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Social awareness importance for students

Have you heard the quote “Man is a social animal’’, by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle. Indeed, one must second this great thought that, he who lives without society is either a Beast or God. Aristotle had new ideas on how the world should be studied. He liked to make detailed observations of the world, taking notes and records of what he saw. One of the greatest philosophers who felt the potential for virtues to exist within our nature is possible only if we habituate them.

The essence of the fact is that man has always belonged to a society of some sort, without which he can’t exist at all. There is a very close relationship between individual and society like that of cells and body. Society satisfies all our needs and provides a sense of security . .

How can one transfer social skills to our students?

It is essential that as responsible citizens we proclaim with pride that “Man is not born human but is made human” by the environment he lives in.

Self-awareness is the KEY. Individuals should be honest about their personality traits, and be able to assess when they are being socially inappropriate. On transitioning back to in-person classrooms, the ability to see yourself clearly and be able to understand and respond, comes only after being self aware.

How to get better at it? By practising active listening, acknowledging the strengths of peers, empathetic thinking, developing better communication skills, voicing gratitude, being aware of interpersonal emotions will definitely polish our relationship skills that can act as a bridge between Man and Society.

Acquisition of this skill is a process that is developed during childhood and perfected as an individual ages. Social awareness is a crucial component of classroom behaviour that contributes to an environment that is conducive to learning.


Orbis School is where these skills are demonstrated by the teachers who actively listen to children’s concerns and create a safe and comfortable environment and help students to transpose from a mere Human Being to Being Human!

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