed in different sections. It was indeed a splendid experience!!    
A lantern making workshop for Diwali was conducted for classes 1 and 2. Mrs. Devika and Mrs. Sapna demonstrated paper folding lanterns which the students followed step by step.Students paricipated in the activity enthusiastically and created their own designs out of colourful glazed paper and kite paper. Indeed a handy skill to decorate homes and school in this festive did it.kash Kumar, who emerged as the school topper and received a certi?cate and a tab for his excellent performance in the city ?nals.    
Diwali the festival of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair, was celebrated with fun and festivity. Students came to the school wearing traditional clothes and were learned more about the day through a special assembly. They also enjoyed fun activities like making lanterns, decorating diyas and sharing sweets with each other. Special focus was laid on celebrating a safe Diwali.    
Orbiloqui the annual literary event provides an innovative forum for our Orbians to participate in a variety of literary activities. The students categorized into their four houses, showcased their talents in the field of Spell bee, Story telling, Recitation and Show and tell. It was a good learning experience for them. The finalists, selected after days of rehearsals and two preliminary rounds, enthralled the parents with their magnificent performances.    
A picnic is more than eating a meal; it is a pleasurable state of mind.To take learning beyond class rooms, students of classes 1 and 2 were taken to the Temple of Environment at Amanora Park Town while the Kindergarteners enjoyed the day playing games, doing creative work and listening to fun stories in the school ground.    
With a view to encourage,popularise and inculcate scientific temper among the children, Orbision - The Annual Science Exhibition, saw the students of class 1 and 2 exhibit some scientific experiments related it to their daily lives.    
The 1st Annual Cultural Programme depicted the need to “Live and let live” through an entertaining theatrical mix of dance and drama. Every student was a part of this experiential journey which took the audience through different phases of harmony between man and nature. The guest of honour was Dr. Yasmeen Zubery who conveyed the message of good nutrition to the children and congratulated our little Orbians for their message “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.    
The school celebrated its first annual athletic meet with lot of vigor and enthusiasm.Parents of the four house captains presided over the fun filled event.The sports day started off with the lighting of the torch, after which the Director, Mr. Haseeb Faquih, declared the meet open. Our energetic students performed various drills using props like pompoms, hula hoops, and sticks. They also captivated the spectators with parachute drill and Karate display.All the track and field events exhibited the skills, endurance and excitement of our young champions who were felicitated with medals on the victory stand.Innovators bagged the overall championship for the year.    
The First Annual Speech and Prize Distribution Day was held at Mahatma Phule Sanskruti Bhavan, Wanowri. The Principal spoke about the accomplishments of the year and the plans for the next session. The young Orbians received their medals and certificates for their outstanding performances in various categories of public speaking, creative writing, creative design, quiz, dramatics and sports by the hands of Ms. Caroline Audoir de Valter, Founder and Managing Trustee of the Hope for Children Foundation, who was the honourable chief guest for the ceremony. The occasion was also graced by our honourable director Mr. Razi Faquih, SMC and PTA members.    

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