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Internet is used every day and everywhere these days right from vegetable vendors to space to filmmaking. These days it is even used in cooking, comedy, and politics to fetch the data.   Be it any career internet has become the spearhead. It not only provides an opportunity for strengthening the economy but also strengthens communication and relationships. It has evolved medical and business in such a way that it has become a torchbearer of social evolution.  Hence it becomes more important to recall that the internet is a public space that is accessible to all and that once something is posted, it can be difficult and impossible to remove it. It’s also important to be aware of potential scams and phishing attempts, as well as the risks of sharing personal data or information online. 


Each one of us today is aware of the hazards of not being vigilant on the internet. Constant reminders to ensure the safety of all forms of personal data, be it passwords, or photographs, are splashed across all offices, schools and organisations through repeated advertisements, counselling sessions, slogan posters such as, ‘Keep Your Data Safe - Protect Your Privacy’, ‘Don't Click What You Don't Know’. Time and again they all draw our attention to use the internet responsibly and to be aware of the risks associated with online activities. They are simple yet powerful ways of refreshing people’s memory to practice safe online behaviour. 


Safer Internet Day, abbreviated as SID, has been celebrated globally since 2004 annually on the second day of the second week of the second month of the year. This was started under the Safe Borders Project to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively. Since then the popularity of SID has continued to grow year after year. The theme year after year is chosen to reflect a current issue impacting children and young people online. 


This year it was celebrated on 6th February 2024 to spread awareness about online safety. The theme for the current year is “Making a Difference, Managing Influence, and Navigating Change Online.” The idea behind these themes is to encourage everyone by raising awareness for a safer and better internet environment, especially for children, caregivers, teachers, educators, the industry at large, and other young people. In India, initiatives like Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas are observed which is celebrated on the first Wednesday of every month for creating awareness.


The Internet Safety Awareness Booklet for Digital Nagriks and Digital Enterprises was released on 6th February by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology by the Government of India in association with CERT-In's (Computer Emergency Response Team- India) for awareness initiatives to educate the users on the best practices that need to be followed for using the internet safely and securely. This booklet is in the form of a poster using more pictures for better understanding among young people. The cyber crime fraud can be reported on #1930. Attached herewith is the booklet for ready reference. 


Harpreet Gandhi 

CT 2 Vega

The Orbis School, Keshav Nagar

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