The Orbis School, Keshav Nagar is counted amongst the best schools in Pune, it has also been awarded amongst the top three CBSE schools in Pune and the 12th best school in Maharashtra. The testimonials by our patrons and well-wishers gives us the reassurance that we are on the right track.

“Visited The Orbis School under Nirbhaya Campaign to see if there is any complaint pertaining to sexual abuse, child abuse etc. Feel I should mention over here, the way the school authority is monitoring and dealing with the complaints/ grievances of the students is really praiseworthy!”
Pathan Salman Khan
P.S.I, Mundhwa Police Station, Pune
“For a school as young as Orbis, the progress - to say the least - has been superlative. My compliments for a job very well done. Kudos to the entire Orbis team! Wish you greater success & prosperity in the coming years.”
Love & Cheers.
Col Sunil Brijkrishan
“I feel so proud to read all that you all at Orbis have achieved in such a short time. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to get where you are today in such a short time. I personally feel very attached to the school. I wish you all the best for the future!”
Warm regards,
Laleh Busheri
CEO, Prashanti Cancer Care Mission
“Schools nurture the lives of young ones and have an important role to play. The Orbis School has fulfilled this role most admirably, I have no doubt that it is one of the best schools in Pune and going ahead I feel assured that it shall work to become the top school in Pune!”
Natasha Sahukar
“I have had the opportunity to visit many English medium schools in Pune. I visited the Orbis School about 2 years ago and found much promise, today when I revisited I am amazed at its growth, development and delivery on the promises made. My best wishes to the school.”
Naser Jaffer
“The progressive ideas and channeling them to create a holistic environment for the well being of the students has quickly made the Orbis School what it is today – one of the top schools in Pune!”
Kriti Khanapure
“When we shifted from Gurgaon, finding a good school in Pune for our daughter was our top priority. We are happy with the choice we made and are very satisfied with our daughter’s progress at the Orbis School.”
N Vashishth
“The School truly reflects (especially through this event) that it aims not only at scholastics but at overall growth. One right decision makes or destroys life. My decision to put my child in Orbis has made her life.”
Shweta Sanghvi
“I have been associated with The Orbis School since 2015 and over this period, I have witnessed the school grow in leaps and bounds. It is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. It is child-centric and has an array of events planned for the students throughout the year. The style of teaching and learning incorporated encourages the students to set high expectations that lead to academic excellence and involvement in numerous co-curricular activities. Here, education is imparted in a manner where students follow their curiosity and think critically. A place where citizens of the World are being nurtured and created! ”
Raisa Braganza
“The Orbis School, Mundhwa has a great campus, infrastructure and facilities. Not only the school has excelled in Academics but also it ensures overall development of the children through extracurricular activities, competitions which boosts up the confidence of a child starting from a very small age. The school has well trained teaching and non-teaching staff. It has proven to be the best CBSE school in the area as well.”
Naina Thakur
“The Orbis School is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. A school community that always strives to excel in every way. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for children to celebrate learning in its true sense.”
Farheen Shaikh
“Being a teacher at The Orbis School is a different environment that you have ever experienced. The amount of trust and care that the administration of the school has on the Orbis family members is unique and special. The Orbis School is an impressive CBSE School in Pune that makes educators motivated and equipped to change lives. It feels honoured to work in an organisation which celebrates every day as the motto of the school is celebrate learning for all. As I have two children at The Orbis School I am highly satisfied that my children's education is in the right hands.”
Swati Poddar
“The Orbis School, Keshav Nagar, being one of the best CBSE Schools in Pune, provides a safe and comfortable environment for children to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in all areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. I truly believe that The Orbis School is one of the finest schools ; not only in Pune but Maharashtra.. This school is dedicated to providing a quality education for children and has a very strong identity and commitment towards the all round development of its students which forms an excellent framework for their future endeavors. It offers a rigorous curriculum with a distinct foundation and inspiration. Students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring, professional faculty who work collaboratively to instill core values in each lesson every day. For the community, The Orbis School most definitely provides an invaluable resource.”
Swati Phulphagar
“The Orbis school Mundhwa is one of the best schools in Pune as it does not make empty promises, create misleading mission statements, or mislead parents and community members with Edu-jargon. It is authentic and transparent. ”
Manisha Tribhuvan
“Orbis School is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune as
1) The school gives opportunity to each child to explore everything,
2) Learning is fun for students,
3) Personal attention is given to each and every child.”
Deepali Pandey
“The Orbis School is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. It is a reputed school, aiming to provide standard education. This School provides a high-quality, world-class education through a unique and well-defined curriculum. It encourages students to set their own personal goals of excellence.”
Poonam Shrestha
“The Orbis School in Pune is one of the best CBSE Schools in Pune. I have been associated with the school for the past 11 years and have seen it grow from inception. The School offers the best amenities and facilities for the students. The 2020-21, Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many challenges to all teaching institutions. The Orbis has proved its mettle by ensuring that the learning still remains a celebration which is the core essence of the institution.”
Anuradha Joshi
“The Orbis School is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. It not only aims at the scholastic development of children but also has a holistic environment which helps them to achieve their best. The school has taken many initiatives to come at this level and has been successful in implementing all that is required by a school and that too in a very short span of time. Kudos to each member of The Orbis School!!”
Pausali Dasgupta
“I am happy to call The Orbis School , Keshav Nagar - ‘Home’. The staff and children here are unlike any other. They are the kindest and most hard-working group I have encountered in my teaching career. They make coming to work every day so worth it. The school is very welcoming and goes above and beyond to take care of their staff. The school has good facilities, the administration and staff are very supportive and it believes in 'Celebrate Learning'. The Orbis School is the best CBSE School in Pune. I recommend The Orbis School to everyone who wants to have a wonderful experience.”
Lynnete Van Maanen
“The Orbis School is one of the prestigious institutions and is among the top 5 CBSE schools in Pune. It has been awarded various accolades over the past decade and celebrated learning in the true sense. Children come here with great enthusiasm as the teachers facilitate and guide them in their journey of learning and creating new experiences. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. The teachers know their students well and have been tailoring their efforts to individual student needs. As a teacher I find the professional work environment is conducive to creativity and is infused with trainings, workshops, growth opportunities, respect and acknowledgement.”
Seema C Bhandarkar
“This is my second year as a Headmistress at The Orbis School, Keshav Nagar, Pune. It is one of the finest schools in Pune.Probably there aren't many places, where I could have made an equivalent experience. The systematic approach that is followed here, made my transition into the system not only seamless but also challenging and stimulating .The institution and the stakeholders follow the vision and mission to the Tee. The school is privileged to be supported by a hard working staff. Some are here at the break of the dawn while others work till dusk. Young minds are nurtured in the best possible way. They are no less than super kids. Indeed, learning is celebrated here!”
Sonia McPherson
“We are very pleased with Anavi's progress in online classes and the efforts that teachers have put in is really commendable. It's really appreciable that Teachers are getting used to this new system and going out of their way to give their best, so that these little kiddos can understand the topics.
Thank you to the whole team. Just one more thing that if possible please check daily if the child has completed the daily task and their handwriting part as well. Thanks once again and please feel free to use this feedback on any social media.”
Arpita Pasari
“I want to take time and give a round of huge applause to his teachers, especially Amrita mam. Jainam was able to write only capital english letters when class started this year, and during these online classes, today, he is able to read big sentences, write everything himself, without my help. It's a tremendous improvement I am seeing in Jainam in the last couple of months.
I really appreciate the teachers' efforts and want to give another round of applause.”
Alpesh Modi
“I would like to express my gratitude towards the teachers and team from Orbis school for their efforts taken during this period of pandemic.
We parents of Agraja Shelke from Sr. KG class want to appreciate teachers enthusiasm and involvement to make online classes successful. We can understand the unprecedented situations however you and your team continued the learning process for our wards. The toughness of the situation and the extra miles required to make these initiatives successful from your end have proven the school's commitment towards celebrating the learning.
We congratulate you all for your successful efforts and just want to say "Thanks a lot to all of you".
Additionally, I wish you all very happy and prosperous Diwali ahead.
Sandeep Shelke

We would like to thank and appreciate the tremendous efforts The Orbis School is taking for nurturing the children in the current online mode. We feel blessed to have our kids in this school where  the teachers give 100% for the children. The children are very well connected to the teachers and complete all their assignments with minimal parental guidance. Being working parents , our biggest challenge was giving time to complete daily school work for our Son Aaryan Atal-Grade 2 and daughter  Ananya Atal- Grade 6. With Orbis, we feel grateful and obliged for the wonderful teaching methodology they have been using, which makes children  self-dependent and reduces parents' engagement for post school studies. All teachers are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated, having passion for perfect teaching and helping children understand concepts in simple ways laying a strong foundation of education.

Our best regards to the school management, Principal, Headmistress ,Coordinator and special thanks to Class teachers Ms Farheen Shaikh and Ms Kaveri Venkatesh and all subject teachers for taking all the efforts and working tirelessly to shape our kids future.

We wish all the best to the school to reach new heights in education!

Anju Atal and Prithvi Atal

“Dear ma'am I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional support and assistance we have received during the last two years for Nimai. Their unwavering dedication and willingness to provide extra support whenever needed have truly made a difference in his educational journey. I would like to extend special thanks to Sonika Ma'am for her outstanding guidance and continued support. Her commitment to helping students succeed is evident in her approach and has been instrumental in Nimai's academic progress. Furthermore, I am grateful for the collective efforts of all the teachers who have contributed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment at the school. Your dedication to the well-being and success of the students does not go unnoticed.
Thank you once again for your tireless efforts and commitment. I am truly appreciative of everything the school has done to support Nimai.”
Aditi Singhal
Admission Enquiry