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What I Love About Online Learning At Orbis

I love the way the online teaching and learning is happening at The Orbis School. Our teachers are not just taking care of academics but are also conducting the dance, music, physical education, art and craft classes smoothly. They are doing their best to help us get our concepts right and stay active.  I truly want to thank them as during these difficult times they stood by us and kept us busy so that we stay happy and energetic. The activity classes on Saturdays always attract the enthusiast in me.I learn new things especially art and craft classes being my most favourite. Though sometimes I do miss the physical classes as I could run to the teacher and show her my drawings and get instant appreciation. This however isn’t possible during virtual classes at times.However, I try to show my drawings and the craft activity to my teacher on the screen and many times we post it for them to get a photo clicked. At times this too feels great.  I enjoy learning all the subjects and even the way the teachers teach us during the classes. With proper instructions,  combined with fun-filled activities,  I learnt the concepts well and wrote my exams without any tension. So kudos to me and definitely to my teachers. 

Ranvitha Muchapathi, Student, 5 Deneb (Orbis2)

 Online Learning

I love my online learning at Orbis as they are very interactive and my teachers use a lot of online apps.They conduct  many quizzes and games on Kahoot and all of them are very interesting and fun.I like this fun way of learning. All the teachers are very supportive and explain the lessons very nicely. Whenever I have doubts or I don’t understand anything, I just raise my hand and my doubts are cleared. Most importantly everyone gets a chance to answer in the class and if we miss then we get for the next class.The favourite thing about these classes is if I make a mistake they don’t scold but instead the teachers explain that we should learn from our mistakes. The list is endless as everyday I wait to join online classes and meet my friends and teachers.

Samruddhi Padmakar Surwade, Student 5 Deneb (Orbis2)

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