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Life During Pandemic - Virtual Learning

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“Take your time but don’t waste your time.” Due to the pandemic of Covid - 19, many people have been affected and so are the businesses, schooling sectors and many other fields. Online Classes are happening instead of physical classes. Teachers and students have started adopting technological tools that are effective and user friendly. Online Learning has no geographical barriers and gives access to a wider range of courses.

Life during the pandemic has taught us to focus more on personal hygiene, understanding the value of family and spending time with family. A positive piece this year has been the pause to reflect on how we can help ourselves stay in their homes. Virtual learning is one of the most important aspects of life during pandemics. We befriended Technology.  We, the children of ‘The Orbis School’, have been doing and enjoying various activities like Independence day, Republic day, Cultural fests on the online platform. We have got to know different ways to learn and communicate with each other. Teachers show us videos based on our syllabus and conduct quizzes, which I feel is more effective than having physical classes but due to this online platform, we are unable to meet and interact physically. It feels lonely but we all have to hold our hands and come out of this situation with flying colors. So let us join our hands, contribute towards the country by staying resilient and adaptable and help each other in this pandemic! 

Thank You.

Ranesh Muchapathi, Student  8 Sirius 

The Orbis School, Mundhwa

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