The Orbis School, Mundhwa is counted amongst the best schools in Pune, it has also been awarded amongst the top three CBSE schools in Pune and the 12th best school in Maharashtra. The testimonials by our patrons and well-wishers gives us the reassurance that we are on the right track.

“I was one of the fortunate ones to witness the mind blowing presentation put together by the school at the Orbitria 2022-23 event. My heartiest congratulations to the Orbis team. The lust of Orbitria 2022-23 was not less than a Filmfare or a Star Screen Awards show. It was amazing to see the potential of Orbians at this young age. All credit goes to the teachers and the relentless efforts put by them.”
Danish Khan, 4 Sirius
Ms. Sanobar Khan
“It's all about last week extravaganza roller coaster riding which we had witnessed during class 3 and 5 orbitheatrum . We are short of words to descirbe our happiness. Firstly we felt privileged to be part of these functions. Both the show was choreographed so well, that as audience we had visited all those countries. From costume to songs, everything picked up so beautifully. We as a parent felt proud to saw our child on stage and performing various roles so confidently. And we know, it's Orbis teachers sincere efforts and hardwork which put this show in higher level. We thanked from the bottom of our hearts for having faith upon our child and given these opportunities to explore various other skills also. ”
Love & Cheers.
Annika Dhara, 4 Sirius
Yogesh Dhirajlal Mehta
“First of all my heartfelt gratitude for inviting me as a judge for the Literary Event organised on 29th August, 2022 for Class 3,4 and 5. It was a great honor indeed. Thank you very much for the same. I would like to share a few words about my experience: "It was an amazing event, very well managed, and showcased the exemplary talent of each and every participant by their flawless performances. It was nothing less than a well planned professionally organised event, executed to perfection. We could see the inner potential of each student and that, nothing is impossible if they get the correct support and guidance from their teachers. Very impressive!!!!" Congratulations to all the teachers, students, behind the scene team and of course the ever supportive down to earth leaders - Gunjan ma'am, Smita Ma'am, Anuradha Joshi Ma'am and Farheen Ma'amn for hosting such an amazing show. Happy to be a part of The Orbis School family now and always forever.
Anvi joshi, 5 Vega
Ms. Kreena Joshi
“Dearest team of Orbis. I am so glad to have an opportunity to be a part of today's Orbiloqui event. As always the event was well planned. the flow of event went very well. The efforts which kids have taken to perform was great and hidden efforts of teachers behind that too. I loved the kids who entirely host the events with full confidence. Worth appreciating 😇😇”
Bhoumik Gulechha, 4 Deneb
Ms. Komal Gulechha
“This is to inform you that Aaryan Atal and Bhoumik Gulecha have bagged Gold Medal in IMO from 4 Deneb. Big Thanks to you Ma'am. Appreciate all the efforts you have made to bring kids to this level 🙏🏻”
Aaryan Atal, 4 Deneb
Ms. Anju Atal
“What a delight to see the much awaited Orbitheatrum!! It is difficult to choose which dance was better Thai, Malay, Chinese or Indian... Kudos to the teachers who taught the kids so well that they ran the whole show themselves!! Don't have words to talk about the ending how every parent stood up from their chairs and of course the choice of song... Together we can change the world!!! Thank you Mam for inviting us to attend amazing event”
Kabir Vij, 3 Antares
Ms. Hema Vij
“It was an amazing show.... Flawless.... Just superb.... The start... The culmination.... The props... Every every thing was so just perfect..... N of course the students.... They were nothing less than professionals.... Hats off to such an amazing event 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍”
Anvi joshi,5 Vega
Ms. Kreena Joshi
“Orbitheatrum is always an awsome event cause there are alot of efforts put up by Orbis team the entire staff and Students.. The efforts counts alot 🤩🤩👍👍”
Bhoumik Gulechha, 4 Deneb
Ms. Komal Gulechha
“Its been 5 years since my dauthter started going to Orbis 1, I do not recall a day she has not been excited to go to school. This indicates the kind of environment is maintained in school. Everything is organized and smooth which reflects the kind of efforts put in b everyone. Teachers are so talented that they understand each and every kid very well and accordingly they are dealt in coordination with and regular ineraction with parents. Schoo strongly gollows no touch policy and equal opportunity and no one is left behind.... ”
Deetya Vishwakarma, 5 Deneb
Arun Kumar Vishwakarma
“Got to know yesterday through the PTM , that you chose Rachit from 5 Vega specially for the Orbitheatrum as a main speaker.. Really touchted my heart. I wanted to thank the school and teachers for believing in him and giving him such a big opportunity. It really helped him with his confidence and stage fear. Thank you so much!”
Rachit Bagla, 5 Vega
Monica Bagla
“Thanks to all teachers for their constant support. It was well synchronized with an excellent performance from all the girls.”
Tanvi Tete, 5 Sirius
Aaradhana Tete
“Thank you so much ma'am truly appreciate the efforts all teachers took for the event. It was a fabulous show.”
Zayne Anthony, 5 Sirius
Rabia Tasneer
“Such Colourful, vibrant and scintillating performance by the students. This shows the hardwork put in by students and teachers. It was truly a visual treat. Kudos to everyone!!”
“Hello ma'am, Thank you so much for the meserizing event. Enjoyed a lot. Really hats off to all the performance and hardwork behing each and every performance. Special thanks to you for choosing Rachit to be a part of the show. Thanks again!!”
“Thank you so much for the mesmerizing event. Enjoyed a lot. Really hats off to all the performance and hardwork behing each and every performance. Special thanks to you for choosing Rachit to be a part of the show. Thanks again.”
Rachit Bagla, 5 Vega
Monica Bagla
“After 2 years school orbitheatrum was conducted at school. It's very nice to see all kids perform good on stage. It was an awesome show!!”
Rugveda Shivakar, 5 Deneb
Poonam Shivarkar
“Orbitheatrum Feedback- It was an outstanding event. Each and every minute details abot other countries were covered so well which reflect effort and practice doneby students as well as teachers. Thanks a lot huge round of applause for all students all the supporting teachers!!”
Arjun Mehta, 5 Deneb
Yogesh Dhirajlal Mehta
“आपने शौर्य को बहुत अच्छा सिखाया, उसकी हर बार कॉन्फिडेंस बढ़ाया थैंक यू!”
Shaurya Khengare, 3 Sirius
Dipe Khengare
“Thank you so much for the wonderful year. Vihaan is so pleased to have you as his teacher. Thank you for being so patient with him”
Vihaan Diksit, 3 Sirius
Priya Pavan Dikshit
“We are very happy to have a teacher like you to guide and nurture our children. We really appreciate all the efforts that you have been taking to help the children grow and achieve great heights, scholastic and extra curricular activities.”
Garima Salvi, 3 Sirius
Ushma Salvi
“A well organised program. The BRICS concept was very thoughtful. All participants were fabulous.”
Prisha Parmar, 3 Sirius
Shuchika Chetansingh Parmar
“Hats off to the teachers for putting up such a fantastic show. Thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Parigya Jain, 3 Sirius
Vaishali Jain
“Thanks a lot Ma'am, to train my child nicely. The show was very good.”
Kshamita Naik, 3 Sirius
Mohan Vishnupant Naik
“Orbitheatrum on 9th December was really very good. Theme was well selected that gave students good information about BRICS countries. Thanks for all of your efforts!!
Swara Borsare, 3 Sirius
Priyanka Uttam Borsare
“We would like to appreciate the fact that the kids did a fabulous act on the Annual Day function. It was a perfect story woven. This was possible only because of the relentless efforts put by the teachers.
Mahika Sanka, 3 Sirius
Prakalp Sanka
“It was an amazing show. We loved all the kids performance. The end part was the best. I am sure the kids enjoyed thoroughly.
Meera Kini, 3 Sirius
Dr Kamakshi Ghanshyam Mahale
“Thank you for supporting my child for the Orbitheatrum and to guide her in all the way. It was overwhelming for me to see her on stage. It happened because of your love , care and support. The show was amazing and awesome. Thank you all the teachers.
Inara Patel, 3 Sirius
Sayyed Kausar
“Thank you very much for being such a good teacher. The confidence on children's face when they were on the stage shows your efforts. Seeing our children in synchronisation and discipline while of performing on stage is a treat to our eyes. Thank you very much for all you did.
Deetya Mistry, 3 Sirius
Barkha Mistry
“A big thanks to you and all the teachers who accompanied the kids for making them have an awesome time, taking good care of them.
Navya Jaiswal, 3 Sirius
Prafull Jaiswal
“Orbitheatrum Feedback- Our gratitude to the class teacher and all the other teachers and staff at The Orbis School, Keshav Nagar for encouraging our kids to do the best always. We truely appreciate the class teacher for the time she has spent. We have enjoyed every minute of the function. Thank You!
Hiyasha Goplani, 3 Antares
Ina and Gulshan Goplani
“Orbitheatrum Feedback- Thank you ma'am for teaching the kids the dance so well and the costumes were so beautiful. Lynnete ma'am teaches the students very nicely and understands them well. Thank you so much ma'am for everything.
Aayush Datar, 3 Antares
Manoj and Amruta Datar
“Orbitheatrum Feedback- Thank you ma'am for teaching such wonderful dance to Atharv and also we enjoyed this school function. It was ery well organised.
Atharv Hande, 3 Antares
Nitin and Swati Hande
“Orbitheatrum Feedback- Hello ma'am! We appreciate you for all your efforts and the hardwork taken by you for the Orbitheatrum. Really we enjoyed a lot. Thank you once again.
Mihika Kale, 3 Antares
Vishal and Mohini Kale
“Orbitheatrum is easily the most awaited program of the year. Every year the bar is raised on performances and this year was no different. Right from the theme selection to costume, dances and oration, everything was well-rehearsed and lot of effort went in from students and teachers. Performances from all the classes were packaged together and it culminated into a well-flowing event, enjoyed by all.
Krishay Nanavati, 5 Rigel
Nimmi Nanavati
“Ma'am/s and Sir/s, Let me first congratulate you and the entire team for putting up such a splendid show for the orbithreatrum 2022. The dedication and humongous efforts of the teachers and students was showing through clearly. It was great to see the enthusiasm and hard work in all the acts of all students and teachers and how well the theme was depicted in the form of drama and dance.
Shagun Maheshwari, 5 Rigel
Dipti Maheshwari
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