• Registration form along with a colour photograph of the child to be submitted.
  • Registration fees once paid is nonrefundable.
  • Registration does not guarantee admission.
  • The Management and Principal do not bind themselves for rejecting any application.


  • Admission Form to be submitted only after the Registration Form has been accepted and acknowledgment of the same is received from the Admission Facilitation Center.
  • Documents to be submitted along with Admission Form:
    • Original Birth Certificate – Playgroup to Class 1 only
    • Original Transfer Certificate from a recognised school– Class 2 onwards.
      • Migrating from another state: If a child has come from another state, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate Inspector concerned.
      • Migrating from another country: If a child has come from another country, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate officer of the Indian Embassy/ Consulate in the country concerned.
      • If a Transfer Certificate is not submitted at the time of admission, the admission granted will be provisional till a proper Transfer Certificate duly signed and stamped by the appropriate authority is submitted.
    • Photo copy of address proof of parents
    • Photo copy of photo id proof of the parents.
    • PIO card/ NOC in case of foreign students.
    • Cast Certificate, if applicable.
    • Passport size photographs of the child, parents and guardian if any.
    • Transport Form, clearly stating whether opting for school bus facility or self-pick and drop.
  • Admission will only be confirmed on payment of the admission fee. The amount is not refundable if the seat once accepted is later refused.

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