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Admission to Best CBSE School in Pune - Steps You Must Follow

Pune, which is also known as the Oxford of the East is home to some of the top CBSE schools that are known for providing quality education. Finding the best CBSE school is quite hectic and confusing nowadays since a school is not only the place where a child learns to read, write, and learn, but is the place where they develop their skills and get ready for their future life. CBSE education is one of the most sought-after curriculums in India, where children can earn capabilities to continue higher education in premium institutes. In their quest for finding the best for their child, The Orbis Schools with a motto of celebrate learning have become the preferred choice of parents.

Why Orbis Schools?

The Orbis Schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Admission to The Orbis Schools is open to all children without any distinction of caste, creed, gender, colour or religion. Orbis aims to nurture its students in a way that helps them realize their own potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of rich tutelage, joyful and harmonious learning while keeping alive the spirit of togetherness.

Let us break down the admission process with step-by-step guidelines to help parents make the decision:

Step 1 Enquiry -

Fill out the Enquiry Form on the School website, choosing the branch of your preference. Upon enquiring, the Online Application Form will be emailed to you.

Step 2 Filling of Online Application Form –

Online Application Form to be updated with correct details along with latest photograph of the student and parent’s and relevant documents. Payment of Application fee to be carried out via NEFT.

Step 3 Scheduling Interaction -

The Admission Counsellor will connect with the parent over call/via email to schedule an interaction.

Step 4 Interaction –

Orbis believes that every child is blessed with unique qualities and talents Our meeting with your child will help us in bettering the understanding. We’d also love to meet your family to ascertain the synergies for symbiotic development. A healthy and cordial relationship between our two families is paramount to a conducive environment for the growth and development of our children.

Step 5 Visiting the Campus -

We would like you to come and understand the school’s infrastructure, its Core Practices, rules, regulations and policies so that you make a well-informed choice. The admission counsellor can provide a tour of the campus and also schedule an interaction with faculty.

Step 6 Admission –

When you are convinced that Orbis will be the best choice for your ward, Fill and save the online admission form sent via email, submit all documents and pay the admission fee. The admission counsellor will update you with all the details regarding the vendors (books, shoes and uniform)

Step 7 School begins -

Child can attend school when the new term begins OR 3 days after admission formalities are completed for students who have taken mid term admission

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