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5 Reasons why your child deserves admission to the best CBSE school

Every child deserves the best education possible to overcome the obstacles in their upcoming lives. As the famous quote said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Giving your child the best education, choosing the right education board for them is the greatest challenge for a parent as it helps nurture young minds and become responsible citizens who can contribute towards the development and growth of the world. As the Indian education system offers numerous boards for the pupil that caters to the country’s demographics educational needs. The Indian board of education is primarily divided into 4 types namely- CBSE, ICSE, SSC and IB.

  • CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • IB- International Baccalaureate.
  • SSC- Secondary School Certificate.

Now the question that every parent is uncleared about is, which board to choose? Which kind of education pattern will help in developing his/her child’s personality and character? The answer to these questions are simple. Choose CBSE board. Here are the top 5 reasons to opt for the right education board named as CBSE(Central Board Of Secondary Education).

Why choose a CBSE school for your child?

1] The basic reason is that nearly 17000 schools in India and abroad are unified with CBSE which signifies that it’s curriculum is evenly carried around the world. Choosing CBSE board also entitles to prepare your child for the career so that they may succeed internationally by a good reputed school.

2] Design of curriculum and schedule of activities- The CBSE board mainly involves in the well-defined and structured guidelines for their students regarding the curriculum, the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The CBSE schools organizes the activities and experiments by putting their right efforts that helps a child to be zestful and sporty while being actively participating in the group discussions apart from the regular activities.

3] Preparation for Competitive Exams- The teaching methods have progressed from past years as the competitive exams have proven to be significant in the syllabus. Choosing a CBSE board that enhances the level of a child by providing a broad curriculum and extra perk of learning more ahead of the various competitive exams. The syllabus is designed to prepare the pupil for the entrance examination such as JEE, NEET, etc.

4] Focus on overall growth and development- Besides offering the best education to students, the faculty of CBSE schools also offers guidance in mental and physical development. The schools encourage their students to not only pursue good grades in academics and activities but also seek their passion in different areas to explore their interests and identify their curiosity.

5] No Cramming- Apart from studying and gaining knowledge, learning plays a vital role for passing an exam. While CBSE curriculum does not prop up the concept of rot learning for exams. It tests a child based on their knowledge they hold and are required to think laterally to answer the questions. During the lessons, the faculty organises practical sessions based on the chapters they’ve taught that helps the child to summarise what they have learned so that there is no cramming.

Conclusion- The reasons above must be noted before selecting an educational board as it is the commencing point of your child’s career. As a parent you might ponder upon the question that other boards can also prepare my child for his/her future but apart from studies if you want your child to build the confidence, courage, to develop physically and mentally then CBSE board caters to your needs. Though CBSE has many advantages, but ultimately it depends on your child’s interests. No matter what board you choose, choose wisely because your child’s development in every aspect is necessary. Every child that is nurtured well will blossom wherever he is planted.

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