Training in Democracy

The Orbis School enlists and guides the talents, energies and aspirations of students to higher levels of achievement through opportunities of leadership, constantly nurturing, improving and reforming personalities to take on larger roles at leadership.

  • Monitor System- Class Level
    Nominated monitors for each class-division are entrusted with responsibilities of Discipline, Education, Health and Hygiene, and Traffic and Transport. This system provides opportunities for students at young ages to step up to positions of limited leadership. Emphasis is laid on maximum opportunity i.e. all children must be given opportunities at leadership as far as possible.
  • Prefectorial Board - Senior Classes
    Towards the last quarter of the academic year an exciting phenomenon begins to churn: the air is pregnant with aspirations ambitions taking wings in the form of opportunities in leadership.

    A nominating committee consisting of the Principal, Coordinators and respective class and subject teachers identifies a set of students to don the mantle of House Prefects. House Prefects shall shoulder the responsibilities of portfolio of Discipline, Education, Health and Hygiene, and Traffic and Transport and shall guide and mentor the class monitors. Another set of students from the senior most class are nominated to contest elections to the coveted posts of School Captain, School Vice-Captain, House Captain and Vice House Captain. Here on the excitement begins to gain momentum; the canvassing begins, posters add to the colours on the notice boards, speeches are delivered at assemblies, candidates reveal their plans and demonstrate their oratory skills at debates, all of this culminating in the casting of the ballot and the declaration of the results and finally the formation of the Prefectorial Board.

    The respective prefects actively guide, motivate and train their respective houses towards a superlative performance in all the competitions for the coveted Orb of Fame Trophy.
  • Cabinet System
    Headed by the School Captain and assisted by the Vice School Captain the cabinet consists of the House Prefects and all Class Monitors achieving an efficient, productive and harmonious school environment. They meet as an entire cabinet or as ministries to take stock of the situation and make recommendations to the Principal for final implementation.

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