The Orbis Schools’ transport facility, which commenced in the year 2010, is rated among the best in the school industry. Today it boasts of a robust young fleet of fifty plus buses, of all configurations and variations. Catering to 2200 students daily, five days a week, the transport department works with clockwise precision on 104 routes, ensuring all routes operate on time. Safety being the most important factor, all the buses in the fleet are equipped with the latest RTA compliant GPS systems, speed governors and CCTV cameras. Our fully compliant buses are inspected annually by the authorities and are reviewed by the transport committee twice a year.

  • For any queries/ suggestions related to transport please contact the transport department ONLY.
  •   +91 9309972169
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  • In case of escalation to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please do not communicate with the bus driver or attendant
    Safety and security is of paramount importance. The school shall continuously adhere and evolve policies for ensuring high degrees of safety and security. Parents/ Guardians/ Students must keep the same in mind and adhere to behaviour which would ensure safety and security.
  • Transport FAQs please click here

These rules and regulations are subject to review and change by the management from time to time.

Boarding/ Alighting the Vehicle:
  • The pick-up and drop-off spots are fixed.
  • The furthest stop shall be picked up first and dropped last.
  • The student should use only his/ her allotted vehicle and stop. Any change will need prior permission of the school.
  • The transport service ideally shall not exceed 60 minutes of travel time on the bus for a student
  • While waiting for a vehicle, students must stay away from the edge of the road and not indulge in unsafe or unruly behaviour.
  • Students/ receivers should be at the stop at least 10 (ten) minutes before the scheduled arrival of the vehicle. The bus shall not wait in case student/ receiver is late.
  • In case a student misses his/ her vehicle, it shall be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to make sure the student should reach the school on time. In such a situation, a student may use his/her allotted vehicle to return from school.
  • No student should approach the entry/ exit door of the vehicle until it comes to a complete halt.
  • Immediately after boarding, a student must sit down at his/her assigned seat and avoid standing or moving around while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Keeping consonance with RTA norms, children of classes below 8, shall share seats in the ratio of 3 students to 2 seats.
  • Every child shall be provided a seat, subject to the clause above.
  • Only the designated door must be used to enter/ exit, except in emergencies.
  • The student shall be handed over ONLY to the persons authorised to receive the student.
  • Students of class 3 and down will not be dropped at their designated drop point if the person authorised to pick them up is not there, they will be brought back to school from where they will have to be picked up by the parent/ guardian. In case a parent wants his/ her child (class 3 down) to be dropped at the designated drop point even if the authorised person is not there then they must submit an application stating the same to the transport department.
  • Students of class 4 and up will be dropped at their designated drop point even if the person authorised to pick them up is not there.
Decorum in the school vehicle:
  • Students must maintain acceptable behaviour and noise level in the vehicle. The driver/ attendant is in charge of the vehicle and the students and he/ she are authorised to assign seats. He/ she must be treated with all respect.
  • Students shall be liable to pay for any damage that they may cause. The same may be deducted from the caution money/ deposit maintained with the school.
  • Standing on the footboard while the vehicle is in motion is not permitted under any circumstance. All students are always advised to keep all parts of their body inside the vehicle. (Students' hands must be within the vehicle, even while waving out).
  • Students are not permitted near the driver's area and should not touch any controls, switches, levers, instrument panels, etc.
  • For safety, health and hygiene reasons, consumption of edibles is not permitted in the vehicle as it may cause choking and any spillage may result in the floor becoming slippery
  • Do not throw things out of the window. Carry your trash with you and dispose of it at the next available dustbin
  • Use of flame or spark producing devices like matches, lighters, etc., or carrying of inflammable products is strictly prohibited.
  • Indiscipline in the vehicle or non-payment of bus fees may lead to withdrawal of the bus facility to the student.
  • Aisles and doorways must be kept clear.
Guidelines for parents/ guardians:
  • Parents who have been authorised are allowed to board the vehicle. Other parents are not allowed.
  • Under no circumstances should the parents/ guardians compel the vehicle driver/ attendant to divert any route or even change any pick-up or drop-off spots.
  • In the event of change in residential address or telephone/ mobile nos., please intimate the school in writing as early as possible.
  • Parents having any complaints or suggestions regarding the vehicle facility, should contact the school, and not the vehicle driver/ attendant.
  • While the school shall endeavour to provide this facility to most students, it is subject to availability of seats and feasibility of a route.
  • In case of a breakdown/ non-availability of resource an alternate arrangement shall be made to the best of the available resources. In the unlikely scenario of transport service not being available the parents shall be requested to help out by dropping/ picking up the students.
  • All parents availing of the service must download the transport app, via route tracking on the app the parents may determine the correct time of the bus's arrival at their designated stop. This will eliminate the need to rely on SMSs / notifications.
  • In case a child who usually avails the school bus facility is to be picked up by an authorised person, the Self Pick Up Form is to be filled up and submitted at the school gate half an hour before the child boards the bus.
Payment of Transportation Fees:
  • Transportation fees can be paid for the full year by eNACH or in half yearly instalments by eNACH
  • The charges are to be paid as per notified instalment/s vide eNACH only, for the entire instalment period, even if the facility is used for a single day or not at all.
  • Charges shall be payable for zones.
  • The charges have been factored keeping the vacation/ breaks in mind and hence to further break up on a pro rata basis is not possible.
  • For children being picked from and dropped at different stops, the charges would be 100%+50%, i.e. picked from Stop A and dropped at Stop B the charges will be 100% of Stop A and 50% of Stop B.
  • Transportation fee is non-refundable and payable to the service provider (if any).
  • Request for facility made in mid-term will be strictly subject to availability of seat and payment of the entire instalment charges.
  • In case a student wants to withdraw* from the school during the academic year or for next academic year (for existing students), a written application is to be submitted at least one month prior to the commencement of the next notified installment/s failing which the next installment will become due and payable.

*Please note one cannot withdraw from the Transport facility seperately unless he or she withdraws from the school. Only in case of address change can one withdraw wherein the student’s new address is within 500 metres of the school premises.

  • In case transport fee is not paid on time then a late fee shall be applicable.
  • Late fee and bounced cheque charges, if any, will be first adjusted from the paid amounts, and the outstanding amount will be considered as pending fee (to be paid).
  • In case the residential address is not decided at the time of admission, an amount of Rs.10,750/- will be applicable as a security deposit, which will be adjusted accordingly.
  • In case your child attends extra classes, additional transport charges will be applicable.
Self Pick Up And Drop:
  • The self-pickup and drop is available only if the child is to be picked/ dropped by the parent/ guardian/ authorised person and the place of residence is within 500 mts from the school premises.
  • The self-pickup and drop arrangement shall be at a prescribed point and within prescribed timeline (which normally is after the school busses have left) and it is imperative to adhere to these.
  • In case a student wishes to opt for the transport facility at a later date, the same shall be subject to feasibility.
  • In case change of address falls outside the transport range of the school then the child shall board the school bus from the nearest designated bus stop.
  • Pick up and Drop by private commercial vehicle is not permitted as per High Court, Govt. of Maharashtra Bus ruling. Schools may take strict action including cancellation of admission if any student is dropped and picked by such vehicles.
Students Coming To School By Themselves:
For student walking to school:
  • Only those students residing (registered address) within a distance of 500 meters (road distance) from the school gate may prefer to WALK accompanied by a Parent/ Guardian/ authorised person. No other mode of commuting is permitted.
  • Students found to be in contravention of the above shall be liable to their admission being cancelled.
  • Students above class 8, may be permitted to walk unaccompanied, subject to the Parent/ Guardian’s discretion and on submission of application to the school.
  • Parent/ guardian to write an application to Principal/ VP/ HM (via the Admission Counsellor) seeking permission for their ward to be allowed to walk to school unaccompanied, if application is accepted, parent/ guardian to fill the Parent Agreement and Student Consent Form.
  • In the future if the parent/ guardian decides to accompany the student and not send him/ her alone then they must inform the Admission Counsellor of this change, so that all concerned are informed and aware of the change in situation.
  • Students of all classes will not be permitted to commute to school on bi-cycle or two wheelers.
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