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Roles and responsibilities of parents during covid-19

Schools are compelled to shut in an exertion to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The pandemic saw many parents/ guardians juggling careers while simultaneously supervising and observing their child’s learning from home. Out of those long months of disruption, both teachers and parents have  the opportunity to appreciate more completely the significance of a strong home/ school organization built on trust. But the increase in parental involvement in children’s learning ought to provide them relatively more of a say in choices that directly influence them.

Parents can empathize with the reality that children are feeling justifiably apprehensive and stressed about COVID-19. Comfort your children that the illness due to COVID-19  is for the most part gentle, particularly for children and young adults. Make them understand that the symptoms of COVID-19 and the disease itself can be treated. From that, parents can remind them that there are numerous compelling things they can do to keep themselves and others secure and to feel in way better control of the circumstances by frequently washing their hands, by not  touching their faces and by following social distancing.

Parents can offer in-person playdates through the internet. Parents can set their children up on video conferencing, like Skype or Zoom, so they can keep in contact with their friends or colleagues. If everybody is at home with each other all the time, having one on one time with each child could be a great way to create a closer bond.

Each parent must develop a habit of keeping constant communication with the teachers. With online learning, it has become much less demanding for families to have one on one contact with teachers either through their work emails or work phone numbers. Parents can utilize this time to plan a virtual meeting with the educator to catch up with your child’s progress.

Parents should set regular meal times to maintain a strategic distance from all-day grazing. Parents should serve 3 suppers and 1 to 2 planned snacks each day. When it's time to eat, they should have their children sit at the table and not in front of a screen. This way, children are centered on the food  and less likely to overeat. Parents should encourage their children to be active for at least 30 minutes each day. Parents should also let their children go outside to play.

A planned and concerted effort will help all to tide over these times more easily and meaningfully.

- School Editorial Team

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