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The enormous canvas of life

The canvas of life is so enormous, so widespread, that to have one ultimate goal set for it, that remains relevant for all stages of life that one passes through, is almost impossible. Haven't we all had different ambitions at different junctures of our lives? Today a sailor, tomorrow an animal trainer, next an animator, soldier, or a chef and then we landed up doing something else. Even after a final choice is made, people change professions many times in life with changing interests and influences. The case in point is that instead of seeing life from a predetermined macro lens, it better be allowed room for change in colours or even change of the entire picture. One way is to focus on micro or short-term goals or the next few steps, of the destination planned. The shorter itineraries help get an unhurried view of what is around; there may be new possibilities, they unfold the actual interests of the traveller, keep the motivation high and sustained; since the goal is not a far flung one and also save us from the mental exhaustion of the thought of the entire uphill climb and the weight of the herculean task set. But it is also not advisable to drift aimlessly and remain indecisive without an anchor. We need to be like the ship that allows the winds to manage it a little but has full control on the sail and the helm. Further, the chances of making the most out of life increase when we believe in moving ahead together. The word Ubuntu, a Zulu word, means, 'I am, because you are'. So true! A person is a person through other people and hence common humanity is necessary for reaching even dissimilar goals. Whether we keep our eyes on the near future or extend the focus a little wider, quality in what we do, is the only guarantee of success. It is said God is in details and not denying that circumventing around or frequent short cuts, cut the joy and success too. Breathe a little easy, and paint life with your choice of colours that make you happy, make work play and achieve more for yourself and others!

- Ms Mala Jetly
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