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Fun ways to prepare for school

School! A word we both dread and feel excited to experience. Why? Because school is not just an edifice where we are required to be punctual and disciplined about our studies; it is an experience and journey which makes our childhood absolute and enjoyable. But after nearly 2 years of the pandemic and home and technology-based teaching, the idea of offline re-opening of schools was quite stressful and intimidating.

Preparing for school was necessary, at the same time scary. How could I make this a piece of cake? The answer gradually dawned on me.

A week after my exams ended, I started preparing for the re-opening of school; mentally preparing myself from the sudden change, because I struggle to adjust to change in surroundings quickly. I bought the books, uniforms and experienced a sense of nostalgia, absolutely for free!

The workload of school hit us like a storm, brutal and unforgiving. Preparing for assignments and assessments; the pandemic having made us all lazy haha!, just added to the mountain of anxiety but hey, happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light!

  1) “With great power comes…… great need to take a nap. Wake me up later!” -Nico di Angelo, The Last Olympian

Who needs a fiesta when you can have a siesta. A short nap relieves you of all your troubles, after waking up, you’re fresher than ever and you can finish home assignments and prepare for tests as well!

  2) See it EVERYWHERE

Whether it is biology or geometry, the things you learnt can be found everywhere! The Cartesian System can be visible to your eyes at intersections of tiles, and you can judge which Quadrant you’re walking on; you can look at plants and observe and guess at which position which tissue is located; read a book, and find the various literary devices used in the paragraph, etc. This will make the topic relatable and easy to remember.

  3)Enjoy it

Life is a roller coaster for all of us. Most of us may feel a little stressed while preparing for maths or physics or any other subject, but music may solve it. Music can boost your interest, which will boost your concentration, and before you know it, your work will be done! About the stress? You need to calm down. Just shake it off, shake it off.

  4) Call up your partner in crime

There is nothing like talking to someone sailing the same boat as you. Talking to a friend is the best therapy ever because they know exactly how to calm you down.

School may get overwhelming at times, but anything can be fun if you put your heart and soul into it. It is only in the past two years that we have truly understood the joy of being with friends and teachers who are just like family. Good and bad days are just a part and parcel of the whole process and it is exactly that which shapes you into that amazing person you will be. So just stay calm, live in the present and enjoy life!

-Jhanvi Pendyala, 9 Antares 

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