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Getting Your Child Ready for Nursery Admission Success 2024


There are few things that can ease the pressure while commencing  a voyage of  learning at the best CBSE schools in Pune

PreCursor: This is the first and most vital stage for the parents during Nursery Admission.

Set and prioritize the expectations for your child’s schooling. 

Clarity of thoughts and expectations: Based on the PreCursor consider the schools keeping the following points in mind

Proximity of the school, Student-centric infrastructure, co-curricular activities,  and teaching methodology.

Prepare a child for separation and accommodating to a new atmosphere:

Solo School Visit will be beneficial for the parents to the school campus with a prior appointment. This exercise will help them brief and make the child mentally ready about how the school looks like.

The child creates a visual image of the campus and in turn, makes the child mentally and emotionally ready for the day.

Impress fundamentals: Familiarisation not only aims to make a child academically soundness but also fundamental skills like social interactions, independent age-appropriate working, and navigating their emotions in a new atmosphere.

Introduction of set routine: A set and defined age-appropriate routine helps the child be organized and helps in becoming an independent and self-reliant individual.

A few amendments can be made with passing time to get a little flexibility and adaptability. 

Positive Approach: Most importantly a positive approach towards the admission process in a competitive environment is the need of the hour. It is a collaborative effort that needs openness, tolerance, and persistence.

Preeti Mittal,

Lower Primary Coordinator

The Orbis School, Keshav Nagar

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